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  1. When was last time you changed water pump impeller? My 257 would beep at low idle and near max rpm. figured it was not getting enough water because it did it on muffs every time. Changed impeller and problem went away.
  2. What I have learned from this discussion is NEVER follow boat wiring advice from Iggy...lol. Thanks Hatem for CLEARLY making a simple problem easy to understand!
  3. Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.--John 14:6 But good luck with all your Gods
  4. I bought a Budge Cover for my 257ssx with arch off of Amazon. It is a Ttop cover for 24-26 foot boat. They only last a couple of years before starting to fall apart but I only paid $200. There is a 4 year warranty and they did send me a new one by just sending pictures. So I can get about 4 years out of one which is cheap protection. I store boat in my driveway and bought a dehumidifier at Lowes and run it under cover 24/7. Never once had problem with mildew inside and interior looks brand new after 4 years like this.
  5. Sounds like no matter what sound advice is given to this guy he is DETERMINED to put 200 feet of chain on that boat...lol. Sometimes you just cant talk someone out of doing seemingly crazy and pointless things like putting 200 feet of 5/16 chain on that small of a boat
  6. Step 1 would be to see if anyone is even hiring in that area. Step 2 would be to decide whether you are independently wealthy enough where you would be able to survive on minimum wage and only work because you just LOVE to be near the water. Im sure many people ahead of the line would have to die before a real dockmaster job with a decent enough salary would become available but hey you never know. Maybe take on a second job at McDonalds?
  7. Check out tires from etrailer.com. Probably better quality than walmart tires...at least in my case they were...and you can get tire AND rim for not much more or the same as local tire retailers.
  8. I dont think a water softener will solve your problem. First softened water tastes terrible even after filtering...at least to me and my family....and second softened water will still leave spots if not more. They make water deionizers though that may work for you but not sure if its ok to drink or not. https://www.amazon.com/CR-Spotless-DIC-20-Deionized-Water/dp/B072FJTX8X/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1519248066&sr=8-3&keywords=water+spot+filter
  9. I take my 257ssx out in some NASTY stuff in Destin Bay and Gulf every year and it handles it VERY well. The 287ssx is 3.5 feet longer and should handle it even better. I would have no problem whatsoever taking that boat out into the ocean especially for short distances, 30-50 miles out, on a nice day.
  10. jeffreydc

    Trailer winch

    +1 on Fulton F2...works great on my 257ssx
  11. I didn't get to try the Volvo combo because I dont think it was available until later year models. Plus 257ssx were a pretty rare find at the time and the two I tested were the only ones within 500 miles. Both seats swivel around and the bench seat swivels around too which is really nice with the table. The rear facing lounge seats are awesome too and I really like fishing off the back of it. I have no doubt you will like it when you see it in person.
  12. I've had my 257ssx for 3 years and love it. Had a choice between 350 mag or 8.2 for $10,000 more. Dealer let me test drive both at the same time and I could not justify spending an extra 10 grand for the 8.2 when the 350 had a faster hole shot. The 8.2 was faster by about 5mph but I could care less about top end. 50mph is just fine for my needs. I have had 12 people on board and have no problem getting on plane. I also had them add the trim tabs and usually only have to use them to level boat with uneven loads. Its definitely a beautiful boat and you YOU WILL get complemented on it EVERYWHERE you go
  13. Keep us updated on how it goes with DJI. They are one of the WORST companies known to man for customer service and wait time for repairs. You will most probably not get back YOUR drone but somebody else's problem as a replacement. I hope you have good luck as I recently bought the P4P and have not had good luck with the ridiculous NFZ's they are imposing making difficult to travel with it and be able to even fly it.
  14. jeffreydc


    Looks like it's only a divider to me and not even remotely structural. If it were you would think they would have fiberglassed the parts together instead of just butting it up against the hull and spraying a little gel coat on it.
  15. +1 Once they actually have to get out and get a job they will appreciate Trump instead of someone who wants to take 50% of their paycheck. As far as Richards comment about depending on these future morons for their SS and Medicare that's a different story altogether. If you depend on that for your golden years than you obviously failed somewhere along the way in life or have been raised on welfare or entitlements as well and have depended on others for your well being instead of being self reliant. The very reason America has collapsed in the first place.
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