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  1. All I have a 2007 Chap Sunesta that appears to have a defective radio and likely needs replacement. I'm trying to find a direct replacement for the Clarion M455a that would ease installation and use existing CNet controls throughout the boat layout. Can anybody refer to a radio to consider? My guess it'll need to be a Clarion model. Thanks
  2. bababang

    Black Marks near the winch hook

    Thanks for all the support. I'm planning to compound, polish and wax this weekend. I'll bring some acetone and use lightly at first. thanks
  3. bababang

    Black Marks near the winch hook

    Need help choosing a cleaning product for black marks around the winch hook. These are from unloading and loading boat on the trailer. thanks
  4. bababang

    Bababang's Sunesta 234

  5. All I know when I bought the Sunesta 234 that the ladder assembly was bent and the door lid was damaged. It can be deployed but takes some work, I guess the last owner dammaged this by hitting something when it was down. Anybody have a good suggestion on where to buy the ladder assembly and ladder compartment lid.
  6. bababang

    headliner in Lav is falling down

    Hi Well I purchased a Sunesta 234 last year. The headliner material is losing it's stick to the ceiling inside the lavatory. Can anybody suggest the best way to repair this? Thanks
  7. bababang

    seat ultraleather repair

    All I have a 1/4 inch cut into my passenger seat. Not sure how it got there but I feel like if I do nothing now it could grow and rip more. Can anybody suggest a repair kit or other rework to my seat? thanks
  8. bababang

    BEST Accessories - 234 Sunesta

    Thanks for all the great ideas. Any gps or VHF anybody would recommend? I also like to fish so maybe a fish finder gps combo.
  9. bababang

    BEST Accessories - 234 Sunesta

    Hello So I just picked up a 2007 Sunesta 234. I'm looking to read opinions on what other owners feel is their favorite accessory(s) they have added for boating. Thanks
  10. Hello OK, so I recently sold my Bayliner 195 LX and purchased a 2007 Chap 234 and we love it. We typically goto Belews lake near my hometown of Kernersville. We never been to LKN but would like to try it out. What ramp would be the closest that is easy to get 234 in and out. Like the forum thanks for the support