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  1. When you buy an older boat, it's really a crap shoot. I would guess that the risers would need to be done within a year or two of a older boat purchase unless the previous owner just did them. I would probably shy away from a boat with more than 600 hours on it. Just because that's just me. I'd be OK with a boat with around 200 hours on it. I bought mine used with 180 hours and it was 15 years old.
  2. 1.47 will give you a more top end but you will give up hole shot performance. I'd stay with the same 1.62 if you are please with the performance.
  3. Really need to get it the truck and boat weighed at the scales to get some real numbers. You really shouldn't have much trouble towing a 21 foot boat.
  4. Probably about 500 lbs more.
  5. 1/2 ton trucks these days come close to what 3/4 ton trucks were towing back in the 2000's. The big three have definitely stepped up the demand for 1/2 tons to do more and by doing that they could phase out the 3/4 ton trucks. The only difference these days with the 3/4 ton trucks is that they generally have a diesel engine. If you don't tow long distance and not climbing steep hills, then there is nothing wrong with a new 1/2 ton truck. It's my preference to not tow 10,000 lbs with a gasser, but that just me. The new 1/2 tons could do it and stop it. So if you find a 1/2 ton that you like that meets your needs I'd say go for it. Just my 2 cents.
  6. I don't know why underwater LED's cost so much. I have a set and don't use it nearly as much as thought I would. But the "cool factor" is there though.
  7. My 1 ton dual rear wheel actually rides better than my 3/4 ton suburban. Go figure. I take the dually around for long drive more than the suburban because of that reason alone.
  8. I've got a 6.0 Suburban with the 4.10 rear end. And those 4.10's suck the gas. I'd just get a 3/4 ton with 3.73 instead if you don't tow far and over hills. All of the trucks are great these days. It's a matter of preference.
  9. Even if you find a boat that your bank won't finance 100%, it may be worth the extra out of pocket expense to get that boat that. Good luck.
  10. I know I over payed for my boat. But it was immaculate for it's age and low hours. Also had a lot of canvas work for over nights that I only used once. But it had a full cover for storage that wrapped all the way down the the bottom of the bow. If your comfortable with the price of the boat, then go for it.
  11. I purchased one from Amazon. Plenty of choices and some come with the adapter kit for the spline and the 6 allen screw plate.
  12. And his charger needs to have the ability to charge both wet and AGM at the same time. If your looking for a standard Group 24 battery just go to Costco and get yourself an interstate battery.
  13. Welcome to the "two tow vehicle" club. You'll be towing the Airstream while the wife tows the boat. Congrats on the new trailer. You will enjoy it a lot and there is a lot to see out there beside rivers and lakes.
  14. Also putting 15 to 20 feet of chain will keep that anchor down and you won't be going anywhere. Length is going to be determined on how deep you are anchoring.
  15. Thanks for the input and the tip on self install.

    What color did you use? Is it hard to keep clean?

    1. Jjlai724


      I chose the storm gray color for the inside the the swim platform is white.  The white is really hard to keep clean.  But I just use simple green and a brush and it clean up well.  The Sea Dek is nice on the feet in the cockpit and on the swim platform.  Just need to take your time tracing the carpet pattern onto the back side of the sea dek and cutting it with a sharp razor blade and metal straight edge.  

      I removed the buttons from the floor and silicone the holes and then placed the sea dek right over it.  Been four years now and it's holding up good.