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  1. We were in about 4 feet of water so not hitting any of the bottom. I'll post an update once I get a diagnosis.
  2. Thanks! What would cause the overheat? The boat wasn't running but a few minutes before this happened. Thanks again for the insight.
  3. Ok...so yesterday we were going to anchor up on Anclote Key near Tampa (2013 226 SSI with 105 hours). When we were about to anchor, the prop made an odd clanking sound while in neutral but worked fine in drive or reverse. So all was well. We anchored up and had a great day. When we were getting ready to leave, I started the boat and left it in neutral while we loaded the boat. The kids were onboard and I was grabbing chairs on the beach. When i got back to the boat the engine was off and it smelled like burnt rubber or that electrical smell. My daughter (who was on the boat) said an alarm went off so she turned the engine off. Long story short, I couldn't get it to start again although the gauges and electronics would come on...the engine would do nothing. Sea Tow came and took us to my marina. Any ideas on the issue? The smell was pretty strong and hung around long after we cut the engine. Never had any smoke though. Thanks for any insight!
  4. You were on the money! Thanks. Had the marina charge both batteries and she fired right up.
  5. The digital gauges come on but don't get a signal from the engine. For example the digital gauge for engine hours come on but no actual hours show up. Same for voltage. Thanks for all the help!
  6. I have 2 batteries, one of which was fine. Wouldn't that be enough to power the fuel pump even if the other is dead?
  7. My marina always flushes the engine, washes it down, turns off the battery and puts my 226 SSI high and dry. I've been happy with them so far. We put the boat in this morning and I noticed that they didn't turn my battery off (I have dual batteries) from the prior weekend. So one battery was completely dead. While I wasn't thrilled, I flipped to the other battery and tried to start the engine. It turned over but wouldn't fire. The marina mechanic came out looked at it and thought that the fuel pump wasn't getting any power. The motor is under warranty so the dealer is coming to get it next week to pick it up and make the needed repair. My question is this...would the battery being left on all week cause this or is it a wild coincidence? The boat is only 9 months old with about 30 hrs on the motor. Any thoughts?
  8. I'm hoping this weekend will be better. So far it looks like it will be.
  9. Jmiska, we didn't go out yesterday. I wanted to but decided against it with the strong winds. We were planning on going out to Anclote and 3 Rooker. That's what prompted my question here because I couldn't find the info I was looking for so I appreciate the help. Did you go out Sunday?
  10. Is there a centralized web site that any of you guys use to get updates on weather updates specific to boating? If I want to know about any small craft advisories, tides, currents, etc...is there a site dedicated to that? Thanks.
  11. JMiska, I'm in Tampa. Heading out to 3 rooker and maybe anclote this Sunday.
  12. Alright...I picked up the boat this morning. Here are a few pics. Great day today!
  13. Any opinions on insurance companies? I've gotten quotes from geico and progressive so far. Thanks.
  14. 2013 226 SSI WT. 5.0 260 hp mercruiser motor.
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