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  1. Jjlai724

    Trailering Question

    Can you load the trailer so the bow eye is under the front stop?
  2. Jjlai724

    287 ssx leaning port side when anchored any thoughts

    I have three batteries on starboard side. I can't say that I really noticed the boat leaning while on the water. You would think a 28 foot boat wouldn't lean too much to one side or the other if it were 100lbs or so heavier on one or the other.
  3. Jjlai724

    287 ssx leaning port side when anchored any thoughts

    How much is it leaning over to port? Could be the water tank and fridge. Empty the water tank and see if it levels out.
  4. Jjlai724

    Trim Indicator on 2006 236 SSI with 8.1 Gi-G

    Not sure but do the Volvo have a hockey puck sensor on the outdrive on the upper left or right side. That might need to be adjusted with a philip screwdriver. Put the drive all the way down, loosen the screw and turn the puck, have someone at the helm tell you when the needle is where you want it and then tighten it back up.
  5. Jjlai724

    Light wiring

    Your kidding right? Just follow your wiring from your helm down the gunnel to you engine bay. There are cables and wires for your ignition, throttle, gauges, etc. Just follow existing wiring routes and you'll be fine. Remember to fuse your wiring when you connect it to a battery or use a blank in your fuse block.
  6. Jjlai724

    Light wiring

    Take apart your anchor light and there should be a splice where it's terminated to the wire. Cut it there and tie a string to the wire and tape it good so it doesn't come undone. Then find where the wire goes at the base of your tower. It might be inside your gunnel, and you pull that wire and you might need someone to feed the string into the hole at the top of the tower. When you get the wire all out to the string, tie to it your additonal LED wire and speaker wire and use the string and pull it back up the arch. Now you have all the wires you need at the top of the arch and you can drill a 3/8 hole to where your light and speakers go and fish the wire out. Might need a small wire but at least the wire is up at the top of the arch.
  7. Jjlai724

    Light wiring

    Do you have speakers on your tower? If so use the speaker wire as a pull string to get it up to the top of the tower. If not, most towers have a access hole at the base for speaker wires, anchor lite, and led lighting.
  8. Jjlai724

    Light wiring

    It's all about pricing. I would not buy one from Amazon unless it's name brand such as Ocean LED or Lumitec. But T-H Marine sells products on Amazon and they are a reputable marine seller. In my opinion 37 lumen is hardly nothing. You could get a flashlight that's brighter than that.
  9. Jjlai724

    Light wiring

    That underwater light is only 37 watts. I can't imagine it being very bright at all unless the water is clear like bottled water.
  10. Jjlai724

    Ordered a brand new 277 ssx...

    The size limit on the lake is probably due to preserving the shore lines due to wake that bigger boats put off. I'm sure they will band wake boats or the size of wake that a boat can put off soon.
  11. Jjlai724

    Shattered windshield 326ssi

    Should be your homeowners insurance since it’s parked at your house.
  12. Jjlai724


    Do you also have a pressure switch at the helm? That is the master switch for the water pump so that you can run the toilet, shower washdown and sink.
  13. Jjlai724

    Picking up 220 SSI tomorrow

    Oh the sleepless nights and anxiety of picking up a new boat. Not sure if this is your first boat but just be sure you have all the USCG safety gear. i.e. flares, fire extinguisher, life jackets, throwable cushion, etc. http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=v-dept&category=virtual-safety-check Congrats.
  14. Jjlai724


    There is also a water pressure switch on the water pump and it may need to be adjusted. Not sure what brand pump you have but they all generally work the same way. Shurflow Adjusting Pressure Switch
  15. Jjlai724

    Quick and Quiet Exhaust

    I would like to leave mine if quiet mode all the time if that was an option. Had the motors pulled for maintenance when I got the boat 10 years ago and the boat mechanic asked if I wanted to convert to thru hull exhaust while the motors were out. I said sure, and now I regret it. They are too noisy at cruising speed and you can't even talk or hear the music.