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  1. Use a RAM mount here if it's a 2004 or earlier...
  2. Shown in the beginning of this video. The 183 SS became the 190 SSi in 2004 but was essentially the same boat.
  3. So, if I am reading this right, you put 10 gallons in and then 25? Isn't that 35 total? 2x35=70. You may have just been sucking some stale gas into the engine. Put some additive into your tank and use as much of that tank as you can before refueling.
  4. Old thread, but I have an update. Gave up on finding the plug since it was at the end of last season. Was installing my batteries back in today and thought I would resume the search. Did some research online and someone on this forum from a 3 year old thread described where he found his (Jminz, http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?/topic/38352-vessel-view-mobile-on-50mpi/ )as well as someone on another boating forum with the same year engine. Started feeling around in the areas described and found some wires leading down the rear port side of the engine. Of course you can't see squat, as
  5. Slave solenoid? Do you hear any clicking noises?
  6. I have always had car head units in my boats. The one head unit that I had that did fail, was a marine unit. I think they are just car stereos that are painted white with an upcharge. (jk) I think it is more important to get marine grade speakers.
  7. Have never heard of a factory speed rating. There is a maximum HP rating on the label with the weight and passenger limits.
  8. We have a 2003 5.0 MPI Alpha. I wouldn't worry about the cooler temps, ours runs a bit cooler early in the season, too. Poke a hole in the filter and drain the oil out of the crankcase before you remove the filter. That will help but it will still be a little messy. Lay an old rag underneath it.
  9. Is that what everyone is talking about on this thread??
  10. I have the same engine. I winterize for several months and I fill the drained block and manifolds with antifreeze one at a time, then drain them through the single point drain separately. Kind of reassures me that none of the drain hose connections are clogged. Good luck with the little blue plug. Mine is broken and stuck in the hole. I just pull the top hose to vent it.
  11. The main channel is maintained by the Corp of Engineers and is clearly marked with the standard red and green barrels. Just stay in between and we are fine. The out of the channel sloughs that we boat in are large and have a consistent depth. The biggest hazard on the river are the floating logs. I am never sitting on my seat, always standing, so I can spot things early and hopefully avoid them. Haven't lost my outdrive in 27 years on the river, just a couple of chunks out of the cavitation plate. Lots of luck involved in that but I like to think some of my skills have helped.
  12. Did more boating this year than we have done in a very long time. My trailer had two of the four cross members crack, so I had the get the boat off of the trailer to have it welded. Got a slip on the river on June 30th for the season, which made it a very busy season. Not sure if it was the convenience of having the slip or just wanting to get our moneys worth. Also, the river cooperated, stayed within it's banks for the rest of the summer. Put 30 hours on her this year, which is alot for our boating habits which are mainly restaurant and bar hopping along the river with an occasional stop at
  13. Soo, does anyone know where the other end is??
  14. tomnjo


    Pfft! You can't see it and neither can no one else. Don't sweat it. It won't eat any holes in the bottom of the boat.
  15. Ok, so there's the end. Any idea where this wire with the plug originates from? That would go a long way in helping me find it.
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