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  1. More than you think. In the left side I have four fenders and a bathroom waste basket with my docklines inside. In the right side I have a dry storage tub, my BBQ grill, a first aid kit, and my emergency prop. You won't get skis or anything like that in there, though. All of that space can be accessed from under the bowseat cushions but you can't use the vertical space in there very well from under those. It's one of the best mods I made. My Youtube vid on it....
  2. Just got back from my boat, took some measurements. I haven't had any skis for awhile so I wasn't sure of the length and the bench seat has a slight curve to it, but it turns out, not as much as I thought. Here's what I have..... Boat length on trailer.....26 ft. 2 inches. Height at windshield with jack cranked all the way down.....76 inches. Bench seat.....Opening is 62"x8.5" in the middle to 7.5" at the outside edges. Inside it is 72"x12" in the middle and 11" at the outside edges. It is 13" deep throughout. Ski locker.....The opening is 20.5" wide by 32.5 inches long. Inside under the lip of the opening it is 29 inches wide and 12 inches deep in the middle and 10 inches deep along the edges. I extended my tape measure forward past all of my stuff stored inside and it was greater than 8 ft. long. There is a wood support somewhere along the top under the bow walkthrough area that takes away from the depth at that point. Skis will slide under it with no problem, though.
  3. Not sure about the bench but with the center cushion that is removable, it stands to reason there is a a step there. I didn't realize that the 220 has a narrower ski locker. I think mine is about 22 inches wide. Storage goes all the way up under the bow, I have lost things up there. You can slide skis way forward and keep the wakeboards in the back. TBH, storing skis under my bench would be a challenge. The opening is slightly curved but I think one pair and one slalom would fit OK. I has no snaps visible, so yeah no covers. I keep a full on mine anyway but it is stored outside. It does have pull up cleats which they don't all have. Just found this. At 36 seconds on this video it shows whats under the bench seat removable center cushion. Looks like it's also removable......
  4. Just looked at the contact info. It's by Kentucky lake just east of Paris Tn. Just no decent direct way to get there from your location.
  5. Crap, I had to go back and read all the posts. The scratched one was in Little Rock, right? I was thinking it was the Memphis on the whole time. I think that one looks pretty good. I'm guessing it's a 3 to 3 1/2 drive from you depending on what part of town it's in.
  6. If that lake has shores like Table Rock, I get it. There is no place to beach a boat there, rocks and gravel. I know Kinkaid is the same. I beach ours on Alton Pool all of the time. The beaches are sand above the surface but the sand becomes soft silty mud below the surface where the hull is in contact. My hull gets stained, which I clean off, but not scratched.
  7. Looks like just some gelcoat is gone. No too bad. I guess this guy was a river boater but didn't have any sandy beaches. His add states that the carpet was never used so that's a good thing. No river mud stains. That's why I have the vinyl floor now. This weekend is going to be summer like. Are you going to be out?
  8. Well SG, what did you buy?
  9. We are hockey fans. Never seem to be out on the boat during a hockey game, though. We did make a long playoff run into May a couple of years back and got close......
  10. True soldier. I can move mine maybe a foot either way when I hook it up, but have to hold it in place, otherwise is springs back to the original spot. Has been the same with my last two boats, similar trailers and boat sizes.
  11. Well, we had two NFL teams leave our town so you know how I feel......
  12. Whaaat?? I thought Texans lived for football.
  13. Need more info, like engine size and drive type, with drive ratio number.
  14. Off of our transom at Evansville.......
  15. I thought there was a ramp in the little harbor at SG..... Do you ferry across the Mississippi?