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  1. Purchased a 2003 Signature 240 in Dec 2012. I used Gudgeon & Pintle Marine Surveys located in Bridgeton, NC (Bew Bern). It was done by Stephen Duncombe who is an Independent Marine Surveyor. He did an excellent job, didn't miss a thing. He noted several problems and once they were corrected the boat has performed like new.
  2. I have been using shore supplied AC for some time at the same dock. Recently when using a 1,500 watt (12.5 amp) heater the GFI popped and would not reset. I replaced the GFI and it still would not reset. I flipped the "check ground polarity" switch and it showed the polarity was reversed. I pulled the panel in the cabin and found the polarity to the AC breaker was incorrect. I then checked the the polarity on the back of the shore cable inside the hull and it was correct. I'm a fairly competent marine electrician but am stymied. Where should I look next.
  3. Captdiver

    Radar arch

    I have a1999 Chap Sig 270 and need to install an arch for a radar unit. Where can I find one?
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