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  1. Engine was probably fine as long as your temp gauge was normal. You probably just had alot of heat accumulate in your engine compartment since you weren't moving.
  2. You're good. Got two marks like that on the bottom near the stern of my boat that were there when I bought it in 2012. Also came with two chunks out of the lower unit cavitation plate on my Alpha drive. All are still there. It's unusual not to see any blemishes on boats that frequent the river around here.
  3. Seems like it should enter from starboard and exit to port.
  4. SG, I just watched my wall access video on my YT channel and you are probably right. I can clearly see a hose on the starboard side but I can't spot anything on the port side.
  5. Mine is in storage, I will look next time I get down there.
  6. The 210 has the four round vents in two separate slots under the back edge of the sunpad. Left of the speaker in the pic....
  7. Interesting. I have never heard or seen any failures with them.
  8. They have Quick Cure 5200. Don't get it on your fingers. The name doesn't lie......
  9. We mainly boat on the river and there is always current, some days more than others. About the only thing my paddle would be good for is steering.
  10. I have had Smart Tabs on my 03 210 SS for 6 years and love them. Two things I immediately noticed was how the bow was being forced down on acceleration and the lack of bow wonder at idle speeds. There are no ill effects when backing, feels the same as before the tabs.
  11. Darn global warming. Huh? Wait.......
  12. tomnjo

    2003 210ss

    Make sure you take note of your WOT RPMs and speed, along with RPMs at cruising speed intervals, ie 30, 35, 40.
  13. tomnjo

    2003 210ss

    Alot depends of the prop. These are both 19 pitch four blade Merc props. The smaller looking one is a Merc Vensura and the larger one is a Merc Rev 4. Most people who choose the Rev 4 find that they need to pitch down because of the large blade area.
  14. tomnjo

    2003 210ss

    Your 350 MAG with 1.47 gears will be better off with a 19 pitch prop. A 21 may make it bog down out of the hole. Lower gear ratio require lower pitch props. I can run a 21 pitch on my 5.0 MPI with 1.62 gears but it does better with the 19. Also, prop material will perform differently. If you run an aluminum 21 pitch and switch to stainless, you usually need to go down to a 19. I actually have 2 19 pitch stainless props that perform a little different. Both will top out at 50 MPH, but one does it at 4800 RPMs and the other at 5000, so the latter has more slip. I use the first one if I have a light load for the day, 4 people or less, and the second one for anything over 4 people. As far as the sunpad goes, the underside of it is wood and the rear lip that the hing attaches to is fiberglass. If the fiberglass is cracked or the screws are stripped within it you nay have to reinforce it with something from the bottom or try to through bolt the hinge.
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