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  1. You want to add a hard top to your boat? I don't know if I would trust a powered hardtop. Just my thoughts, unless it's coming straight from the factory installed already.
  2. Yep..that's the one i use to pump out.
  3. I have it and don't like it. It's too noisy and it's a fixed thru hull exhaust. No way to make it quiet. I would not do it unless you install the quick and quiet exhaust system.
  4. 3M 4200 is what I would use because it's not permanent like the 3M 5200. I tried to remove something sealed with 5200 and it was a chore. +1 on the warranty. Check with your dealership.
  5. Yep your gonna have to settle for something that is a "close" match. At least your interior material will be made of the thicker stuff instead of the thin stuff. I took all my cushions and back rest off of my cuddy and took it to a shop and they redid them all. Came out nice and it wasn't too pricey.
  6. I think diesel is a good way to go but my marinas don't carry diesel, so if I needed fuel on long weekend trips I would have to put my boat on a trailer then trailer it to a gas station 1/2 hour away from the lake then re-launch the boat. Could end up being a 3 hour process from the time I leave base camp go get fuel and return.
  7. I give all boats as much room as possible when passing. Whether they are skiers in the water prepping to get pulled up on plane, fishing boats trolling, bass fisherman along the shoreline, kayakers and paddle boarders as well. I will keep the boat on plane since it makes less of a wake than me pushing water at 15 mph. I think it's just common courtesy to just not rock the boats of others when possible. It impossible to leave no wake, but courtesy is always appreciate by all boaters.
  8. Yep...the weight adds up pretty fast.
  9. No problem cruising 35-40 mph. It'll do that it it's sleep.
  10. Did you check the voltage at the splice? You might have a bad splice. Also there should be one wire from the switch to the two blowers. So there a splice in the engine compartment somewhere
  11. Mark....thats a nice boat. You'll be happy with it. As long as you have twins, you'll be fine. I don't think there is that much of a difference between the 5.0 and 5.7.
  12. I took mine to the CAT scales once and it was close to 11,000 lbs with the trailer. I have a all steel triple axle trailer. I had it full of fuel and water. That trailer is going go be too small in my opinion.
  13. I bought my boat used and took it for a sea trial and it only had about 40 gallons of fuel on it, no water in the water tanks, and no gear, just life preservers. It hit 65 mph on the GPS. I've never seen again loaded up with fuel, loaded with fresh water, 8 -10 passengers, ice chest, beer, and gear. Best I see now is 57 mph. It's a big heavy boat and rides well in all the conditions that we have out here in CA. No complaints about the boat. Great weekend boat for the wife and I without having to get into a cruiser. Great family boat with two teenage boys and three grandkids under
  14. Hi there. I have a 2835 with Mercruiser Bravo 3 drives which are dual prop. I have not come across anyone with Bravo 1 drives for this model. It's a big boat and would take a bit longer to get on plane with Bravo 1's. Not sure what size my prop size is but your gear ratio on your drive unit will also determine your speed. There should be a tag on top of your drive unit telling you what gearing the drive is.
  15. Sorry. About the misunderstanding. When I first bought the boat with surge disc brakes, I tried to back up and it wouldn't let me because the brakes on the trailer locked up from the surge from backing up. This was before I had to insert the fuse in the truck to activate the back up solenoid on the trailer. All is good now. I do enjoy electric over hydraulic though for backing down on the ramps. But after you take the boat off the trailer you have to adjust the brake controller otherwise you be locking up the trailer tires when youa are in the parking lot.
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