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  1. Yes it snapped the lower leg. Trying to figure out how to downsize photos where I can send them
  2. We were very fortunate that another boater saw it happen and his boat house/hoist was very close.
  3. Never thought of the fact that it could have been a stationary structure. Just went to the conclusion that it was a suspended object. I was guessing that it was a tree trunk maybe 12 inches in diameter. We boat on a TVA lake and they are constantly pushing and pulling the water here. Working on the pics. SONoftheBEACH
  4. 2004 220 SSI 5.7 Volvo Penta 5.7GXI DP engine/outdrive. Boat never fully sank. It was towed to a boat house and hoisted up till we could get truck and trailer to a private boat launch. The boat is now at a service center. The LEO's were not called. SONoftheBEACH
  5. While on the lake Friday afternoon we hit something very solid. The outdrive was severed from the boat and is laying in 9 foot of water. Anybody offer any advice on what to do or what to expect from repair shop or insurance company. Just had got the Monster Tower put on and never even got to use it, Thanks SONoftheBEACH
  6. Thanks for the picture. That gives me a good idea of what I am looking at. Great looking setup.
  7. All that reminds of me of a test my wife of 18 yrs took 20 yrs ago. I am kinda worried how this is gonna turn out. Thanks for the information.
  8. I am preparing to install a Monster Tower on my boat (2004 220 ssi) this weekend. Is there any tricks of the trade that can help in the removal of the side panels to attach the back brackets when I mount it. Any other advice that can be offered is appreciated. Thanks SON 2004 220 SSI 1989 196 XLC
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