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  1. tomnjo

    Engine Coupler Greasing

    I saw that, too. I thought maybe he moved it out of the way for some reason, although I don't know out of the way of what.
  2. I feel the same way. But still not six figures.
  3. tomnjo

    Chaparral construction

    Whoa, those are purdy.
  4. Rams 31 Pats 27. Since everyone else is picking the Pats, that is my prediction. If I'm right, I'll look like a genius.
  5. tomnjo

    How I envy you guys with large garages....

    We didn't have it too bad here in STL. Just a 48 hour cold snap. Got down to -3 air temps one morning, I think it was -35 wind chill. This weekend it is going to get into the 60s with thunderstorms on Monday. Go figure.
  6. tomnjo

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    Not our Youtube Channel but we are off of the starboard bow of this boat at the 21 second mark and we are pulling away at the 54 second mark. Found it by accident just looking at river videos wishing for summer.
  7. Will be at work during the game. Doesn't matter, I'm a hockey fan first.
  8. I agree on the 244. Go back and forth a bit on price. Maybe your wife can throw in some customer discounts.
  9. I wonder if they are located in North Carolina?
  10. tomnjo

    How I envy you guys with large garages....

    When I heard about the amount of snow we were about to get, I should have gone to the boat and put my snap on Sunbrella cockpit cover under my full cover. I think I would have avoided disaster if I would have.
  11. tomnjo

    Just ordered my first drone

    I'm waiting for beaming.
  12. tomnjo

    Just ordered my first drone

    So some kid that is good at video games will be my pilot? I'll drive myself.
  13. tomnjo

    Just ordered my first drone

    Been doing some other research. I have two hospitals within 5 miles of a couple of areas that I may be flying. Called both and explained why I was calling and was directed to their security departments and was given their numbers to call when I fly. I am on the very outer fringes of both of these hospitals, so it's not like I'm going to be in the way. Just want to follow the rules. There is an airport by the river where I plan to fly. Called the number and it is only answered Monday through Friday. So I guess I can call Friday and leave a message for the weekend. I'm more concerned about the airport anyway, since it sits in the cornfields only a couple of miles away from the beach area of the river.