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  1. The fly bridge will give you better visibility when docking and cruising. It will also allow you to see into the water more for reefs or rocks when cruising slowly close to shore if the water is clear. The boat won't feel top heavy since the beam is wider and the overall weight of the boat is much more than your current boat. I'd go with a fly bridge if you are looking into a 40 foot range.
  2. You might have a sump on board and need to turn that on as well when using your sink or shower on the boat. Never figured out why there is a sump when it still drains it over board. https://jet.com/product/detail/e64fe334db3e4802aa4d77d0a78cbe19?jcmp=pla:ggl:NJ_dur_Gen_Sporting_Goods_a1:Sporting_Goods_Boating_Boat_Pumps_a1:na:PLA_783891031_42653237978_pla-306956722481:na:na:na:2&code=PLA15&pid=kenshoo_int&c=783891031&is_retargeting=true&clickid=b17c0bba-8f6e-4e8f-9701-129c7a15ce44&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjdLOBRCkARIsAFj5-GAXHsWDrVQsNSfv3ohyHy2btnddP68O-wXwZYi9NuaU1pBMpmJiClgaAhT6EALw_wcB
  3. I would definitely put the windlass on the top of the list. Best thing for cuddy boats. The dual power frige I would skip unless you have a generator or three batteries. The refrigerator will drain a battery in a day without a problem. And unless you are out on the water for multiple days, a cooler works just fine. Get a Yeti or R-Tic cooler for two or three day excursions. I use a Yeti cooler and freeze milk gallon jugs and it works great for two days on the water. The battery charger works great for me. I have shore power capability too, but I don't dock at a marina at night. Good luck.
  4. I'd go with the 20p prop. I believe when you go from a 4 blade to a 3 blade you increase one step. If you go to the 21p you might be a few hundred RPM from your redline.
  5. You could get somebody to put a wrap on top of the gel coat. It's pricey, but they can do it.
  6. Change those nuts out for nylon lock nuts.
  7. Did it drop in the water? West Marine should have gas caps. Won't be the exact one, but should have a selection online to chose from.
  8. I got my moneys worth out of a set of these. They are great 8 point sockets for general mechanic work. https://www.harborfreight.com/10-pc-38-in-drive-sae-color-coded-deep-socket-set-69344.html
  9. Ski locker. Made a rack with 3/4 pvc so they stand up in the ski locker. Just open the locker and grab them by the rope. Keeps them out of the way for putting other wife stuff in there.
  10. Yes buy a new pump.
  11. Wonder if after you turn the light on to dry them out if you could run a small bead of silicone on the back to seal them to prevent fogging again.
  12. That was pretty easy. Thanks.
  13. Wow....that is a nice 264. Love the big swim deck and lounging area. I'll post a pic of the Vette. What website do you use now since photobucket is now OTS.
  14. Do you have a pic of the light? Too many on the market to determine which one Chap uses without a pic.
  15. Good call on walking away. You just don't know what would have happened to the boat from Irma. Congrats on the new boat. Post pics when u get it.