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  1. Well 4 years later I'll reply .....we did get it home. Went with the 22' Karavan and pulled it home with a rented U-haul truck. The boat has been great other than just had the upper and lower bellows replace this spring. Picking it up on Monday to get the boating season started!
  2. Hey guys thanks for all the replies. I just picked up the boat from the mechanic today. There was water in the 6 cyl, he was able to drain, fog and fire it up, all is good (luckily). Spark plugs replaced (original from '95), outdrive serviced and water separator replaced. Ready for boatin' season here in KC, just had snow on May 2nd!!!
  3. Thank you all for your replies, it is greatly appreciated! I tried the tapping trick and it did not work. The kill switch is in the run position, it was in the off position at one point the other day, but I switched and still had the same issues. I do have and know how to use a voltmeter, but I looked at the link gl115 posted and I'll let the experts test that. I also do not feel comfortable pulling plugs or cranking manually. I will check the ground connection and see what I find out before my appointment with the mechanic later this week. Entee I'm hoping that it's as easy as a bad starter
  4. I own a '95 Chaparral 1930 SS Sport. Boat was winterized at the end of last season, now the first time I put it in the water it will not turn over. Took the battery to an auto parts store and it tested good. When I try and start, it makes one click and will not turn over the engine. Is there any way to test the starter or see if the engine is seized up? Thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice.
  5. Hi all, My wife and I have recently purchased a 1995 Chaparral 1930 Sport SS, but my problem is that the boat has always been stored and launched at the same marina for the last 17 years. After searching online and calling about a dozen dealers looking for a used trailer that will work (since ordering a new one spec'd for the boat will end up costing more than the boat itself) I have found two, but don't know what to do really. Karavan Model: US-2800-SB-74-ST-AW 3520# GVW, 19', Estimated empty weight: 625# 80" BETWEEN FENDERS 14.5' end of bunk to front roller. Can be adjusted Hydraulic brakes
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