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  1. Toddavid

    Used Chaparral Sunesta

    Curious why you are limiting yourself to 2010-13? I have a 14. There was a helm redesign in 14, where the gauges went from square to round, and the layout is a bit cleaner (in my opinion). 15 was the last year for the full profile arch, before they changed to a tubular style. Minor changes between 2008-10, essentially carryover all the way to 2013. Arch did get more forward coverage in 2010. It's a great, and very versatile, lake boat. The bow freeboard would make me hesitant to choose it for open ocean, however. Despite being a Mercruiser owner previously, I chose to seek out the lighter weight VP 380 engine for this one. Saves about 200lbs and has a broader torque curve vs the Merc big block due to the use of Variable Valve Timing.
  2. Toddavid

    Did I get the wrong pink antifreeze?

    Watch your temp gauge. When it stops climbing and starts dropping a little (easier to see that on a digital one), your t-stat has opened.
  3. Toddavid

    Hydrolocked Engine

    Don’t know what boat and motor you have, but I remember reading about how on some boats with 350MAG that rain water can drip into the engine bay and into the flame arrestor, and then though the throttle body and intake, filling the cylinders. I’d look for leaks in hatch seals above. Good luck.
  4. Toddavid

    Upper Chesapeake

    More mud and debris coming south, 12 dam gates opened yesterday. However, I’m on the Bohemia River right now, north of Turkey Point, and water is normal looking and free of debris, we’re “upwind” of the flow.
  5. Toddavid

    ChapaRobalo 300 OSX New Model Announced

    Yeah, unless you're boating in salt water, slipped full time, or are doing offshore fishing on a smaller hull where you need engine redundancy, there are just too many downsides to outboards vs upsides, IMO. Day boats are made for swimming and lounging, the platform is the best feature when on the hook.
  6. Toddavid

    ChapaRobalo 300 OSX New Model Announced

    The swinging helm seat is slick! And I never would have guessed there is a berth tucked in there, too! Wonder if they're planning on converting the 307 to this layout, with I/Os, there may be room for twins under the sunpad...
  7. Toddavid

    Tow vehicle break down?

    Thankful my truck picked today to break down, and not yesterday. Yesterday was a 6 hour torrential downpour tow from h e double l, Lake George to my house. Today was a sunny half day trip planned to the Chesapeake to drop the boat back off at my marina. Spend a couple hours on the hook and giving her a good cleaning, maybe some cold beers. Instead, something fuel injection related failed on the truck half way there, and a comedy of errors ensued while I scrambled to get the boat off the highway shoulder and to safety, including a slow tow down the shoulder and through a sketchy town with a uhaul box truck and a ball 5/8” too small. I have BoatUS and could have let them handle it, but I was solo and didn’t want to deal with the boat back at my house with a broken truck, so I decided to split them up. For future reference, how do they handle a truck and boat in a tow situation? Two flat beds? A flat bed and a hitch truck? Left at 9am, home by 8pm. But most importantly, the boat is safe at the marina.
  8. Happened to me on my last boat, 350 MAG, B3. Felt a whack at speed, thought it was hull slap on big wake, suddenly engine would rev, but boat not going forward with throttle. Figured I blew an engine coupler. Then I noticed the trim gauge showed the drive in fully up position. Stopped engine, lowered drive, restarted and all was good... for the next hundred hours until I sold it.
  9. Toddavid

    Trip to Lake George, NY: Full Circle

    5 years later, still humming the same tune:
  10. Toddavid

    Coolant temp at high speed?

    FWIW, I’m up at Lake George, NY for two weeks on my annual boating retreat. Water temps at 77f. 40mph sustained cruise for 1 min, 161f coolant temps, steady. 45mph sustained cruise for 1 min, 163f coolant temps, steady. That all seems normal to me, unsure what the heck is going on when operating on the Chesapeake. All I can think is that the magical crystal clear water up here flushed out my heat exchanger or manifolds. I regularly have to plow through less than 1ft of draft when at low tide coming into my marina on the Chesapeake, and probably was creating a sediment issue in the raw side of my cooling system.... I guess.
  11. Toddavid

    2019 277ssx purchase

    Consider resale ease and value when deleting a hot option like that. (... which Hatem already mentioned. D’oh.)
  12. Toddavid

    Upper Chesapeake

    I think the official count was 20 open gates at the peak. i picked a good weekend to pull the boat and take her up to Lake George!
  13. Toddavid

    DUKW " Duck" Boat Tragedy -17 die

    Maybe this is finally the end, nationally, of this “novel experiment.” After two separate fatal incidents here in Philly, one on land, and the others on water, they were shutdown in our market. My heart goes out to the victims.
  14. Toddavid

    Sea Deck

    243 is same as a 254. I know they have that pattern, had it on my old boat. Ask them to send you template for a 254.
  15. Toddavid

    Boat and Dog

    XL one of these for our 100lbs lab: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0081XILOU/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Once we reach our swimming destination for the day, we remove it, since he's more confident being able to put his hind legs on the bottom, and will play in the water for hours. If he can't stand, he starts paddling back to the boat. Handles on the jacket make it easier to lift him into the boat, but no jacket means I don't have to deal with lifting him into the boat as often. Catch 22.