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  1. Like brick said, a 220 or even an older 216 could be a viable alternative. Also a 2003 and newer 210 has the same hull as the old 2130.
  2. Now for the the long drumroll.........
  3. I'm betting there isn't much space under there due to the drop down inside the cabin. Also if you do open it up, keep in mind, the area underneath is not finished. Lots of unfinished wood and fiberglass.
  4. Can the liner be backed with something? I used pieces of 3/4 inch PVC board with my 6x9s. Also, is the area flat enough?
  5. What about swapping your 8 inch bench seat speakers for 8 inch subs?
  6. BTW, plastic tub was green Rubbermaid. Matched the boat.
  7. Black and silver. Secondary colors.
  8. I hear ya. Wasn't sure how you used it. My old boat had fillers, stayed in 100% off the time but we used the space to stash a plastic tub with snacks, etc.
  9. Wish I had a 220 so I could be more helpful. OK, just wish I had a 220. Didn't realize you had a bow filler. Did you ever consider putting a tube down there?
  10. Installed in the boat. There are several other choices on ebay, just search "marine steering wheels."
  11. Got this one off of ebay for my 2003 210SS. If you notice there are six Allen screws in the middle that will screw into the existing part of the boat wheel. If you pop the center cap off of the factory wheel you will see them. No need to pull the shaft or anything off of it. Just one note, the two bottom spindles are just plastic. Kind of cheesy but they won't rust.!63026!US!-1&vxp=mtr
  12. Don't think it's big enough for a head.....
  13. Saw you on the camper forum, Paul.
  14. Congrats Brick, sounds nice. Still contemplating something ourselves. In fact we have plans to go to an RV show in a couple of weeks. No boat show this year for us.
  15. Reminds me of a serious version of the Rodney Dangerfield yacht driving scene from Caddyshack.