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  1. I would take the SSi but I never fish. I think you are making a sound decision for your needs.
  2. I just saw that on the specs. Surprised to see that on a 19 ft. boat. Definitely lightens the load. Sure makes shopping for a tow vehicle easy.
  3. Just doesn't work......
  4. I'm with you guys.......
  5. Wow, quite a difference from NM.
  6. Really? I thought your 1900 would be heavier. That is quite a difference between the two. Especially being close to the same length. Drew is right about the liner and I think the 186 hull is a bit taller. Still, 1000 pounds?
  7. I feel the same way about our 210SS. We are usually just 2 to 4, though. All adults.
  8. I linked my new signiature pic to something I posted on our facebook river page. Can't do that everytime though, I guess.
  9. Not sure if you saw this link in my earlier post. They are in Joplin MO, not sure how far south you are from the border.
  10. If you decide to go new, I have been scoping these guys out.
  11. I have never seen a 2.0 ratio on anything other than a 4 cylinder. Kind of weird. Are you in a high altitude? That's the only reason I could think them using of that combo. All that being said, you will need a higher 22 or 23 pitch prop. I know boats with 4.3s and 1.8s typically will use 21 pitch props.
  12. Well that blows. Honestly though, you won't find a new trailer for a couple of thousand and used ones you see out there are very used and won't fit your boat.
  13. ChapaHarrier? Cool pic..
  14. Just FB messaged the guy that used to run Prestige trailers. He said the axle was from Reliable Tool and Machine in Kendallville IN.