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  1. Is that where the windshield and dash meets? I take a damp town and shove it in their with a plastic ruler and slide it along the channel where all the dirt is.
  2. I believe the suburban shave a 10,000 towing capacity that is why the 3/4 line was eliminated. I have a 3/4 ton suburban and a 1 ton duramax. I prefer the diesel for towing and it even rides better than my suburban when not towing. Expedition is a great tow vehicle as well. But the price of any new SUV or truck is a sticker shock too me. Geez!!!!
  3. Download the manual for the 1999 sportscruisers. In the manual it tells you what batteries are being used in the different switch positions. I keep one of the battery switches to position 1 and the other to position 2. You may need to change your batteries if they are 5 years old or older. I bought interstate batteries from Costco. My 2835 has three batteries as well. The cockpit frige is the battery killer.
  4. Oh that is not good. I'm sure he has a healthy insurance policy on it.
  5. Some of the older owner's manuals have the wiring diagram in them. But unfortunately I didn't see them in the 2002 manual. Are you having an issue or did you just want to have the diagram on hand? http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?/topic/5-chaparral-owners-manuals/&
  6. You can probably get the part from the windlass manufacture. >>Never mind getting the part from the windlass manufacture. I see now it's a pulpit par that you need. Any pics of the pulpit and part in questions?
  7. Do you get the same readings on the coil on the right engine. Have you tried swapping the coils?
  8. I've heard the Volvo composite drives are not very reliable and many forum members here do not recommend them. It's the composite drive that are the issues. Not all volvo drives themselves.
  9. Did it 4 year ago and i did the swim deck in cool grey and interior in grey. Both colors don't get too warm to walk on and has held up well so far. The entire boat and swim deck is covered when not in use, so I think that adds to the longevity.
  10. Wolfsong. Yes just contact Sea Dek in Florida and they should be able to give you a price. I made the template and sent it to them and then they cut the Sea Dek that I wanted. They will send you a confirmations drawing that has the dimensions and radius and cut out's etc before the order is placed to be cut. I also had a template made for the extended swim platform that i have as well. For the cockpit of the boat I ordered sheets of Sea Dek and then used the snap carpet as the template. I removed the snaps in the floor and filled the holes with epoxy then layed the Sea Dek on top.
  11. Wolfsong. Your lucky. I have a 1999 2835 SSi and made a template for SeaDek. They should have it on file so that they can give you a solid price depending on the color of SeaDek you choose.
  12. Glad you got it resolved. Have fun on your trip.
  13. +1 on a possible impeller change needed. Can you see the fuel gauge dropping at WOT. It moves down pretty fast.
  14. Store it full of fuel and add Stabil to give you peace of mind. Personally I haven't had a problem with the ethanol yet on any of my boats. I just got done changing fuel filters in injector filters on a 2001 Yamaha 200 HPDI outboard and they all looked brand new.