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  1. tomnjo

    Fuel cooler?

    Thanks Wing, was hoping you would chime in. I actually have the MPI with the Gen 2 cooler. Was asking for my brother.
  2. tomnjo

    Fuel cooler?

    Anyone, do the Merc 5.0 carbed engines have fuel coolers or is it just the fuel injected engines?
  3. tomnjo

    This is for Hatem

  4. tomnjo

    This is for Hatem

    Used the hiddens, looks sooo much better with those. Ended up with over 300 extras, my estimates were a bit off.
  5. tomnjo

    This is for Hatem

    Here yah go.....
  6. tomnjo

    This is for Hatem

    With all of the flooding, we have only been out once so far. Hope to make up for it in the coming weeks. The most time I have spent on anything this Spring and Summer was switching out my deck from wood to Trex. Got some pics of that.....
  7. tomnjo

    This is for Hatem

    Yeah, single prop has a bit of torque steer to one side. Kind of moves the boat diagonally.
  8. tomnjo

    Boat will not go over 20mph

    The fuel tank vent line isn't blocked, is it?
  9. tomnjo

    This is for Hatem

    Don't feel bad, SST. We finally got out for the first time this past Sunday. Rivers are still about 4 feet over flood but are now manageable. BTW, I don't EVEN try to back into a dock with my Alpha drive. That would end up being really ugly. Hey HG, like my new avatar?
  10. tomnjo

    2006 246 Prop swap and RPM drop question

    Can't believe they put a 5.0 in a boat that size....
  11. tomnjo

    This is for Hatem

    You were doing 30? Then accelerated past them?? Wow, you've come a long way, HG.
  12. I was going to mention your lines, too. Why do you have a red one? Maybe that's the port side line and you have a green one for starboard?
  13. Ah, diesel. I forget about that in boats. Don't come into contact with those that often. Lots of big yachts on the river here probably have them.
  14. I actually didn't realize VP was using the 5.3 for their 300-350HP engines. I knew they were using the 6.2. I went to their website and also see they are getting 280HP out of the top of the line 4.3 liter V-6. I have a new generation 4.3 in my work van and it is rated at 275HP and it does better than expected. That's quite a jump from the old 190 to 225HP last generation 4.3. HG, 4.2? You got me on that one.... GM had the 4.2 straight six in the Trailblazers but have never heard of a marine 4.2.
  15. 5.0 MPI Alpha in my little 210 SS. 30 MPH @ 3000 RPMs unless I'm going upstream, then I need about 3200 RPMs. Just the two of us with my larger prop. Biggest load I ever had was seven people, ran 35 MPH at 3800 RPMs with my smaller prop. Both are 19s, one just has a little more slip, better for getting larger loads out of the hole. Always 160 degrees.