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  1. Ended up being a faulty ground.
  2. I think I am having a similar blower issue I am having a similar issue I think. Blower was intermittently working my last trip. Not sure if it was coincidence or not, but it always seemed to be working fine when coming in from a run, and usually not working before a cold start. Would this have anything to do with the fireboy? I do know I have a good bit of corrosion on mine as well. If related to the fireboy, what exactly does this mean... "if it is low"? The indicator on my dash for the halon has the green light illuminated which I assumed was the indicator that all was ok with the system. Any other suggestions? Given the touch and go of it, doesn't seem to be a rocker issue, or a fuse issue.
  3. chance2k

    Hard Water Stains

    Big fan of the Boat Bling Hot Sauce as well.
  4. chance2k

    Lenco Actuator for 07 276 SSX

    I replaced mine last year on my '07 276. I believe its an updated part #, so not sure of any real difference to the original. The fit is the same. Lenco 101XDS Short Extreme Duty Actuator - 12V
  5. Anyone know what my options are for replacing the courtesy lights with LED's? Ideally, I'd just swap the bulb, but not sure if that's possible. Here is the part: http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/courtesy-light-oblong/ Is this the replacement possibly? Not sure it attaches the same way or if its the exact same size mount. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/led-courtesy-light/ I found this bulb as a LED bulb replacement option for the stern courtesy light but I think its a bigger bulb than the interior oblong courtesy lights. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/led-festoon-bulb-1-1-4/
  6. chance2k

    276 SSI/SSX Stereo Replacement

    Better when wet, Standard lead acid deep cycle on the house? What size?
  7. chance2k

    mixing battery sizes

    Exactly... when I bought the boat (used) it had two cranking batteries installed. The cranking battery which was actually used for cranking is still doing fine, but the house battery has shot craps... predictably. So I'm changing that side to a deep cycle, and thought I'd get the bigger group size as well while I'm at it. I figured as you... 12v vs. 12v but thought I'd ask the question anyway. Thanks!
  8. chance2k

    mixing battery sizes

    In a two battery setup, where one is cranking only and the other is house only, is there any reason why I should not upsize my house battery to a bigger group size... theoretically giving me more reserve capacity for stereo operation while anchored? I would leave the cranking battery alone.
  9. chance2k


    The vacuum should shut itself off after it builds up enough vacuum pressure. Generally, if it shuts off like it should, but then repeatedly turns itself back on, you have a vacuum leak somewhere and are losing pressure in the system. So you would tighten up all your hose clamps, check for holes in any lines, replace duckbill (just 1 on the VHT). Sounds like this isn't your problem. I had the exact same issue of it running constantly. Here is a quick troubleshoot... with water in the bowl and the pump running, does the water level slowly go down? If so, you need a new ball valve assembly in the toilet. If the water level stays the same, that's not the problem either.... which was also the case for me. At that point I had basically isolated the problem to either the pressure switch, or the pump/motor assembly. The boat was new to me at the time, so I didn't know how the pump should sound, but it sounded too loud to me. Also, if the pump was running and I had a line disconnected, I could put my hand against the line and got very little suction at all. I determined the problem had to be either the motor or the airpump, so I just bought both. Its super easy to change them out, just have to unscrew the two screws that mount the assembly to the tank, and disconnect air hose and electric connection. I bought the combo for about 230 deer. Airpump assembly - SKU 311440 VHT pump motor - SKU 310664 It could be something as little as the two rubber gaskets inside the pump assembly have dry rotted. Before you order anything, maybe take apart your airpump assembly and check. Again, super easy. Like 4 screws to take it apart. Lastly, if the tank is full, the pump won't run. Hope this helps. I spent too much time learning the ins and outs of this system when I couldn't find anyone to work on it!
  10. chance2k

    276 ssx advice

    My opinion is that's a 50 mph setup on most days. My Gxi will do around 55 on the gps. The advantage of the HO really lies in the lower RPMs at cruising speeds vs the non-HO. All that said, I don't think the non-HO is underpowered for this boat. I'd put FMV for what you describe at 60-75 large deer depending on the year, condition and options. Maybe a touch more for a mint 2010.
  11. chance2k

    fresh water pump cycling on off

    My 276 has a rinsing hose near the stern. It fully retracts into a little cut out area with a cap that closes over it. I noticed my pump cycling on and off and realized that if that hose doesn't sit in that cutout just right, pressure is put on the hose button and causes it to just barely pump some water, leading the pump to turn on and off as it loses pressure. Good luck.
  12. chance2k

    Another Anchor Question - Sunesta 263

    Also, you don't need chain on the box anchor.
  13. chance2k

    Another Anchor Question - Sunesta 263

    For LOTO, you need a box anchor. Drop it in. Forget about it. Its a bit heavy, and it doesn't fit in my bow locker of my 276, but it folds flat and fits real nice in my forward "cooler" under the cushion. They are pricey, but at LOTO where you oftentimes anchor with a lot of other boats and don't want to be the guy who cant keep his boat anchored, there is nothing better. http://www.amazon.com/Danik-Small-Box-Anchor/dp/B0000AXND7
  14. chance2k

    Finally found her...

    I wouldn't buy it. If it turned out to be a bad deal for whatever reason, the buyer's remorse would be overbearing.
  15. chance2k

    NADA pricing on 2007 276ssx

    Price is right on a freshwater, with all the options, and the HO. I'd certainly check some other banks, and like someone else said consider a credit union. You can generally join a CU by opening up a savings account for $100.