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  1. That is a good idea! Thanks!
  2. It is actually a void behind the hinge. Thanks will give it a try!
  3. I have a 2001 230 SSI. It has the head with piano hinges. The piano hinges are pulling away from the fiberglass and making the holes bigger and ruining the fiberglass. It also causes the door to fall each time you pull it open and you have to pick it up in order to get it back into place where the door will close and be put into its seal. I have tried toggle bolts, putting epoxy in the holes and nothing has worked. Do anyone have a potential solution? Thanks for the help! 2001 Chaparral SSI 230
  4. I have a Chaparral 230 SSI 2001 with a Merc 350 in it. I had it out on the river this last weekend and the trim has been making some strange noises when we drop it in...also have seen some leaking of oil or something into the water when we put the trim down. We pulled it out yesterday and when we went to lower it to drain all of the water for invasive species requirements it would not lower. I am wondering if this is a hydrolic fluid issue or something larger? Anything specific I should check for?
  5. pulling the Pilot and has been fine...I don't go very far..mostly 2 miles or at the top end 80 miles.
  6. Hey all, I bit bullet! 20k, boat and trailer. Now I have to wait till the spring to use it!
  7. thanks all for the comments and insight...taking her for a test drive this Sunday pending the weather....
  8. I am considering purchasing a 2000 230 SSi, with 270 hours, 5.7 merc and steel propeller with a dual axel trailer. Fresh water, in Minnesota. I have a Honda Pilot 2012 with a towing package on it. A couple of questions: 1. Can I tow this boat with that truck? I have others personally tell me that they can tow a larger boat with this truck/SUV 2. What is a fair price for this boat? They are asking 19k for the boat and 2k for the trailer This is my first boat. Is this boat too large for a starter boat? Main usage on the St. Croix River in Wisconsin. Here are some pictures of it. Seems like a good boat, has a a pretty clean inside, a cover and overall in real nice shape.