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  1. I agree, I haven't stopped in here for a while due to the spam to content ratio. What's this other site being referred to? I'm game to bail on this place if others will follow.
  2. Toddavid

    Going bigger

    Congrats. Looks like a 40' from the ads I see online? Doing the Great Loop is on my list as soon as I get my business sold.
  3. Same size. It squishes down and covers the area properly.
  4. No water intrusion by end of the season. I checked once mid-season, too, so the dipstick has been in and out a few times since the work was done. That photo is after drilling and re-tapping.
  5. According to AquaTraction, they don't use the same material as others, from correspondence with them: Our competitors use EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) as their material base. AquaTraction uses XLPE (cross linked Polyethylene) as material base, I mention to folks on a daily basis that you can look at a photo on social media and each product will look the same, but these material are not created equal. XLPE is a more stable material, so there is less expansion and contraction. It is synthetic, so it will move under different climates, but not nearly as much as other products being
  6. FYI, I sent the photo below to Aqua Marine Deck, showing the very slight reflection I get from my hatch hinges, and the said they could not guarantee bubbling would not happen with their product, too. Concerning, since I certainly don't think the reflections are the reason my SeaDek bubbles up, and I'm sure you have no reflections on your ski locker. Aqua Traction, on the other hand, is quite confident their product would not have bubbling issues.
  7. I used to be a fan of SeaDek, now I’ll tell people to consider buying their competitor products. My swim platform SeaDek keeps peeling up because it visibly expands in extremely hot weather. It’s dimensionally unstable, and the expanding and contracting eventually causes the glue bond to break. I’ve reglued every pad multiple times over the last few seasons, and even replaced the middle pad when I thought the glue bond was gone because water got beneath it and froze over the winter. Nope, just an unstable material. SeaDek is trying to weasel out of their warranty by claiming there m
  8. Yeah, I’m wondering if the wiggle result was a false positive. Trim signal should be variable resistance, no? Between signal wire and ground (bond)? The sender is simply a potentiometer? I couldn’t get a consistent reading checking for variable resistance when operating the trim switch on any of the slave gauge wires.
  9. Thanks. I checked continuity between them on each pin and all is intact. I’m thinking it must be the slave gauge at this point? $400 gamble.
  10. My fuel/trim/fresh water smart gauge randomly would conk out and I would get under the dash and tug on its harness and it would cone back to life. Over two years it happened 3 or four times. Now it’s conked out as usual, needles all pointing to zero, but no tugging or unplugging of connections gets it to come back alive. Bonding is the only thing common I think across all three signals and I get perfect continuity between buss bar and yellow incoming wire to gauge. Voltage signal on one wire is 3.6v and 8v on another, and third is open it seems. Trimming up and down doesn’t chan
  11. And only run your blowers AFTER fueling. I see lots of people on social media assume "run your blowers while fueling" means exactly that: while pumping fuel the blowers should be on. The blowers should be off while fueling or you risk pulling fuel vapors from the filler neck and tank vent into the bilge. Blowers on AFTER.
  12. I've read some horror stories about using the zep method on RVs, FYI: https://www.irv2.com/forums/f44/zep-floor-shine-may-have-ruined-the-exterior-of-my-grand-design-434923.html
  13. Wax is 1980s technology. I'd recommend using a modern polymer/ceramic based sealant next time. They last much longer.
  14. Wish my wife sewed! Is this the stuff? Can't find anything online under stitchfix for vinyl (doesn't help that a massive online clothing store is called the same thing). https://www.amazon.com/Flexi-Stitch-Liquid-Invisible-Stitch-Leather/dp/B000VS8DZU
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