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  1. Phil @ LKN

    Any new establishments

    What's new is I'm not there. Moved out 18 months ago but Chris is still holding the fort down at LKN. Hope you have a great time and the weather cooperates.
  2. Phil @ LKN

    Area Code 473, It's a SCAM

    Mike - you're going to love the retired life. Here it is about 8AM local and I have just gotten up. Sitting here with my coffee deciding what to do today. FYI last week we moved to Murrells Inlet, SC into one of those active adult over 55 communities. So far it's been great.
  3. Phil @ LKN

    Area Code 473, It's a SCAM

    My simple logic is that is they do not leave a message, don't call back. But I'm curious why a sex line would even try to contact Mike!!!
  4. Phil @ LKN

    Weather Sucks

    Time to move, Mike. We are in the process of moving to Murrells Inlet, SC. It's a little warmer than where we are in NC.
  5. Phil @ LKN

    Removing mildew from canvas bimini

    Try magic eraser. Then use 303 protectant after.
  6. Phil @ LKN

    Boatsafe heater

    I had one in my old boat and it was a great product.
  7. Phil @ LKN

    Chap phasing out large cruisers

    I guess the used boat market for bigger cruisers will be a lot tougher if the new boat market dries up.
  8. Phil @ LKN


    I had my boat for 7 years and did not have any problems with my XDPs. Maybe I was just lucky.
  9. Phil @ LKN

    Premier Chap 40/42

    I never oend a Premier, but if you are worried about the fuel economy, then you most likely cannot afford the boat.
  10. Phil @ LKN

    All XDP lawsuit cases

    You will probably find that most, if not all, people who "won" their case against Volvo had to sign non-disclosure agreements not to discuss the case or its outcome. Personally, I never had any trouble with my XDPs except when it came time to sell the boat. I just kept lowering the price until she found a new home.
  11. Phil @ LKN

    Boating in the rain pictures.

    A former Army Ranger used to tell me when we got stuck out in the rain, "it's only water"
  12. Phil @ LKN

    Leaving Boating

    It's a tough call but I understand completely. We sold our boat (BTW the same boat as Joe) in February of this year. Since that time we have sold our house, rented an apartment, are building a new house which will be ready in December, took a 3 week trip to China, and have another 2 week trip planned to Nova Scotia. All this was done because the boat was gone. Plus the weather in the southeast has really been awful this year. I was thinking yesterday, as more rain fell, that I was actually glad I no longer owned a boat. Maybe next year will be different. As SST said, "life is short". Go for all you can. Best of luck, Phil
  13. Phil @ LKN

    Waterfront Establishments

    FYI a new restaurant is planned where Midtown used to be,. It will be called Port City Cafe but I have not yet seen a date when they will open.
  14. Phil @ LKN

    Is it really the 2nd happiest day?

    Seller's remorse
  15. Phil @ LKN

    Is it really the 2nd happiest day?

    I had some remorse when I sold my boat, but now it is almost a relief. With all the other stuff going on in life, plus the horrible weather we have had in the southeast, the boat is one less thing to worry about. Plus, since we no longer have the expense, we were able to go on a three week vacation to China which was absolutely outstanding. Trust me. You'll get over selling your boat. Spend the time with the kids. You can get another boat after they get out on their own.