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  1. Thinking about winterizing the first week of November. 78 degrees at Tablerock today
  2. From the album August vacation

  3. From the album August vacation

  4. From the album August vacation

  5. From the album August vacation

  6. From the album August vacation

  7. While leaving a popular spot on Tablerock Lake in Missouri today came across 7 Water Patrol boats pulling over every boat. Officer pulled me over and told me this was a sobriety checkpoint and asked me if I had alcohol. Said that I had a couple and told me that I looked okay and to keep it at idle while leaving area. Another water patrol boat pulled me over again and I told him I was just questioned and he let me go. Felt relieved to make it through this.
  8. After returning to my slip after running my generator I always have a black line on the starboard side of boat that has come from exhaust hole. Not being a mechanic I' m guessing generator is running rich. Is there a simple adjustment that can be made?
  9. From the album Tablerock

  10. From the album Tablerock

    Sunset Mile Market 20 Tablerock Lake
  11. From the album Tablerock

    June vacation on Tablerock Lake
  12. Been there, done that. Newest restaurant in town is Tommy's Hot Dogs. Good stuff
  13. Thanks, I'll try that this weekend. I never turned far enough to feel a click
  14. On my 2006 Signature 310 both cockpit and galley refrigerators run as soon as I start the engines or plug into dock even with the circuit breakers in the off position in the cabin panel. The only time the refrigerators quit running is when I turn off house battery. Is this normal?
  15. Boat dealership in st Louis went under. Boat must have been tied up in court for years. Bought the boat from a bank that took it over. I am the first one to title it. After a number of counter offers- paid 85,000 for it