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  1. Wow, thanks.
  2. Why are they being recalled?
  3. I didn't realize the trim gauge is part of the 4 in 1. That stinks. I'm thinking I like the separate gauges better.....
  4. I am betting that it's the wires from the sender to the gauge. They are probably rotted out where they go from the gauge through the transom. The reason I say this is because my boat has never trimmed up since I have had the boat. I can use the trailer mode on the switch to trim up, which on my 03 is just clicking the switch up harder and is not a big deal. The reason for my trim up not working is due to a bad trim limit sender on the left side of the outdrive. Well, I opened the sender up and checked it and it was fine. While doing so, I found that the wires were so brittle, they were just flaking apart. Luckily, my trim gauge still works so I know how high I am trimmed and I don't go too high. There are some vids on Youtube of how to run the wires without removing the drive but it looks like real pain. I would do as you said and replace the wires when you do the bellows. That being said, you may as well replace the senders at that time, too.
  5. +1 On the Soft Scrub. Also, I wonder if The Works toilet bowl cleaner will work. I know those stains aren't the same as hull grime but you never know.....
  6. Lambchop, don't you also have a cracked block? You really like living on the edge...... Doesn't that figure, though? You correct one thing, even if it is by questionable means, and something else happens that pretty much negates what you did. Sounds like my luck.....
  7. Have never seen him steer anyone wrong, for sure. He does have a good background....
  8. Yogi, Yogi, your doing it all wrong. Proper winterization requires a move to Florida. FWIW, you are alot more detailed than I am. Of course I have a 14 year old boat. I just add fuel stabilizer, warm it up, change the engine and outdrive oils, restart and run for another 15 minutes or so, then drain all the water. I use my single point drain and after that pull off just about every hose and leave them disconnected and pull the blue plug out off of the round thingy at the bottom that Brick replaced earlier in the year. No anti freeze. Have been doing it this way forever without a problem. I would rather use the Florida method, though..........
  9. IDK, if it actually works you are only talking about another 1-2 MPH at WOT. How often are you at that speed???
  10. Not as much fun doing mods, either.
  11. I just have the shop grease the coupler when I have the alignment checked. I just fog through the fuel filter method. Works for me. Of course I just drain the block for winter, too. Use the single point and after that pull a bunch of hoses off. Funny thing is that II never get much additional water out of any of the hoses. I put a center support made of a scrap piece of starboard on the rear of my wood bench support. Of course, I did it after all of the pics I already posted. I will dig one up and post it tomorrow.
  12. Well, I will throw in my two cents. Old boat was a 1999 CL 202BR with a carbed 5.0 Alpha drive. Current boat is my 2003 Chap 210 SS with a 5.0 MPI Alpha. The Chap performs better, but that is due mainly to the MPI engine. The Chap is only four inches longer but sits higher out of the water. Deadrise is 20 degrees vs.16 on the CL. The Chap hull design is better but I have to give the finish of the hull and especially the deck to the CL. The Chap rides much better through rough water. I liked the interior design of the CL but finishes were cheaper. Plastic dashes covered with vinyl vs. fiberglass, felt backed vinyl on the seats, overall not as robust as the Chap finishes. The CL did have better engine assess than my Chap, but that can vary by model. Keep in mind, my CL was made in the late nineties and it was a different company then. I think they were regarded as a better quality boat back then. Many of the finishes are still similar but as the years pass, they are less recognizable from the old CLs, as are the newer Chaps from the old ones, for that matter. You can take a factory tour of the CL plant in West Frankfort. I know of a few people who have gone there and have seen their boat being built.
  13. Looks like there is still room in there for mine. How much for winter storage? Glad it worked out for you. One question. Are the bench seat cushions on the 05 hinged?
  14. 220 is a great boat. A 350 MAG would be desirable but sometimes you have to take what you can get in a used boat unless you are willing to drive long distances.
  15. Are these outboard powered?