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  1. Thanks...tried a couple of the suggested items, but still come up with the issues. I am giving up..I am due for new cover and considering a full cover vs. a snap...although I would have to leave the snaps on or it will cause additional expense of taking off and fixing. Any recommendations for full covers? Companies online? with Bimini?
  2. huhner

    Towing 285 SSI

    Yes it is the one in Duluth... and it is the one you have referenced on Craigslist... thanks for all of the info!!
  3. huhner

    Towing 285 SSI

    Thanks for the info on this topic... I am considering upgrading to the 285 SSI 2003...it comes with a trailer...see the pic of the boat on a new trailer . Trailer is a 2018 new Venture trailer... doesn't this look wrong? The stern should not be that far off of the end of the trailer right? I am assuming we can move the boat further to the tongue?
  4. Thanks all... sounds like there isn't really a solution other than washing!
  5. Forum team, I have a quick question...I have custom snap eyelets to allow my cover to be snapped into place along the whole boat... What drives me crazy is that these eyelets bleed all the time and then I end up having a grey/dirty residue onto the sides of my boat which I always have to polish up with polish or wax. Does anyone know how to get around this issue? Are there different kinds of snaps? Thanks in advance for your help. H
  6. Ok, thanks....I think I am going to stick with plain old carpet!
  7. ok, thanks! There is no replacement available via the dealership.
  8. Did you say a certain kind gets hot? Or a certain color??
  9. I am not sure...but the repair shop said it was fiberglass.
  10. Hey Everyone, Love the forum here as the information shared is invaluable! Question on a replacement part for a 2002 230SSi. On the aft of the SSI there is a fiberglass cover that goes over the vents for the blower. Mine fell off while I was trailering my boat and got really dinged up. I had a fiberglass shop quote me 700.00 to repair it... I said no way and I am now looking for a replacement. Anyone know where a place is to start looking for one?? Thanks in advance for the help!
  11. Good to know on the sizes.. I didn't know that. I have a GMC 1500 2017 with Tow package...I think I can go to 10k lbs. I could trailer as I am about a mile from the launch.
  12. awesome...will keep that in mind!! Thanks
  13. Thanks all. Brick to your point I would guess if we would stay on it and go to a longer destination we would want AC and a Generator. From what I can see the 2900 Signatures have this.
  14. I currently have a 2001 230 SSI. Love it, but my wife has given me the go ahead to look for an upgrade! Yeah BABY! Like I said, I love it and want something similar but bigger and possibly a cuddy. I live on the St. Croix river in WI and it is a great spot to chill for the whole weekend on a boat....with a larger boat we would probably do a slip on the river. We currently trailer our boat and I am not sure if we do a cuddy or not....I would sleep on there but not sure if my wife would! I was looking at the 310 Signature or the 290 Signature. Anyone have any thoughts on what boat to upgrade to and what year is the best? Looking to spend around 60K. My wants would be a larger back end for entertaining, a grill(which can be added) with a bathroom and larger than the one I have to handle the wakes on the river. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
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