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  1. chap215

    Well.....don't do what I did!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys / girls...... re fuel pumps let you in on my V-Penta issue. Was cruising along at 3400 rpm ( I dont trust speed over land ) and suddenly rpms started declining and then engine shuts off. Right away I start the engine and it fires up immediately, so I carry on. Rpms start declining again, to a point where the engine stalls. WTF I say, so I limp in to dock, managed to load it on the trailer and got it home for further back-yard diagnostics. My boat is a 2005 215 ssi 5.0 270HP prop is a 14.5 x 17 4 blade. Upon loosening fuel lines i noticed immediately the O-rings were deteriorated to a point when removing them they just crumbled. SO....... acting the way it did certainly explained the behaviour. When restarting they engine, the fuel pump has pressure to feed the injectors UNTIL pressure drops due to faulty O rings. Apparently the gas Ive been using has a high ethanol ratio, which contributed to O ring deterioration......anybody else experience this? If Ive missed a previous thread on this I apologize thanks All and happy boating! Steve
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    Hello to all

    Hello to all you NW boaters ..... hope to chat with you all soon Were newbie boat enthusiasts and hope to make it out on the water soon thank you!