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  1. tomnjo

    SEM Marine Vinyl Coating

  2. tomnjo

    SEM Marine Vinyl Coating

    Cool. When you said deep, I just thought the worst. I have some rope burns on one side of my sunpad, below the edge of the deck, that are down to the burlap. Haven't done anything to them as they are only visible when the sunpad is lifted.
  3. tomnjo

    What's your favorite dish on the water?

    Burgers and dogs.....
  4. tomnjo

    How do we clean up spammers?

    Well, I guess I could use some essay writing help.
  5. tomnjo

    How do we clean up spammers?

    Here we go again.
  6. Denny, how often do you treat that teak? Daily? Man, that looks good.
  7. tomnjo

    Wave Height and Safe Boating

    33 ft.? I will never know...
  8. tomnjo

    SEM Marine Vinyl Coating

    Is it down to the burlap looking backing?
  9. tomnjo

    How do we clean up spammers?

    Apparently the forum had to be shut down and cleaned.
  10. tomnjo

    SEM Marine Vinyl Coating

    If it's wore down to the backing, the coating will just cover the backing. I think it will eventually crack and wear off.
  11. Wingnut, was I right about the years? I have found several different year spans on the net, what I posted above seemed to be the most consistent.
  12. I think cool fuel 2 ended in 04. From what I have found out is the 05 to 07 cool fuel 3s were the problem ones with the paint.
  13. tomnjo

    Beach Reboarding Ladder (Bow)

    I wonder if the ladder extends far enough down to get into the water for access.
  14. tomnjo

    2 alarm beeps every minute: FIXED!!!

    Glad you got it sorted out. Where do you usually boat? Probably mentioned it before, but this is a busy forum and I am not getting any younger.
  15. tomnjo

    I'm Outa Here...

    Not commenting here about tariffs and global economics here, which I seriously don't know anything about , but the Aussie guy had only complained about getting hit with high shipping costs and the exchange rate. Isn't the exchange rate the AUS $ vs. the US $. If our dollar is worth more, that's where I understood that his loss was. Right now AUS Dollar is worth 71 cents US. As far as shipping goes, US to Australia? Can't imagine what those rates are. Anyway, does any of this have to do with tariffs? Not being a smart a$$ or debate this or anything, I'm just a dumb pipefitter, it's just a question. I complain about the cost of genuine parts and shipping to my home, and I'm in the middle of the whole darn country! I blame UPS and Fed Ex.