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  1. There's a crap load of them out there. All of the 183s, 190s, and 210s of the 2002-2009 model years were made this way. Worst part of otherwise great boats. Not sure why Chaparral chose to bury the engines like they did.
  2. Here is a link for a video of a guy doing an 04 190 SSi, which is essentially the same boat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZZL8qECWvk Also, this is my solution for my 210 SS that has the same setup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zt6EFsM8MWM
  3. Drew, I was thinking the same thing as Ramo......
  4. Title of this thread sounds like a country song. I have been in the water at our marina without even thinking to check my transducer. Thought of this after the fact. I hear of more people getting hurt around private docks, though.
  5. On my old 5.0 carbed engine, I would pump the throttle a couple of times then put the throttle down about 1/3 of the way to start it. Like the old carbed cars, we used the pump the gas pedal a couple of times when before a cold start.
  6. Things happen for a reason. Had a deal locked up on an Ebbtide that fell through that led me to my Chap. Ebbtide was 4 hours away, my Chap was in town in my own backyard. My Chap is larger and has more power than the Ebbtide did, the latter was just 2 years newer.
  7. Shhhh, don't say the C word. Hopefully not, it's a 2016.
  8. Sounds like a belt issue. Check to see if it is tight and aligned on all of the pulleys and the tension wheel.
  9. Based on the condition of the interior, I would pass. I think the fact that the interior is soo trashed reflects on how the boat was cared for. You're Honda is rated too low to pull it, anyway. That boat will weigh 5500 to 6000 pounds on the trailer. Speaker of trailers, that boat should be on a tandem axle trailer, not a single axle like the one in the picture. As mentioned above, there are better boats out there.
  10. I love the smell of warm engine oil in the morning.........
  11. Or try to access the wires and jump them out before the switch.
  12. They haven't made that model for years so I highly doubt if you will ever find one.
  13. This looks like it. The guy in the video describes having the same problem when starting the boat as you do. https://leadersrpmshop.com/mercury-new-oem-neutral-safety-switch-harness-87-822198a2/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlPjKrcXi6QIVEb7ACh3qQwwAEAsYCyABEgJyLfD_BwE
  14. Looks like it could be a pain to get to but Youtube is your friend.
  15. Yogi, you should wear a Speedo. They don't drip as much and wearing them may keep the kids in the water.
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