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  1. The main channel is maintained by the Corp of Engineers and is clearly marked with the standard red and green barrels. Just stay in between and we are fine. The out of the channel sloughs that we boat in are large and have a consistent depth. The biggest hazard on the river are the floating logs. I am never sitting on my seat, always standing, so I can spot things early and hopefully avoid them. Haven't lost my outdrive in 27 years on the river, just a couple of chunks out of the cavitation plate. Lots of luck involved in that but I like to think some of my skills have helped.
  2. Did more boating this year than we have done in a very long time. My trailer had two of the four cross members crack, so I had the get the boat off of the trailer to have it welded. Got a slip on the river on June 30th for the season, which made it a very busy season. Not sure if it was the convenience of having the slip or just wanting to get our moneys worth. Also, the river cooperated, stayed within it's banks for the rest of the summer. Put 30 hours on her this year, which is alot for our boating habits which are mainly restaurant and bar hopping along the river with an occasional stop at the beach. Having a slip was nice, would have been better with a lift. Cleaning has been a chore. Maybe next season, we will see what happens over the next few months.
  3. Soo, does anyone know where the other end is??
  4. tomnjo


    Pfft! You can't see it and neither can no one else. Don't sweat it. It won't eat any holes in the bottom of the boat.
  5. Ok, so there's the end. Any idea where this wire with the plug originates from? That would go a long way in helping me find it.
  6. Mine does. The package that the thing came in says 2003 or later and my engine serial number falls within the specified range. Will try to locate the plug when I winterize.
  7. I think that is with a dry filter, isn't it??
  8. If it has a remote filter doesn't it drain back down? Even if it does, I'm sure there is some trapped inside, though.
  9. There is usually a little black thingy just hanging under the dash that is a little speaker. Its about the size of a thimble, maybe a little thicker, with two wires connected to it. Something like this....
  10. I already bought one and can't find the wire on mine, either. I think I found the same 10 pin wire near the flame arrester, but it doesn't fit.
  11. Sounds like you didn't get it all out. Were you on level ground? Also, if your extraction tube is too long the end of it may have bent and curled up slightly. I usually only get a gallon out of mine and I use the dipstick to check the level when I refill it.
  12. tomnjo

    Cockpit lighting

    We used to go to my old boss's house in the Little Niangua Arm. Not bad in there.
  13. tomnjo

    Cockpit lighting

    Actually we are river rats on the Mississippi River. Our little boat would get rocked at LOTO.
  14. tomnjo

    Cockpit lighting

    Steal away since your are keeping her, er mean, got her back. And did a repower. You and your boat are like a soap opera.
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