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  1. tomnjo

    Please stop

    UT3CC FP33NV TSO3NV. Not sure what I just typed but I hope I cussed out the spammer.
  2. Quicksilver oil is made by Merc, so it is OK. Not sure if the EFI model calls for the synthetic blend, you may want to research that. They hold 4 quarts plus a smidge (less than a pint) with a dry oil filter. Just add till your dipstick is in range. The Alpha Gen 2 drive on that should use the Merc High Performance 90 wt. gear lube, the regular stuff is OK for outboards. I had a carbed version of the 5.0 near that year. It had 4 drain plugs. two were on each side of the engine block, very low. The other two were on the bottom of each exhaust manifold. There may be a 5th one on that EFI engine somewhere, I'm not sure. As far as antifreeze goes, you will find several methods that people use. I suck the antifreeze up through my muffs like you mentioned, then I drain it back out and leave it dry. If you drain, it's usually a good idea to disconnect the hose on the lower left side of your picture. There is usually a good deal of water left in there even with the plugs pulled.
  3. tomnjo


    This is my process with my 5.0. Has worked for me since I have owned the boat since 2012.
  4. We only ran 12 hours this season. Drained a couple of ounces out of mine into a clear cup, looked almost new. Won't change it till the end of 2020.
  5. 70s classic rock, we seem to migrate to more acoustic music as we get older, Eagles, Poco, America, and other music of that style. Don't get me wrong, we still listen to plenty of plugged in music, too. I have been and always will be an avid RUSH fan.
  6. I was also going to suggest steel wool. I used some on my chrome truck wheels that were pretty spotted up and they shined up really nice.
  7. tomnjo

    204 Ssi

    Lake of the Ozarks? I hope that 204 will be for use during the week unless you are at a Osage higher mile marker or in the Little Niangua or way up the Gravois Arms.
  8. We know you didn't steal a rub rail.
  9. It's not a Gen 2 at all. Too old. Not sure when the Bravos came out. The bottom pic is a speedo pick up for sure.
  10. I've been reading al of this back and forth and I do it this way, too. The only thing I additionally do is to drain the system through my single point drain when I'm done, leaving it dry. I have my valve switching system right at my muffs. I purge the antifreeze from my bucket down to the valve. I open the antifreeze valve and then gradually turn off the water valve. Not real slow, between 5 and 10 seconds. The antifreeze isn't any colder than the hose water for sure, probably warmer. Here's my set up...
  11. Environmentally safe. Can be discharged into a lake or on the ground.
  12. Would save alot of engines. The engine rebuilders would not like it. Maybe the stuff is out there and they are the ones keeping it from hitting the market. More money in engine replacements than anti freeze. (Just tongue in cheek here, saving Cyclops from making a post. )
  13. Hmm, interesting reads and theories here. I have the same set up as SST. Warm the engine, shut down, change oil and filter. Fire engine back up on new oil til it gets to temp on the muffs then use my valve to go immediately from water to antifreeze, then wait for said antifreeze to exit exhaust. The switch from water to antifreeze is pretty seamless. The only thing different I do after that is open the single point drain on my 5.0 and let all of the antifreeze drain out, leaving the block dry. I also subscribe to the "air don't freeze" theory and I hope that if there is anything still trapped inside, it is antifreeze.
  14. tomnjo

    2019 is a wrap

    Thanks Denny, you too. Meanwhile we do have a Stanley Cup to try to keep.
  15. tomnjo

    2019 is a wrap

    Yeah Denny, we were doing our best to support the local riverside businesses once the water receded. We ate lunch at the riverside bars and grills every time we went out, whereas before we may have packed a lunch instead. Their seasons were still cut way too short, many didn't even bother to open up this year. Hopefully they will be back in 2020. Now the river is rising again, not as high as the Spring but still enough to impact some of the fall tourist season.
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