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  1. I have a 2005 310, nice boat. I have the 5.0 Volvo's.. so not the same powertrain. I consider my boat way under powered. Maybe the Merc's are better. I would do a survey and inspect the hull for issues. Its a good size boat and can be real comfy for 2 people, little tight for families.
  2. I will be bias to Lake Winni since that where I boat. Great water, great amenities and beautiful location. I have boated on Sebago as well. Great Lake as well. Not as much to do on shore. Your size Chap will be ok to trailer in on Sebago. It's more difficult for something over 25 ft. Lake Winni is better for trailering in my opinion. Rentals are not cheap on either Lake...
  3. Wow... all awesome ideas. Really helpful!! This why this forum is so valuable to have!! Thanks guys
  4. Hmmmm... good idea... worth checking into Thanks so much!
  5. I am connected to shore power when this happens... its a very weird problem. Everything connected to AC runs when on shore... everything connected to DC power is dead when I get on the boat. It seems something is drawing down the house battery til its basically dead, but the charger is not doing its job, charging anything on DC??!! Not sure why the issue happens if its connected to shore .. Even if something is drawing power form the house battery, would the charger, charge the house battery constantly while connected to 120AC? Thanks for helping with ideas to solve this!
  6. My 2005 Sig 310 is experiencing a strange battery issue. I had 3 new batteries replaced this spring, also the battery charger was replaced as well. If I leave the boat sitting for a week or so ( this past weekend was the first weekend on it for a few weeks) the house battery drains down dead. Not sure if its a battery problem ( all the connections were checked), charger issue ( new ProMariner ProNautic 1240P) ?? I can't see any other areas that might be a fault point... any one run into this before? I appreciate any expertise !!
  7. Still waiting for them to lift the boat out of the water.... but I am thinking it may be a prop shaft or some kind of drive issue. Just another fun thing to fix and write a check for..... I'll update as soon as I learn more.....
  8. I have 3 Blade Sola's... I do think the hub might be something to check out... I am having them yank the boat out so we can take a look....
  9. Is your Mid Bilge filling up as well?
  10. I am now having an issue on my port engine/Volvo 5.0/SX drive.... when I open up the throttle, I get very little bite, allot of rev from the engine and it seems like the prop is not doing its job very well. I suspecting a prop hub or issue with the drive itself...? just wanted to see if other Sig 310 owners have had any similar situation..? Anybody upgrade the props to a better model to get more bite? I appreciate any advice! Thanks!
  11. Finally fixed...went with the 1240P... so far seems to be the best choice! Thanks again for the expertise!
  12. Great advice guys.. Thanks... I will update when I get to the boat and replace !
  13. The other day , I learned that my charger crapped out because I would lose the radio & get dimmed lights while plugged into shore power. It is not charging the house battery anymore! Now I need a new charger, just wondering if there is one that can be installing in my Sig 310 that is a good replacement ? Maybe the ProMariner Pronautic 1230P? Thanks for any input!
  14. The Sigs are great cruisers... be careful of the storage compartments on the floor in the galley areas, they are also prone to getting wet/and have had issues where they need repairs!
  15. I have seen some dealers combine themselves together at a show with Chap... so really its one booth but 2-4 dealers that represent the region for Chap. Cheaper for booth costs and they get the foot traffic of a larger booth.
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