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  1. Jjlai724

    Boat Tape

    Are you talking about the vinyl tape (i.e. pin stripping)? Is that the side of boat that gets more sun than the other side. That is probably why. Go to a autobody shop or a vinyl sign store and have them make you a better quality of pin stripping.
  2. Jjlai724

    Boat purchase

    Yeah those boats will go through 80 gallons of fuel in a day without a problem. They are pushing the water versus our boats that are cutting the water.
  3. Jjlai724

    Good place to buy parts?

    Under $300 for a cushion is a good price. I never understood why foam cost so much compared to the upholstery.
  4. Jjlai724

    Boat purchase

    Mastercraft and Chaparral are two different boats. The only thing that both boats do well is float. Otherwise you have to decide if you want more for water sports or for pleasure. I would consider the Nautique G25 over a Mastercraft X55.
  5. Jjlai724

    Can I use a home Depot faucet

    Any RV faucet should work as well. Not sure about a Home Depot faucet. As long as you can get the water line to hook up it should be fine.
  6. The gear ratio should be labeled on top of the out drive. I believe it's on the left side.
  7. Jjlai724

    2019 277ssx purchase

    You really should have kept the windlass on the boat. It is a great feature when you do anchor even if you don't anchor a lot. Also like other's have said, the resale value and the opening of the anchor locker will make it difficult to retrieve when you do use the anchor.
  8. Jjlai724

    I Want A New Drug! ....... er boat

    A pontoon boat is a mini van. Your driving s family car. I.e. Honda Accord. But they do have some trihull 300HP outboard minivans that will hit the 60mph mark. And they are very luxurious too.
  9. Jjlai724

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    Please post your findings and fix. I have the same boat but with no issues yet. Goodluck.
  10. Jjlai724

    DUKW " Duck" Boat Tragedy -17 die

    It's going to be a lawsuit on "negligence" against the company. There is no way those boats should have been out there in those kinds of conditions. They should have just stayed at dock for safety reasons. I read that 9 of the 17 were from one family. OMG!!!! God Bless all of them and their families.
  11. Jjlai724

    Can I put dye in holding tank?

    Your water company probably treats your drinking water with enough stuff in it that you don't need to add anything to it.
  12. Jjlai724

    Can I put dye in holding tank?

    Yeah use food coloring and you should be okay unless your toilet is plastic. Then it may stain it.
  13. Jjlai724

    Lazy Lake Tahoe Day

    Love that lake.
  14. Jjlai724

    Rudeness on the lake -- How to handle it?

    That's pretty unfortunate that you had a rude boater ruin your day at the cove. I know you travel so far every year for your annual trip there and it is a pretty place to be just hanging out and enjoying the clear water, clean beach, and tranquility. I probably would have asked them to turn it down a bit and then they'd give me the "finger", but they would leave sooner knowing that they weren't welcomed if they didn't turn it down.
  15. Jjlai724

    Towing 285 SSI

    That is a nice boat. Good luck.