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  1. whciii

    Bimini Wobble

    Hey John, We have the same boat essentially. Your front mounts, are they mounted on the top of the gunnel? or Are they mounted on the side with a swivel bracket? I am about to put holes in the boat and love your opinion. Thanks, Bill
  2. whciii

    Bimini Top Hardware

    Thanks for the tip. i will try that. I guess i can just duck down under.
  3. Is your bimini top original or did you add later?

  4. Wouldn't the act of pulling such a large section up from the glued down floor stretch the "template"? Just a thought.
  5. whciii

    Your Boats Name & Why

    Inconceivable The meaning is two fold: 1. The amount of Grace and Blessing Jesus has shown me and my family is inconceivable. 2. One of our family movies is "The Princess Bride" There is a funny line that goes: Inconceivable! You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  6. whciii

    Newbie and props

    Spare props are like spare tires. It doesn't make any since to go without. Get one and keep it in your boat. There is your insurance.
  7. whciii

    Wellcraft or Donzi?

    Nice Boat, since we share the same hole i have to ask if you have tried a four blade? My boat handles so much better. Plaining and turning are like night and day.
  8. whciii

    Untitled Album

  9. whciii

    Looks like year is cut short

    nice pics, i met the number two pilot this summer in Pensacola.
  10. whciii

    Bed liner boat floor???

    Do you have the snap on mooring covers? I am guessing you don't use with this system if you do.
  11. whciii

    Ever have an "Oh Crap" day?

    Awesome stories. Very entertaining. I have done my fair share as well. 1. Stern straps left on. High revving in reverse to no avail. 2. Left the drive down after docking pulled out chipped the outdrive, awful noise. (last boat) 3. Didn't lower drive before starting on the trailer. 4. Left the safety chain on but took the winch off. Had to back down further after it slid back and was not able to release the safety chain. All the while the cross wind blowing me on top of the trailer. Engine would not stay running once in gear. 5. Left the lights plugged in for launching. ( Often ) 6. Forgot to secure the back bench seat before going home. Wind caught it and bent the engine hatch hinges. ( That was a two man all day fix ) 7. Forgot to disconnect the emergency break cable when un-hitching the boat at storage. Drove off ripping the cord. 8. One day the Admiral backed the boat down a long 4 lane boat ramp with three boats unloading. She thread the needle. I was so proud. I lowered the unit and reached for the keys and thought to myself, " Who took my keys?". I had left them in the RV a mile away. Ashamed. I had to call up to her to pull out. She of course asked why. I told her. Right before she pulled out I hear the guy in the truck next to mine say, "You can't find good help these days". I couldn't look over as I passed. I guess that about covers it.
  12. whciii

    Good times at the Lake - Video

    That was an awesome video!!!!
  13. whciii

    180 LE prop questions

    I have many friends that have used solas for the volvos. They have not complained to me.
  14. whciii

    New to the forum

    Love the wrap!