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  1. "We had just got done cleaning a few boats, and basically a guy came running out of a boat kind of adjacent to us saying he needed a fire extinguisher," said witness Jaime Mason. "Couldn't find one, and it wasn't too much longer when the boat just went up in flames." Why not have extinguishers every few columns on covered slips? Not to mention why didn't every boat in sight not have one easily accessible. No time to ask permission to board, especially if there is a possibility there won't be anything to board in the very near future.
  2. Still on the calendar, right? Planning my sausage run.
  3. If it's installed on non-skid, you're going to have a bear of a time getting all the glue out of the nooks and crannies. I just replaced a defective section on my swim platform and it was a lot of elbow grease, and I was ok leaving some residue behind in those nooks and crannies. Acetone on a rag and rub the surface vigorously using a plastic scraper on the rag.
  4. Check the basics first, like the battery connections. They can be tight enough to allow accessories to function but loose enough not to allow starter solenoid to engage. Also make sure the cannon plug on top of the engine (MPI) is clean and tight, but a problem there should allow the starter to turn.. ...try hot wiring the ignition switch, again a basic place to start. Honestly, regarding this thread I'm most disappointed that the staff photo of Shepherd no longer works.
  5. Whoa, Tiger. Easy there. Hard to fully survey a boat hull when on a trailer, and you wouldn't see that once in the water.
  6. 2014 Sunesta 264. Picked her up used, 74 hrs on her. Previous owner installed a JBL amp, and upgraded all the speakers and sub. He also installed underwater transom lights. His electrical work was OK, not the best, but no glaring issues I can see. His routing of wires and tidiness left a bit to be desired. But everything worked on the boat when I took delivery. End of season one, one of the bilge blowers stopped working, thankfully had redundancy. Troubleshot over the winter and traced it to a bad breaker on the panel under starboard helm. Not popped, just dead. No continuity through it. I swapped the wiring to a spare breaker on the panel and all was good. Then this season the manual bilge switch stopped working. Again, traced to a dead, unpopped breaker. Tested and pump would still work when lifting float, so left it as is for now. Then last time out I noticed nav and stern lights were not working, luckily at dusk. This weekend, traced to another dead, not popped breaker. I've never seen anything like this. A short in the system should pop the breakers. None were popped? Alternator voltage is proper when engine is running, 13.8 to 14.1V. ideas? Bad batch from the factory?
  7. I added this toy to my system, compatible with your new head unit. Plugged it inline with my stern mounted control head, nice way to pump up your favorite jam without getting out of the floaty lounger, or when sitting on shore:
  8. If you have a 99 and the drive is original to the boat, you probably have the single anode version, which is the Bravo 3 that is most susceptible to corrosion. Installation of a mercathode system can help prevent corrosion.
  9. I dunno, weather like this just requires more due diligence. I studied weatherunderground amd at 6:30am made the call to go out at today. Was in your backyard on the Upper Chesapeake by 11:30am, Fishing Battery Island, and had a stellar weather day. Everywhere else on the Upper was overcast and raining. Don't give up so easy, be strategic. We even had a benchmark day last year during Hurricane Hermione because we timed it right. Boating season is too short to not take your shot.
  10. But my sausage sandwiches!
  11. Pretty sure I am not permitted to do any business on this forums, so we should probably take this offline. Fair warning, the price is up there, but if 5 or so people got together it would be worth doing a batch.
  12. I'll bite: DIY here:
  13. Dunno, but that's more commonly known as Cabin John and a few of my buddies go there often, so I assume pretty safe depths.
  14. oof. sorry to read this. How many hours on her? News to me, but DPS drives are known to be timebombs? When buying long distance (twice), I've asked the seller what surveyor they recommend, and then I purposely find a different one to short circuit any conflict of interest... but I doubt your issue would have been caught either way. Hope repairs go quick.
  15. Applied a sealant to all my gelcoat last weekend, impressive stuff, water just rolls off it: My windshield spots up all the time from spray, would like to seal that, too. What is a boat windshield made out of these days? Acrylic? Actual glass?