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  1. Wiggling the switch back and forth.
  2. Did that and, HEY, IT WORKED!! Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys. The tach doesn't go back to sero when I start the engine. Sounds like I'll need to get it adjusted/calibrated at the local dealer(?) I'll have a go at the pitot next.
  4. Evenin' all: 2004 Chaparral 204 SSi. I wondered if anyone else has the same issues with their speedo and tach and been able to fix them? Fist off the speedometer. Its reading zero mph until about 15 (estimated) mph and then it starts creeping up. At an estimated 30 mph its reading 20 mph. I'm guessing an issue with the Pitot tube but wanted to get some opinions here. Second issue with the tach is that it reads about 750 rpm at engine off. The rest of the rpm range (I usually go up to about 3000rpm) seems to be reasonably accurate but I wonder what is causing the engine off reading? all thoughts/experiences/fixes appreciated.
  5. Sounds like a protection or power supply fault in the amp.
  6. The "Yamaha" engines in boats and some US Ford V6 cars are usually a Chevy/Ford block with Yamaha heads. Sorry, cant point you to any manuals, though.
  7. Can you spray gunk liberally around the engine compartment and the cautiously use a power washer to do this?
  8. Ah, OK, thanks. Would be nice if the owner's manual had more than "find some water, turn it on and drive it"!
  9. I have a 2004 SSi with "Chaparral" instruments (I'm guessing they are Faria). On the tiny hour meter LCD there's a small flashing "8" or "hourglass"-like symbol to the left of the 178 hours the boat has on it. Anybody know what this is??? Thanks,
  10. Wow, I'm really sorry that you've had such a bad experience. For what its worth, I'm sure yours was the exception rather than the rule. Just as a matter of interest, how were you able to get your insurance company to pay for repairs?
  11. Yes, my MTI trailer appears to be very high quality (10 years old, very reliable, and looks much better than most other trailers of similar vintage). The rear view of you setup certainly does look too low. Your trailer looks like mine but your boat is much bigger/heavier. I'm sure the trailer can be reconfigured at minimal cost to better fit you boat. You may lose you ability to garage it, though.
  12. My surge brakes must be even older - there is no mechanical lockout for backup(?!)
  13. ^^^ What he said. I have an MTI trailer just like that. "Custom" made for the 2004 204SSi - wasn't cheap! They are no longer in business. Do you have your outdrive trimmed all the way up?
  14. If you can, build in a termination clause to the contract. If the boat is not delivered with X weeks (insert your criterion, eg 6 weeks) of the contracted delivery date, the contract is null and void. I'm surprised no new purchasers have responded with their tales of woe about late deliveries of factory order boats from Chaparral.
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