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    Boating; golfing; spending time with my wife & family; 2009 Chaparral 290 Signature Cruiser - Purchased new March 2011. (SOLD)
  1. In July, we listed our cruiser on Craig's List. The boat sold in two days for near asking. You have nothing to lose by placing it on Craig's List, and the ad is free. Just give a detailed description and post a lot of photos. Had 3 responses, no tire kickers, and all were serious buyers. It helped that the boat was in immaculate condition, "like new" condition.
  2. In July, we listed our cruiser on Craig's List for more than any dealer was willing to broker for us. The boat sold in two days for near asking. You have nothing to lose by placing it on Craig's List, doesn't cost a thing. Had 3 responses, no tire kickers, and all were serious buyers.
  3. Sorry, I am late to the party, PBurnham. We bought a full mattress for the aft, and a queen for the round booth that converts to sleeping. Enjoy your new boat! Cheers!
  4. Not sure what year 290 you are referencing. We have a 2009 Chap 290. We do not have the fixed V-berth but the round booth configuration that becomes sleeping quarters when you lower the table, place necessary cushions, and we also had a custom mattress made to lay on top of the cushions. My DH is 6'4" and I am 5'5". We sleep comfortably in that configuration. We also sleep comfortably in the aft cabin. I can't imagine the fixed V-berth design would be that much smaller. We are both side sleepers so not an issue. Good luck!
  5. Great news! Enjoy your summer!
  6. My dealer has a new 2011 270 Signature which has never been sold or titled: I have no invested interest with this dealer and will not gain anything from the sale of this boat.
  7. That is a beautiful Sea Ray. I don't know why Sea Rays get bad press on this forum. Oh, yes, they are not made by Chaparral. You did good. Best wishes ~ hope you will stay and post. Would love to see pix of the interior.
  8. Mike, as usual, you hit the nail on the head. Hard to believe it was sunny and in the 70s a few days ago. Hope you have power; so far, so good for us. Two marinas impacted so far on Lake Lewisville: Very glad we winterized the boat and jet skis early this year. However, if the dock collapses, that is in vain. Going to think positive. :-)
  9. Channel 5 Report:
  10. Channel 5 reported that Hidden Cove Marina was also impacted. Not trying to cause concern to those out there involved in the Pier 121 and Hidden Cove Marinas but you may want to call your Marina. Evidently, Pier 121 has posted on their Facebook page that they are closed and will not comment until further notice. Let's hope everyone is safe and left when the evacuation notice was issued by Pier 121. Our boat is at PK, and that area has been hit hard with ice and colder temperatures. Thank goodness we winterized early this year!
  11. Jimt, I wish I had known you were selling. We might have been able to work out something. That's the negative of not being able to mention boats for sale here. Regardless of how close you are to us, we could have had it transported in. Our loss (my bride and I). Your Chap was gorgeous.
  12. You owned a beautiful boat, and bought an even more beautiful one. I like SR's larger vessels, they are very handsome. Look forward to some pix!
  13. Please don't be a stranger! Stay involved here. Always enjoy your posts.
  14. Mike, I had a typographical error in the post above. I was referring to the Formula PC 34. Trust me, I am not attacking the Sig 350. I think it is one of the standout Chap cruisers. For anyone interested in Formula, don't look at online build quotes. The quote I was given for a Formula was 50% less than the build estimate, and it had every option I would ever need. Still maintain Formula is in the Top Tier of boats, with Chap being in the middle quality wise. Come out to PK, and go for a ride. I think you will understand better why I have become such a big fan.