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  1. tomnjo

    Bow Cooler

    I keep my beach shoes in mine. The two in my transom have propane bottles for my grill in one, Frisbees and a football in the other. The one in the dash is full of our can koozies.
  2. tomnjo

    1996 1935 sst 4.3

    I think Chaprider copies and pastes that same reply for 90s boats. I do agree with most of what he says, though. My 03 has the usual wood stringers and bulkheads in the hull but hardly anything from the floor on up. The only thing that comes to mind is the carpeted covered bench seat frame, the divider wall between the engine and cockpit, and the side panels along the gunwales. Wood floors can become a big headache. I will say that a wood floor boat has better sound insulation.
  3. tomnjo

    Use for transom tilt switch?

    Removed the dry rotted and broken radio remote from my 210 SS when I bought it and put a transom trim switch in it's place. Being a trailer boater, I wouldn't be without one.
  4. tomnjo

    Attaching the ladder to boat

    Another thought. What about these? Or maybe some other type of anchors. Fill the holes with a buttload of 5200 and maybe even use some sort of adhesive on he ladder frame to go with it.
  5. tomnjo

    Attaching the ladder to boat

    Crap. It's sooo hard to get to that area. The ladder definitely needs to be through bolted with large washers. How big is the angled section? Is it large enough to install a small deckplate to give you access? This is the ladder compartment on my 210 SS. I had to install a deckplate inside so I could access the inside of the transom area to through bolt my swimplatform brackets. Also installed one inside the port side transom storage locker.
  6. tomnjo

    best prop for 1997 Chaparral 1935 SS

    They've had them for awhile. Probably 8-10 years now.
  7. tomnjo

    5.0 MPI misfire

    I hear ya, Denny.
  8. tomnjo

    Wearing Shoes on Customer's Boat

  9. tomnjo

    best prop for 1997 Chaparral 1935 SS

    Stiletto Props and Turbo Props are both made by Precision Propeller Co. which Yamaha does indeed own. I have run Turbos on my last two boats. Nice props.
  10. tomnjo

    5.0 MPI misfire

    Mine runs around 155 to 160 which I think is normal for the MPIs. I think the stat is a 140 or 150. Don't go any cooler. Too cool will screw with the ECM and it will dump too much gas into the cylinders, causing a whole new set of problems.
  11. tomnjo

    5.0 MPI misfire

    Yeah, a tad for an MPI. My old 5.0 carbed engine used to run 175 til I changed to a cooler tstat to try to combat it running on. You didn't mention if there was a new impeller installed, might be worth a try. Every new boat I have bought, the impeller was always changed right away. That way I know.......
  12. tomnjo

    5.0 MPI misfire

    Hmm, my 5.0 MPI runs 155 to 160. Not that 175 is overly hot but maybe it's the result of low raw water pressure. I wonder if you could have a restriction or blockage in the fuel vent hose. Maybe a short or loose connection in the kill switch by the throttle. Gremlins?
  13. Sounds like a carbed engine with 220 HP. I would go with an 18 pitch 4 blade stainless steel.
  14. tomnjo

    Single brakes in tandem axle

    My old Crownline 202 on a tandem axle Prestige trailer had drums on the front axle. My Chap 210 SS trailer has drums on the rear tandem axle. Chap trailer is adjustable and not custom for the boat and stops fine behind my Ram 1500. Towed my old CL with an 02 Explorer with no stopping issues. I'm in MO. As a side note, CL 202s that were sold in Kansas only had single axle trailers. Like others have said, it really can vary state to state.
  15. tomnjo

    Lube leak

    +1. Mine came out of the two little holes at the leading edge of the outdrive just above the cavitation plate.