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  1. Those B3 outdrive are pretty amazing. You should be fine with that set up.
  2. There is a wire on the amp "remote on" that hooks up to your head unit. When the head unit comes on, it will turn the amp on. If the head unit is off, there will be no draw on your battery from your amp. You should run the amp directly from your battery with the correct wiring size. They draw a lot of amperage, especially if you are running a bass speaker. I also would not run an amp unless you have a second battery. I'd hate to be listening to tunes and then you are not able to start your boat. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Unless your running a external GPS antenna, you'll get a variance of +/- 10 feet with the built in antenna on the unit. The external antenna will get you withing +/- 3 feet. The GPS is not to be used for navigation use as the "disclaimer" states on start up. Lol....it's used to assist in your navigation. +/- 10 feet is good enough for me. And with a Navionic chip, it will show me the shipping channes and "known" hazards.
  4. Is it a SSi or a Signature? I have a 2835 with 5.7's and it's plenty of power. 4.3's I don't think I would want. Just seems a bit under powered to me.
  5. I'm sorry....I bought the boat used and I've only had it for eight years now. The risers and bellows were done then and they are still good. The bellows and outdrive were done a few years later. The spark plug, oil change, and impellors I do myself. I am due for outdrive service again at the end of the season. But I don't think I am paying for twice the amount for service just because I have two engines. Maybe twice for the materials but the labor rate isn't twice as long. Unless my mechanic isn't billing me correctly.
  6. Yes you should sign up for with the updates on the lowrance website. They will email you when there is an update for your unit.
  7. I have a 1999 2835 which is the 285 now with twins. I can't imagine having the boat with a single. With the twins the hole shot is great. I can take the kids knee boarding and get up on plane just as fast as the kids do. Yes you have twice the maintenance but it's basically oil changes and impellers. I haven't had anything major done yet so I'm lucky. Fuel consumption is not too bad. I feel with twin I can run at a lower rpm versus a single to maintain the same speed. So your not really burning twice the fuel, but you are burning more. At 28 feet that is probably where you are on the fence for a single or twin engine boat. Good luck.
  8. This Lewmar Anchor might fit. Might have to trim the ends down to fit your anchor holder. Lewmar Anchor
  9. 4 blade props are for hole shots and great for conering, less prop slippage. You could go stainless and pick up a 1-2 mph. Or go with a "cupped" prop that allows for less slippage.
  10. Don't worry about not hitting the 50 mph mark. It does nothing but burns a lot of fuel. I like to cruise at 3000 rpm. It's a good cruising speed and very economic. Am I cheap, not really, but when I go WOT, i always ask myself after, "why did I just burn all that fuel up?" Your boat looks like it's in great condition. Are you just bummed because you can't get to the 45 mph mark? If you take the tower off and empty the boat out and just run with 20 gallons of fuel, you should get close. Good luck....i like your boat.
  11. Oopps....missed that part. Sorry....5500lbs then is my guess.
  12. You'll be surprised at how heavy those boats and trailers are after you load it up with fuel / water / gear. I guess you'll be close to the 6200 weight with the trailer and boat with fuel and gear.
  13. You guys with garages or RV garages are lucky to be able to keep your toys inside.
  14. Jjlai724


    Get 3M spray glue that can use a red plastic tube (i.e. WD40) and poke the tip into the headliner and spray. Then use a piece of cardboard or a ruler and smooth the headliner out.
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