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  1. Are you right clicking on the thumbnail and pasting the link that your computer can copy, or are you left clicking on the thumbnail and copying the link that Imgur provides?
  2. Set up a free image hosting account at https://imgur.com/ and copy the url it generates and paste it here.
  3. Correct, no for sale section here. I also have had best luck with Craigslist. No bites ever from BoatTrader.
  4. What’s up with all the water in the bilge? Looks like it’s been there for a while, too. I’d get to the bottom of that. Is it being stored outside on the hard? Did they leave the plug in? I once looked at a boat over the winter that the plug was left in by mistake, and when the engine cover was lifted, we were all surprised to find the engine basically submerged in water. Not saying that happened here, but that’s a lot of water for a storage situation in NH with all the freezing that happens up there.
  5. Consider getting inflatable ones instead. (talking about these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07368CDSM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 )
  6. The first generation Sunesta, pre-2008, has a relatively flat hull bottom, with just 16 degrees of deadrise. Deadrise is essentially the v-shape of the hull, and can speak to how it cuts through chop. The higher the number the better, in that regard. I had a 254, which is essentially a larger version of the 233, and now have a 264. 264 has a 22 degree deadrise. Night and day difference on how it handles chop. Less pounding with the 264. The 254 wasn’t miserable to live with, but I did slow down a heck of a lot more when it got choppy, vs my 264. Size wise and layout wise, 233 would be a great first boat, as long as you don’t expect to bring lots and lots of friends. However, where you boat plays a big part on what vessel you should consider for your first boat. A deck boat wouldn’t be a good choice for offshore use, for example. People have done it, but the freeboard up front is relatively low, compared to a traditional bow rider, so it is easier to take waves over the bow when the going gets rough.
  7. Yeah, I thought the 6.2l DI version was already in full production by 2017...
  8. Would like to clean up my DPS props. Who do y'all recommend?
  9. Wife and I kept coming back to the Sea Ray SLX 400, just like we did last year. They’ve executed the cross over concept better than anyone. For $600k, I guess they better have.
  10. Hit the NY show again today. We typically go on a Friday to avoid the crowds (we even take a boat to the show, ferry across the Hudson). Boy were there no crowds this year. Opened at noon instead of 10am, and by 5 when we left, it was basically as empty as when we arrived at noon. Usually the crush starts late in the afternoon. Wonder if that is an economic indicator. Saw Chap’s infinity step in person, looks solid. Opens and closes quickly. Also saw this craziness at the Cobalt booth. Built in water mat roller. Electrically controlled with built in inflator. So you don’t look unclassy hauling around your water toys.
  11. When I say rear of the manifolds, I am referring to the elbows/risers. When people do "manifold swaps", they swap the manifolds and elbows/risers as an assembly since they typically corrode at the same rate. Even though the manifolds themselves are now closed loop cooling, the elbows/risers are not, so the corrosion issue isn't fully eliminated.
  12. Technicality. In the past, it was always a manifold plus riser/elbow periodic replacement with raw water cooled exhaust, as an assembly. Now, the manifold is fresh water cooled, but the riser/elbow still isn't, so there is still the periodic inspection and replacement chore. They make it seem like all exhaust corrosion woes are a thing of the past, I say just some of the woes are.
  13. Mine is a GenIV, same as in that video. GenV spec (OP must not know that they are now 6.2L): https://www.volvopenta.com/marineleisure/en-en/news/2017/feb/volvo-penta-unveils-new-380-and-430-hp-v8-marine-gasoline-engine.html Raw water circuit on these closed cooling engines: http://www.volvopentastore.com/Seawater-System-Heat-Exchanger-To-Exhaust-Elbows/dm/cart_id.068103274--session_id.310207457--store_id.366--view_id.1227295
  14. GenV VP engine (380 and 430hp) is now 6.2l, for what it's worth. And the rear of the manifolds are still raw water cooled with the closed cooling design, on GenIV and V.
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