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  1. tomnjo

    Here we go again! Boat off trailer!

    That looks like my truck. I'm just kind of happy see that it can withstand the weight of a large boat on its roof. Not that I plan on testing it....
  2. tomnjo

    DUKW " Duck" Boat Tragedy -17 die

    The paddle wheel boat was moored at it's dock. The route of the duck boats take it right past the dock for the paddlewheeler, which may or may not be there. The ducks are only in the water for a short time and distance, maybe a mile or so. I took this trip many years ago and it all seemed safe, but the lake was calm. Weather was definitely the cause of this accident but the big question will be if the company saw and/or paid any attention to the weather warnings that were in the area at the time. I also saw that there was a mechanical problem during this trip with the duck ahead of this one, which delayed both ducks from entering the water.
  3. tomnjo

    Smell Gas When Starting

    I was thinking the same thing but leaning more toward the spark side of things. Fuel not igniting right away for whatever reason.
  4. tomnjo

    Smell Gas When Starting

    I think the OP recently had some engine work done, if i remember correctly. May want to start with the mechanics who did the work.
  5. tomnjo

    Smell Gas When Starting

    I do the same as Sean. While sniffing I also look to make sure there is no water leaking in before I back it off of the trailer. Blower stays on till I leave the harbor.
  6. tomnjo

    CRAParral Never buy!

    HG, your not up to the Cyclops designation....yet.
  7. tomnjo

    removing windshield for garage storage

    When I garaged my old boat, is used to back it in till to top of the windshield was as far in as I could get it while hooked to the tow vehicle. I would then disconnect it, lower the jack all the way down, then push it in the rest of the way by hand. Shouldn't be to hard to do with an 1830.
  8. The only thing I can add is to maybe keep the plug out while it is parked. At least any rain than may get to the bilge can exit. Also, what type of cover do you have?
  9. tomnjo

    Paddle Board

    I switched from canoeing to motor boats years ago so I would not have to paddle anymore.
  10. tomnjo

    Random thought: I just don't get this design.

    That is pretty weird!
  11. tomnjo

    Still here.... Checking in

    Better late than never, Keith. Also, sorry for your loss. Dedicate this boating season to your mom.
  12. Dennis, that's all of that Chicago sewage cooking on your drive.
  13. tomnjo

    Affixing / Replacing Emblem

    Futz, I have always had good luck with Marine Goop. I use it for things on the boat and for alot of things around the house. It's not an instant set but holds well after it cures.
  14. tomnjo

    5.0 mercruiser alarm and heat issue

    My old carbed 5.0 ran 175 to 180 all the time. Never alarmed, though. I ended up putting a cooler tstat in it to try to help with running on issues it had. Brought it down to 160.
  15. tomnjo

    LOTO Boaters

    Matt. coming from your direction, I would still go 70 to 54. Towing on I-70 is much friendlier than it is on I-44. Lot's of hills.