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  1. I have a Chaparral 190 ssi with a volvo penta 4.3 liter v6. I am having to raplace the outdrive, because of a gear oil leak which resulted in a locked up outdrive. my current outdrive is a volvo sx. I have a friend who has a volvo dp outdrive. Does anyone know if the outdrives are compatible? Can I use the DP outdrive on my boat? Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks.
  2. Also, someone suggested that running gas with ethanol might cause it to run hot. Is that possible? I'm leaning more toward the idea of a bad impeller housing. Any ideas?
  3. It doesn't run cool on muffs. I did suck up a bunch of sand the day before it started running hot. When I originally took the intake hose off of the pump a few small rocks fell out. I didn't see any more in the system. I replaced the impeller and checked all the other hoses up to the circulation pump. Everything is clear. So you think it might be the impeller housing? Looks good to me, but it very well may be bad. Also, jdsdls05 I checked the tee that you mentioned and it seems to be clear. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  4. My 2006 190 ssi is running hot after 5 min. of operation according to the temp guage. I have replaced the impeller, thermostat & flushed all water lines. Wondering if it could be the temp guage? Also, wondering if it could be a problem with the circulation pump? I have done everything I know to do. Does anybody have any ideas as to what else I can check? I'm desperate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have a 2006 190 ssi with a 4.3GL-E volvo penta. A week ago I parked the boat at the shore and lowered my prop into the sand/mud a little to stabalize the boat while I got something on the shore. When I hopped back in I forgot that I had lowered the prop & cranked it & began to back up stirring up mud & small rocks. I got the boat out in the water & it ran fine. I didn't think anything else about it. The next day I took the boat out a few times without any problems. The last time I took it out it began to overheat. I wasn't out far so I loaded the boat & came home. I have removed the water hoses from the water pump & a few small rocks fell out. I then removed the front of the water pump and removed the impeller. It appears to be okay. Does anyone know what else I should check. I am ordering a new impeller, but would like to check everything I need to so that I can get it fixed & back on the water soon. I will never lower the prop into the mud again. Not a smart move I know.
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