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  1. Can anyone recommend a good quality 12 volt vacume for using on a boat...thanks in advance!
  2. Very nice 284 ....congrats!
  3. Do the Chaps go through any kind of final inspection process before they are shipped out?
  4. Hello....I am looking at purchasing a new leftover 2011 264 Sunesta that has the Merc 8.2 engine in it along with the quick and quiet exhaust...I,ve read on the forum that there have been some issues with hydro locking within a certain serial # range and this boats engine # falls within that range...should I be concerned about this and take a pass on this boat or has merc adressed the problem...it is alot of money to spend and this issue has been weighing on my mind since reading the post...any thoughts on the 8.2 good or bad would be greatly appreciated.
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