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  1. tomnjo

    CRAParral Never buy!

    HG, your not up to the Cyclops designation....yet.
  2. tomnjo

    removing windshield for garage storage

    When I garaged my old boat, is used to back it in till to top of the windshield was as far in as I could get it while hooked to the tow vehicle. I would then disconnect it, lower the jack all the way down, then push it in the rest of the way by hand. Shouldn't be to hard to do with an 1830.
  3. The only thing I can add is to maybe keep the plug out while it is parked. At least any rain than may get to the bilge can exit. Also, what type of cover do you have?
  4. tomnjo

    Paddle Board

    I switched from canoeing to motor boats years ago so I would not have to paddle anymore.
  5. tomnjo

    Random thought: I just don't get this design.

    That is pretty weird!
  6. tomnjo

    Still here.... Checking in

    Better late than never, Keith. Also, sorry for your loss. Dedicate this boating season to your mom.
  7. Dennis, that's all of that Chicago sewage cooking on your drive.
  8. tomnjo

    Affixing / Replacing Emblem

    Futz, I have always had good luck with Marine Goop. I use it for things on the boat and for alot of things around the house. It's not an instant set but holds well after it cures.
  9. tomnjo

    5.0 mercruiser alarm and heat issue

    My old carbed 5.0 ran 175 to 180 all the time. Never alarmed, though. I ended up putting a cooler tstat in it to try to help with running on issues it had. Brought it down to 160.
  10. tomnjo

    LOTO Boaters

    Matt. coming from your direction, I would still go 70 to 54. Towing on I-70 is much friendlier than it is on I-44. Lot's of hills.
  11. tomnjo

    5.0 mercruiser alarm and heat issue

    Everyone, what is good temp for the rises and manifolds, anyway? I finally remembered to take my IR gun on the boat with me today. It's always in my truck so I can check my trailer hubs. My risers were just over 100 degrees and my manifolds were right at 160. My temp gauge always reads 155 so it seems like everything is on the money.
  12. tomnjo

    5.0 mercruiser alarm and heat issue

    Try unplugging the wires to the gear lube reservoir. I don't think the alarm will sound with it unplugged. It will at least eliminate that as the source of the alarm. Is your engine a carb or MPI?
  13. tomnjo

    Bilge stays on

    My float has stuck a few times on mine. There wasn't even any water in the bilge, I just drove up the ramp or the steep hill to my house and it was enough to activate it. I just give it a poke with one of my cover poles to stop it.
  14. Another leak possibility. Mine leaks a tiny bit of drive oil from the bottom of the reservoir where the wires for the float sensor are attached. Noticed a drop of gear oil hanging from one of the wires. Not very much but it loses about 1/2 to 3/4 inch per season.
  15. tomnjo

    Cooler recommendations

    48 quart Coleman. Two 1.5 deer bags of ice, one dumped, the other one kept in the bag almost like a block. Keep it under the sunpad right next to the engine. Still has ice in it at the end of the day. Go figure. We are just day boaters and never overnight so it works.
  16. tomnjo

    Bow Cooler

    I keep my beach shoes in mine. The two in my transom have propane bottles for my grill in one, Frisbees and a football in the other. The one in the dash is full of our can koozies.
  17. tomnjo

    1996 1935 sst 4.3

    I think Chaprider copies and pastes that same reply for 90s boats. I do agree with most of what he says, though. My 03 has the usual wood stringers and bulkheads in the hull but hardly anything from the floor on up. The only thing that comes to mind is the carpeted covered bench seat frame, the divider wall between the engine and cockpit, and the side panels along the gunwales. Wood floors can become a big headache. I will say that a wood floor boat has better sound insulation.
  18. tomnjo

    Use for transom tilt switch?

    Removed the dry rotted and broken radio remote from my 210 SS when I bought it and put a transom trim switch in it's place. Being a trailer boater, I wouldn't be without one.
  19. tomnjo

    Attaching the ladder to boat

    Another thought. What about these? Or maybe some other type of anchors. Fill the holes with a buttload of 5200 and maybe even use some sort of adhesive on he ladder frame to go with it.
  20. tomnjo

    Attaching the ladder to boat

    Crap. It's sooo hard to get to that area. The ladder definitely needs to be through bolted with large washers. How big is the angled section? Is it large enough to install a small deckplate to give you access? This is the ladder compartment on my 210 SS. I had to install a deckplate inside so I could access the inside of the transom area to through bolt my swimplatform brackets. Also installed one inside the port side transom storage locker.
  21. tomnjo

    best prop for 1997 Chaparral 1935 SS

    They've had them for awhile. Probably 8-10 years now.
  22. tomnjo

    5.0 MPI misfire

    I hear ya, Denny.
  23. tomnjo

    Wearing Shoes on Customer's Boat

  24. tomnjo

    best prop for 1997 Chaparral 1935 SS

    Stiletto Props and Turbo Props are both made by Precision Propeller Co. which Yamaha does indeed own. I have run Turbos on my last two boats. Nice props.
  25. tomnjo

    5.0 MPI misfire

    Mine runs around 155 to 160 which I think is normal for the MPIs. I think the stat is a 140 or 150. Don't go any cooler. Too cool will screw with the ECM and it will dump too much gas into the cylinders, causing a whole new set of problems.