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  1. Sir, On my boat when we ski it won't take much to get the 11 year old up. But if you are loaded and have a grown up in back you will want to go full throttle and when they pop up cut back on the throttle a little at a time to around 15 or 20 mph (Grownup) 11yo 10 to 15 mph maybe depends on weight. They should give you a thumps up or down on how fast thay want to go. Also rope between the 2 skis and when he starts to get up just lean back. It will take a couple of times but after that it will be easy.
  2. Just one of those years. Randall
  3. Only in Utah... looks like someone is getting a new boat... http://www.ksl.com/index.php?sid=34980333&nid=148&title=5-stories-you-may-have-missed-this-weekend&s_cid=queue-18
  4. After looking at all the different options out there I went with the TowTector. Thanks Guys for all the inputs. Would of never of thought of this. Thanks, Randall
  5. Hello, My engine "8.2L Merc HO 430hp" here in Utah first year would hit 4900 rpm and have about 52mph. Now 3 years in it hits about 4800 rpm and gets about 47 mph. This happened after the first year, I just figured it was the computer self adjusting to the altitude. For your RPM's going that low something is wrong. You would think they would stay about 4800 - 5000. Not go that low...
  6. I use Willard or Pineview. This year it is all Pineview as Willard has very little water. The only thing bad about strawberry it's way to cold. I went there during the summer and the temps were reading 63 degrees...
  7. Yep, it is going to be a long drive. 4200 miles round trip. I took out all the insurance I could and had to up it for Florida as they require higher amounts. I should be fine the trailer is tandem axels 20 inch wheels and still new condition. The truck is a 2014 F350 Platinum with just over 10,000 miles. If I was ever going to do it, now is the time. I figure I can make it in 3 days from here. First stop will be New Mexico, Then all day in Texas. Pick up my brother on the far end of Texas he will drive the entire day into Florida. Randall
  8. Thanks for the tips downloaded radar scope... Randall
  9. I remember quite well as a kid growing up there. We would be on the lakes and it would roar in as fast as it roared out. So were the beaches late afternoon shower then would clear up.
  10. Cool thanks for the inputs. I plan to stay in St. Johns River most of the time and make a run into the ocean. Have never done it and at my age it's time! I do have all the right gear, 2 GPS / Chart plotters and fish finders, UHF radio with AIS and automatic alert if the boat was to sink will relay last know location. Just curious how big of waves the boat could take?? But I guess really any as long as you don't bury the front end coming off of a wave. Thanks, Randall
  11. Cool, thanks for the inputs... I can't wait to get down there just 26 days of work left... I really want to see what that engine can do at sea-level up here only get about 47 mph but close to 6000 feet in some of the places I go...
  12. Hello All, I'm taking my boat from Utah to Jacksonville Florida and was wondering if the seas kick up how high can it handle waves roughly? I have the 8.2L engine which is heavier, Does anyone know the boat weight as well as the draft? I tried doing a search but nothing came up. We have a lake called Bear lake and 4 people died on Monday due to water temp and there boat flipped which was a Nautique Sport with a 22 inch Draft. I do understand that if a storm does come up you want to be going into the wind at a 30 degree angle. Anything else I'm missing? Thanks, Randall
  13. Can't wait to hit Florida with mine. See what it will do at sea level, been in the mountains for way to long. I hope to hit the same speeds as you.
  14. On mine I wired a Camera for the engine bay, LED Lights in the engine bay, and a 7 inch screen on the dash. It turns on or off the power to all of this. I wanted to see the amount of water in the sump without having to open the engine bay every time. Also it allows me to have light at night in the engine bay.
  15. Posted a new video on you tube do a search for 2013 8.2L Merc 2500 rpm. I will be in Jacksonville, Florida in July...
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