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  1. Toddavid

    Boat and Dog

    XL one of these for our 100lbs lab: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0081XILOU/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Once we reach our swimming destination for the day, we remove it, since he's more confident being able to put his hind legs on the bottom, and will play in the water for hours. If he can't stand, he starts paddling back to the boat. Handles on the jacket make it easier to lift him into the boat, but no jacket means I don't have to deal with lifting him into the boat as often. Catch 22.
  2. Toddavid

    CRAParral Never buy!

    Kinked vent line or plugged canister will starve fuel tank of make-up air as the pump consumes fuel from the tank. Usually that will make the pump struggle against the building vacuum upstream and start to whine before completely stopping from overheat condition. Funny, I just helped a buddy via text to troubleshoot same exact problem on an 80s BMW that he bought in LA and drove back home to east coast in order to sell. As soon as he hit the high desert, car started stuttering and pump started whining as the miles clicked by. Bypassing the charcoal canister solved the problem.
  3. Toddavid

    Coolant temp at high speed?

    Believe it or not, 85f is fairly average water temps in the Chesapeake this time of year. Last year we had longer sustained high air temps and the water got even warmer, was 90+ in the shallows! Not very refreshing at that temp, and the creepy crawly bacterias and viruses seem to bloom in that environment, too... Either way, this happened yesterday morning, and air temps were in the 70s when it was happening.
  4. Toddavid

    Coolant temp at high speed?

    Got it. I assume the analog gauge tolerance just soaks up that temp swing, I don’t remember seeing my old boat’s temp gauge move with rpm based load. But my memory seems to betray me, though, as I get older... I’ve done plenty of high speed runs with this current boat, I just never kept an eye on the temps while doing so, was more concerned with water conditions in front of me. Ignorance sometimes is bliss. When it started climbing and passed 170f this time, I reduced speed.
  5. Toddavid

    Coolant temp at high speed?

    For some reason, this year I find myself fixated with coolant temps, and keep it displayed on my smart gauge. I recall seeing 160-162F at 36mph cruising speed for as long as I can remember. but when gunning it up to 48mph to pass another boat yesterday, I noticed temps climbing to 170F. No alarm, but seemed too high? With a closed cooling system (VP V8 380hp) and 85f raw water temps, my coolant temps should be holding steady regardless of load, no? I don’t recall temps climbing like that with speed on my old Merc 350 with analog gauges, but I know they are less precise than the digital ones.
  6. Toddavid

    PA boaters - what did you do for registration numbers?

    I did, but I'm pretty sure I sent them a vectorized file after downloading the font to my PC. Adobe Illustrator converts fonts to generic eps format which any sign shop can use.
  7. Toddavid

    Sea Ray also getting out of the yacht game:

    For what it's worth, that was the SLX 400, a crossover bowrider. Now there's a segment that has really taken off in the last several years!
  8. Toddavid

    Random thought: I just don't get this design.

    Yum, is that a side of seagull crap from the dock to go with my sandwich? Of all the boat reviews I’ve seen of this feature, no one has ever criticized it for some odd reason. Might as well design the helm seat to double as a toilet. Genius!
  9. Toddavid

    Sea Ray also getting out of the yacht game:

    Unfortunately, the revised tax laws axed that. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/20/house-bill-chops-tax-break-for-rvs-and-boats.html
  10. Toddavid

    Random thought: I just don't get this design.

    A table that rises out of the floor? All the photos I've seen of those models show removable, stowable tables on arms. Is it an "option"?
  11. I don't know what is worse, knowing that dirty shoes or that bare feet have been walking all over the table that now is close to my face and has my meal on it. How about some sort of integrated flip top? I see this on Formula boats, but I have faith that Chap doesn't do it for the reasons I mention above. Seems like such a short-sighted design on such a high-end boat.
  12. Toddavid

    2014 Sunesta taking on water when cruising

    Well, not to concern you too much but I don’t consider any water in the bilge after running to be normal. Never had that issue on my boats, always a bone dry bilge. Only time some water would get in there was after lots of swimming kids running the deck, or slipped for a couple weeks and some rainy days. Never from running, even after taking a wave over the bow, we have self bailing cockpits.
  13. Interesting to see, even in boom times, that the yacht segment can't support their catalog: https://flaglerlive.com/123593/sea-ray-boats-palm-coast-shuts-down/
  14. Toddavid

    Towing tube from 264

    Remember I built a central inflation/deflation station with a shop vac. 5min to do each task.
  15. Toddavid

    Towing tube from 264

    As said, never tow a tube from ski pylon on arch, you could do some serious damage if the tube submerges. Tow from the eye above the swim platform. We use a Super Mabel, three person, stows in the bow ski locker.