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  1. The smaller charter companies would have had owner layouts, but they are typically just managing them for... owners. So they don't get cycled out. But I did write "would have had" because you're right: all the charter fleets are gone in both VIs. Terrible loss there. BVI could keep you entertained for months before sailing down island...
  2. Well that escalated quickly. Enjoy it. We do, often. Put almost 70hrs on ours already this season, great boat.
  3. Utter devastation in the BVI, a home away from home for me. Those that frequent there would be familiar with Sopers Hole, a busy marina on the West End of Tortola. Wiped out. Facebook access needed to see the link below: Montioring various online groups, there is severe distruption of communication systems and widespread destruction of homes, with thousands of requests for news on missing loved ones. The island is apparently becoming destabilized, too, with looting, hijacking, and prisoners escaped from the prison looking to get off the island by any means. British government was not prepared with aid and is only now mobilizing. Thoughts also with those in Florida in the path of Irma.
  4. Until fuel prices spike, which doesn't look like will happen for a long time given the price of crude, I don't see any of those markets having a severe correction. It was amazing how quickly Americans returned to buying SUVs once gas dropped below $3/gal.
  5. More importantly, what outdrive is on the boat? Welcome.
  6. Well, if the posts in this thread are to be believed, you'll want to get yourself a hefty engine hoist if you plan on doing your own maintenance with the 8.2 shoehorned into the 264. Engine out to change impeller:
  7. If you haven't already committed to the 8.2 boat, consider the VP equivalent. 6.0l 380hp, weighs in 250lbs less than the big block, has a broader torque curve, better on fuel... and quite a bit more room to work on it. Everything is up front and easily accessible, including the heat exchanger (winterizing drain) and impeller. I can hit 52mph with 264 equipped with that motor, love it.
  8. Congrats, maybe I'll see you out there, we're on the Upper Chesapeake in our 264.
  9. Unless you know the age of the one on there now, I'd put a new one on after breaking the seal. Wrench tight, but not crazy tight. 48-72 in lbs (not ft lbs).
  10. The South Beach Edition with the Saddle interior is striking, but I wonder if I would get tired of it after a while because it is so intense of a color combo.
  11. Aren't they just the rebranded Azure designs? Have you actually been on one? The ones I toured at the boat show this year were "interesting" in their layouts with a lot of steps up, down, and around things, and functional items, like boarding ladders, in awkward locations.
  12. Exactly, ask their carrier to send you directly a copy of their policy. If they have a CDL, that is a bonus, as it tends to result in a more responsible driver since their livelihood can be on the line if they do side work that requires a CDL. And make sure you have your own insurance in place on the boat/trailer combo.
  13. Looks like they may now be trying to push Vortex under its own branding:
  14. Agree, it looks like a fussy Regal or Cobalt at the stern, not a fan of the droopy boat tail look and the swim platform line running up the sides... Colored gel coat exposed to the sun like that is also asking for fading issues.
  15. You ever use them? I have, multiple times. Successfully. You just need to do your due diligence on the carrier.