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  1. bow first would be my choice. Harder to get the big square end of the stern in between two docks versus the small point of the bow. After getting the bow in you can have helpers help pull you in or guide you in.
  2. Not sure if you really need a HDS for a pleasrue boat unless you are going to be doing some fishing or diving with it. The HDI units work well and there is only one transducer that you need to mount. Most are screwing the transducer into the hull of the boat. You can get some seaboard and mount it to that as well.
  3. Remove the rope and chain from the spool. Take the end of the anchor line and tie it to the eye in the locker box. Then feed the rope and chain into the anchor box and the anchor should fit on the hanger. The spool is not needed.
  4. What do you mean by spool? The rope should just lay on the bottom of the locker and the chain on top of it. Galvanize chain is what I prefer than the rubber coated one since it will flex better. What size rope and chain are you using?
  5. To cut the rope a nylon rope, use electrical tape and wrap the rope where you want it cut. Then use a pair of wire cutters (side cutters) and cut the rope in the middle of the tape. Next use a lighter (I prefer a propane torch) and melt the ends. Use some leather gloves and roll the end in your hands then remove the electrical tape.
  6. I went with Sea Dek. I bought the bigger sheets they have available and used the carpet as a template and cut them out myself with a sharp razor blade. No more hot buttons to be burning my feet on. When the deck is dirty I just throw a bucket of water on it to wash it down. Much nicer to walk on.
  7. Wow that came out great. Wish I had the time and patience to do that to my trailer.
  8. These are $8.50 a piece. Get two or three and you'll be good to go. Attwood Boat Fender
  9. Add some Seafoam and run it. Should be fine.
  10. Dozer - I've bought those lights for my outdoor landscaping lights that run for 5 hours a night. They only lasted for 6 months then one by one they started to fail. However for your boat I think they will last much longer since they wont be used as much as landscape lighting.
  11. 55 mph for me with people and gear. Never had a chance to run it with a light load. But the fuel burn rate is ridiculous at WOT.
  12. Yes it's cheap insurance. Those rubber fins can go out at any time. 100 hours is a good time to change it. If they gave you the old impeller back, keep it on the boat for a spare in case you need to do a field change.
  13. Lowrance is having a big rebate program going on right now. Just bout a Elite Ti 7" with a Navionics card and will get a $100 rebate. This has side scan transducer and is touch screen. This was for my fishing boat though, Check out the Lowrance website to see which models are eligible for the rebate. Some will get more of a rebate.
  14. New boat? Sounds like you got the itch and am looking for a some folks to give you the thumbs up. There is no real time to buy a new boat, only when you yourself feel the need for one. It's your money and if you can swing it and want one, then go for it. New is always nice. Good luck on the search for your Suncoast.
  15. I think you need twin outboards. If one engine goes out then you can tilt the one outboard up all the way out the water to get on plane to head back to port. I can't get on plane with one motor. Too much drag from the out drive.