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  1. Hello,

    I'm looking for swim platform for 1996 2135 Chaparral. anyone know where i can find it?


  2. This may help with scope/perspective of the project if you choose to go back with carpet. Mine has held up great with no issues since install.
  3. That's what I call a vacation, like you, I just assume be at the lake as anywhere. We are heading to Gaston next week for some fun. Hopefully in the next few years I can figure a way to get out to some of the lakes in Kentucky / Tennessee. I picked up a new Denali HD diesel so no worries crossing the mountains now, no more excuses not to tow long distance.
  4. Sorry to hear that, my ol' girl came from Huggins. I still use my transom tie down straps that are embroidered with Huggins Outboard. I still love my 1930, and after seeing the cost of new, I would think twice or three times before getting a new one. I just bought a new Duramax Denali, and like other have said, everything is stupid money these days.
  5. Do you have a picture of the damaged spindle? Since a replacement axle will take some time to acquire, like TNBrett mentioned, I would look to 'hand machine' the spindle. If the bearing surfaces are not totally destroyed and only have some gouging you can TIG / MIG weld up the gouges and shape it with a flap wheel on a small grinder and finish it with a fine emery by hand using a 'shoe shine' motion with the emery until you have a smooth surface for the bearing. Minor gouging on the space between the front and rear bearing surfaces will not have to be repaired. You will want to make any neede
  6. If they are drop center axles, they are custom. In my case, EZ loader designed the trailer with axle specs and had Reliable build them X number for their trailer builds. The trailer manufacture or supplier do not stock them, they build to order. I think you are going to have to take over the procurement of the axle yourself, it will take some patience and persistence on your part, but it is doable. Before you call, measure your saddle width and torsion arm angle so they can price the axle for you. http://www.reliablepmw.com/body.cfm?lvl1=contac&lvl2=freque Q: CA
  7. Check my boat trailer rebuild thread pics, if you have drop center axles, like on my EZ loader, they are probably made by Reliable or UFP. Check your axle for an identification tag that would have the build info numbers etc. If you have them they will help the vendor with build spec info. My tags were long gone, I had to get my saddle width measurements and torsion arm angle and have a trailer shop order them custom built from Reliable. I recall they were about 750 deer ea.
  8. I replaced my carpet a couple years ago... Badger - Yours looks very nice! Here is the thread
  9. Maybe try compressed air, you could slide a piece of vacuum line over the end of the air nozel to extend to the blockage and possibly blow through.
  10. Since battery is confirmed good, My first thought was corrosion on the power terminal at the starter, it doesn't take much, and since you stated the problem has worsened, corrosion seems to make sense to me. You might try pulling the terminal cables off the starter and hitting them with some emery and cleaning the terminal studs. I had a similar issue with my pickup, the starter is right at the wheel well and accumulated some oxidation over time and caused slow start issues. None since cleaning terminals. It's free and easy to do, worth a shot in my book. I coat mine with T9 now to keep cor
  11. p1mlb01

    Sea Dek

    Contact SeaDek and request a 'dry fit' for the 05 230. They will print it on Mylar and ship it to you at about a cost of 25deer or so. You can then tape it down to your boat, make any corrections to the template, send it back to be manufactured with your changes, or request another dry fit be sent with your changes to verify before they manufacture the pads.
  12. A visual to soldier's explanation
  13. Once you get the old ones off, take a wire wheel on a drill motor and clean the lug studs good. Get a tube of anti-seize and apply some to each stud before installing the new lug nuts. If the studs are in really bad shape, consider replacing those as well. If you just purchased the 'used' trailer, I would do a full PM front to back and get the trailer road worthy and reliable.
  14. Wow, I have never seen that happen. Best of luck getting everything cleaned up. I leave mine (same brand) in the boat all winter connected with the on board charger and bilge heater on without issue, so far...
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