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  1. I have a 1999 year of your 2835 SSi and it had a windlass installed already. You will need a horizontal windlass so the hatch will still close and cover the windlass. Mine uses 1/4 chain. Lewmar Horizontal Windlass Your gonna have to see if the boat was pre-wired for the windlass. In you anchor box would be two heavy gauge cables for the the windlass that goes back to the helm. Then you would install your windlass switch at the helm with a overload breaker and then run a set a cables back to your battery. If you boat is not pre-wired at the anchor box, then the toughest part will be getting the cables from the helm through the bathroom (roof panel access) and then in the liner of the cuddy to the anchor box. That would be the challenge for a self install. Good luck.
  2. Remove the screw and dip it in some silicone or glue and screw it back in. Or replace the screw with one size larger.
  3. Jjlai724

    Chaps for Sale?

    They are also buying them up because the price of a new boat is ridiculous these days. A new ski boat was $240K. I don't see how these young twenty somethings are buying these boats with a brand new pickup truck with lift kits and fancy wheels.
  4. 25 feet of chain will solve the problem like other's have said. The chain helps keep the anchor laying flat to the bottom and keeps the forks dug in. If you don't have enough chain, the rope will lift the chain up and then the anchor won't be laying flat on the bottom for maximum "dig" into the mud. Sounds like a lot of chain, but that's what it takes to get the anchor to stick.
  5. If you tied the red wire to the yellow then it will have a constant power source and you will always have to turn the radio off with the radio power switch. If you tie the red wire to on of your ACC Switches at the helm. then that will be the main power switch to your radio. Of course you will need to turn that switch on then go to the radio to turn the radio on. I prefer to have it wired through a switch at the helm, so at the end of the day you just check all your switches and you know all is off on your boat. The old remote at the helm should be dead if you took the old head unit out. But to be sure I would remove the old remote unit and see if it's spliced to 12v just in case.
  6. Does your boat have a rocker switch on the dash for the radio? If so that is where the red wire should go. So you can turn the switch off and then the radio will not turn on. The yellow gets wired directly to the battery or a buss bar under the dash that is hot all the time.
  7. The port engine steering pump is a spare. If the starboard fails you can switch them out on the water and limp back in.
  8. Our 1999 2835 has two 350's with Merc outdrives and it runs in the high 50's. It's burning a lot of fuel at that speed and I keep in in the low 40's most of the time.
  9. No. The interior is really in bad shape and you'll have to get it all redone. And the engine has way too much corrosion on it for my liking. You can find a better boat in better shape out there on the inter-web. Boats are known to be money pits, but when the appearance is screaming for money already, you haven't even gotten to the hidden money pit items.
  10. Wingnut is correct. There should be a access panel to the hydraulic cylinder in order to remove the pin for the hatch and lift it manually. It's heavy, so take a helper and then a wooden stick to prop the hatch open.
  11. Unfortunately your going to have to create a new one out of aluminum or Plexiglas.
  12. What guages are acting up?
  13. I don't think your engine is making full power. Seems really low.
  14. With it plugged into shore power, take a voltage meter and make sure you have 120 volts going to the battery charger. If you have 120 volts going to the battery charger, check to see if there are any LED lights "on" on the charger. If you do and you can hear the charger running (small humming sound), then check to see if you are getting 13 plus volts DC at each battery. If there are no LED lights "on" on the charger, there should be a fuse on the charger. Make sure the fuse or fuses are not blown. The battery charger should have three sets of wires to charge each battery separately. The battery charger does not go through the Perko switches, so leaving it to "All" or "1 or 2" has no effect on the charging. The charger is 22 years old, more than likely it will need to be replaced. I replaced my charger on my 2835 when it was about 12 years old. You will need to buy a three bank charger if you have three batteries.
  15. Adding a subwoofer and amp will put more load on your batteries. I'd go with just changing out your speakers and see if it meets your standards. If not then you can add the subwoofer. I've found the radio is never loud enough while motoring though. We only listen to music while anchored and drinking some sodas and playing in the lake.
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