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  1. Yeah, shame there isn’t a bold version of that font, there really should be. Mustardo Bold. Meant to be.
  2. Close, but not the exact font. Notice the sharp A vs soft one in the Chap logo. Truthfully, Chap probably commissioned a unique font, but this is the closest I found to matching: I did my previous boat reg numbers in this font, plain black on a white hull, but decided not to go so matchy this time. Did a different font in white with a mirror drop shadow.
  3. I decided to clean up some random chips in my black gel coat and got a serious lesson in wet sanding and buffing. Black is so much more unforgiving than white, which I knew. But it kicked my butt, took me two days to get the perfect mirror back. And on my way back from hanging on the hook for lunch my dash suddenly lit up at a 37mph cruising speed with check engine lights and beeps, with nothing obviously wrong. Had to switch off battery power to get it to shut up, and then it didn't come back on the 20 minute ride home. Hope that's not a clue of things to come... But, on a positive note, even with the brutally frigid single digit winter we had: no cracked block.
  4. Lots of trees have fallen over the last 10 years I've lived there, but none came this close. It's now on my list to have a chat with the township.
  5. (yep, I did. Every time I see a marina fire reported, I cringe.)
  6. Bingo, nice guess! It was a monster, it would have annihilated my boat. Hoping to splash this weekend, she should be safer at our marina, no trees there!
  7. ...before it even started!
  8. For what it’s worth, I’m able to store my Magma Chef’s Mate (rectangular) grill in the hold under a bow seat. I keep it in one of the Magma carrying bags, stout so nothing gets dirty or greasy in there. 264, so volume should be similar, if not same, in that hold.
  9. Indeed, thanks.
  10. Ah, where were you yesterday! I just ordered the switch from Spemco. Oh well, $16 is better than $50...
  11. Hey now! That looks very promising! Thanks, Tom! Love this forum.
  12. Yep, wish I could do that, but it looks like I lost one part that is specific to the Chap switch: the inline bulb resistor that keeps the red bulb at the proper brightness... I guess I could take apart another switch and ohm out the resistor and just buy that (pennies), but at some point there are diminishing returns, in terms of my labor investment, disassembling the switch panel multiple times just to save a few bucks...
  13. Unfortunately, close but no cigar. The Chap switch has a colored bulb (red), while these units have colored lenses.
  14. From what I can tell, my switch is made by Carling and is a Contura II V series. While troubleshooting a weird nav light issue last season (which turned out to be a faulty breaker), I popped open the switch and lost one of the in-line resistors for its incandescent bulb. Cecil has the switch for a whopping $49, but street prices for Carling switches are around $10. I’m just having trouble finding a DPDT with a red bulb. Lots with clear bulbs, but can’t find red bulbs. The actuator (button) is fine, just need a reasonably priced switch to get my backlight back. Bothers me like seeing a missing tooth, especially at night...