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  1. Came out to the boat and noticed the rear hatch was askew and sticking up around 6" above the gunwale. Hinge finally broke: Good hinge: Busted hinge: Close up of good hinge: Short of having a fabrication shop make new hinges, anyone know where I could find a replacement?
  2. Nope, referring to the output of the jet pumps ... thrust. Torque really doesn't mean much considering jet pumps. Whether the boat is stopped or at speed, the engines will turn at or near their maximum operating rpm (and likely at their peak power output, performing the maximum amount of work in a given period of time) when given full throttle.
  3. Torque vs horsepower is a moot (and fruitless) argument. It's more about thrust.
  4. If the trailer is far enough out of the water and you power on to it, the bunks would likely hold the boat just fine when pull out.
  5. Could it be a case of powering onto the trailer (rather than winching) and forgetting to connect the winch and straps after pulling away from the ramp?
  6. At least in Wisconsin, our boating law reads: I interpret that to mean no other exterior lights besides nav lights are permitted while underway. I've never witnessed our DNR or sheriffs enforcing this, evidenced by every pontoon owner driving around with their docking lights on at night ... I'm with the majority that when parked, some party lights don't hurt anyone. I don't mind underwater lights or court lights while underway (though I don't see why you'd want have the court lights on when you're piloting the boat ...). I take issue with dudes running docking lights or wor
  7. Update: False Alarm. Turns out the lamp is pretty hard to see during the day: Daylight Evening Looks like the system is still charged and ready.
  8. Near the throttle on my 2130 SS there is a plate, which I'm pretty sure says "Kidde" on it, with a green lamp that has always been lit while operating the boat. If I remember right, that green lamp is lit to to indicate the system is charged/functional. Now the lamp is out. I'm pretty sure there's a (halon?) canister bolted to the transom behind the engine - kind of pain to get to. Any tips on where to start and what to look for to service/repair the system?
  9. I bought my boat knowing the block had cracked and had been repaired with liquid metal. There's a bunch of JB Weld or some type of epoxy slathered all over the side of the block below the drain plug. Six years and 300 operating hours later, the motor hasn't skipped a beat. It even had a slight overheat once (seaweed wrapped around the water intake). Not a drop of water from the motor in the bilge and never a sign of water in the oil.
  10. Not looking to start an argument, but ... Try getting a permit to make a modification to your shoreline or home on lakefront property, see how easy that is ... The DNR can be pretty freakin' restrictive. And public land use? The "nancy-lefties" come out in droves to prevent any kind of powersports application ... Trailers over 3,000 pounds GWR need to be titled and registered, doesn't matter if it is for a boat. I'd venture a guess that most of Chaparral's lineup plus a trailer will exceed 3,000 pounds. My 2130 SS & trailer sits just over 5,000 pounds on the scale. "We c
  11. Surprised to see there's no mention of the bias ply vs radial debate in this thread ... I've heard some say bias ply tires are better for tandem axle trailers. How do you know what the proper inflation pressure is supposed to be?
  12. Whenever I park my boat, I put the drive down. The drive is only in trailer mode while being transported. Not sure if this has a substantial effect on the life of the bellows (or a negative effect on the life of the trim system), but I would imagine the bellows will last much longer when not stretched for weeks to months at a time. Getting in and out of the boat just to put the drive down/up is kind of pain - somewhat to the extent that I've considered putting in a transom switch.
  13. Yep. The prop shop that did the work was recommended by multiple local marine dealers. After seeing the working conditions in the shop (trash, discarded food wrappers and boxes everywhere, tools and materials laying around, etc.), I won't be back.
  14. Update! I just put the boat into storage after a season with about 75 hours on the drive after the makeshift shaft repair. Before the bottle jack shaft straightening, the boat had not been run for the season and the drive had fresh oil in it. Here's the oil and plug after 7 hours of run time: Here's the plug (and oil in the background) at the end of season (about 75 hours on the repaired drive) There was no evidence of water in the drive oil. I was on edge the whole season, always wondering if I felt a peculiar vibration or odd noise as a result of t
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