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  1. Agree with the last two posts. The ramp we use at Table Rock is a 75 degree angle. OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it is much steeper than our river ramps and we have to adjust accordingly.
  2. That did come to mind but we are usually only making trash when we are anchored out or beached. Usually it's just one lift, maybe two depending on how long we are there. Lifting the sunpad does keep my biceps looking good. (We probably need to make more trash)
  3. We power and winch. Usually the trailer is in far enough just to see the top of the front of the fender. I power the boat up to within 3 feet of the winch, cut the engine and raise the outdrive, then winch it the last 3 feet as the Admiral backs the tow vehicle further down, if needed.
  4. I have a can in a wire rack hovering over the engine under the sunpad. The sunpad closes tightly on top of the can so nothing can spill out. The wire rack swings out of the way for access to the engine.
  5. I just boxed mine.....
  6. Maybe one of these.
  7. But Duane, you have an RV in your bow.......
  8. Holy cow!! I would like to see him back that down the ramp.......
  9. Rivers are flooding here, can't boat. The RV alternative is looking pretty good right now..... If we do switch to RVing, this is what we are leaning toward.
  10. Oh yeah. We went from a CL 202 to our Chap 210. The 210 is alot better than the 202 so the 230 will be like night and day.
  11. Ha! Didn't see the double post.....
  12. Check your outdrive fluid reservoir. If the fluid is low it will alarm as the boat is getting up on plane and stop when the boat is leveled out.
  13. My 210 did not come with doors but there was alot of space to be accessed. I bought two aftermarket doors and installed them myself. It really wasn't a big deal. I used a jigsaw with a fine blade, masked off the line with regular masking tape, and had the shop vac on hand to clean up the mess as it happened. Here is a link to a slide show of how I did it.....
  14. Bought a transom mount transducer to replace my through hull depth sounder one that shot craps on my 210SS. Mounted here. No interference from the prop although I did have to lower it a bit to make better contact with the water, just a matter of sliding the bracket down. The outer half of it was making contact, the inner half wasn't. The hull angle is a little tricky there.
  15. This has been neat to follow. So, by the looks of things, your fuel tank is where the ski locker used to be. Will you have access to the area where the fuel tank used to be for storage or are you closing it all in? Also, every boat I have owned spews gas at the pump if I lock the pump handle. If I lock the handle on a slower fill, it does much better.