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  1. Jjlai724

    220 ssi with Bravo 3 high altitude

    You can use the Mercury Prop Selector website. It allows you to input elevation you boat at to help in prop selections.
  2. Jjlai724

    220 ssi with Bravo 3 high altitude

    I've been to Tahoe many times with my boat. Even though I'm running twin engines with twin B3 drives, there is no difference in planing performance. I've had 10 on the boat with no change in planing performance. I'm sure with I would lose some top end speed at WOT, but I never gave it a shot. You'll be fine with the original setup.
  3. Jjlai724

    Anyone seen a 2019 H2O 19 with 250 hp???

    I don't have a Chaparral with a outboard on it. But my fishing boat has a Yamaha 200HP on it. I've been told to always max out the boat's HP if you can. Even though 200HP would probably be good. The 250HP would be better. It's not about top speed, the bigger motor will work less on hole shots, and turn a lower RPM at cruising speeds. I'd buy the 250HP if possible.
  4. Jjlai724

    Oil/foam dripping from outdrive

    Yeah it's pretty pic there e-Xtreme.
  5. Jjlai724

    How to Anchor and Sleep Safely

    How much chain do you have on your anchor and how deep is the cove you are anchoring in for the night? Is there a tide or current or are you just floating with the breeze being the controlling factor of how your boat is facing. Three times the rope/anchor length is a good rule to the depth you are anchoring in.
  6. Jjlai724

    Oil/foam dripping from outdrive

    Well, that is good news.
  7. Jjlai724

    Right size engine for 330 Signature

    You can get the boat vinyl wrapped as well to the color of your liking.
  8. Jjlai724

    Oil/foam dripping from outdrive

    That is a bummer either way.
  9. Jjlai724

    Right size engine for 330 Signature

    DinoB, Mine is a 1999 and the previous owner kept it in real good shape and real clean. Was spotless for a boat with that many years on it. Hours on the motors were below average as well. The only thing I had to get redone was the inside upholstery. Not sure of the age or if I used too much simple green when wiping them down, but the fake leather started flaking. So I took all the cushions and back supports out and down to a auto upholstery shop and he put some new sunbrella vinyl on them. Came out great and didn't cost me as much as I thought it would. Engines have been flawless and I just replace the impellors every two years. They are 20 deer a piece and annual oil changes. Replaced my snap in carpet with Sea Dek and also put it on the extended swim platform. Good luck on your search.
  10. Jjlai724

    Right size engine for 330 Signature

    It's a big boat so it won't be a speed boat like you Sport Boats from the past. The 5.7 will be adequate for the 330 Sig in my opinion.
  11. Jjlai724

    Door struts/shocks springs, What gives.

    There are plenty of aftermarket options via auto part stores or Amazon. Just measure the open and closed length and the support strength needed. Looks like you need the lbs of support as I noted below. Deck storage SL13-20-1 (2) - 20lb supportEngine hatch SL29-90-1 (2) - 90lb supportHead hatch SL33-40-1 -40lb support If you by no name struts via Amazon, I've found that they only last a year or two.
  12. Jjlai724

    Where Can I Install This Fresh Water Pump?

    You could put a inline check valve on the supply side as well so the pump will keep it's "prime" if you have it mounted above your water tank. I would put it under your sink if you have the room to get in there and install it.
  13. Jjlai724

    Help identifying what switch is for?

    Also a good switch to flip while at a public dock where you might be away for a bit, and you are afraid of someone hot wiring your boat.
  14. Jjlai724

    Yamaha F150 or F200?

    200HP for sure. It'll work less harder than the 150HP. I have a Yamaha 200HP on my Lund and love it. Great motor and it's been bullet proof since 2000. Good luck.
  15. Jjlai724

    Boat Tape

    Are you talking about the vinyl tape (i.e. pin stripping)? Is that the side of boat that gets more sun than the other side. That is probably why. Go to a autobody shop or a vinyl sign store and have them make you a better quality of pin stripping.