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  1. 54 is 50 on mine. I'm accurate up to 30. After that 36 is 35, 42 is 40.
  2. Another 50.
  3. So that's where the yellow started!
  4. My mom bought a 1979 Supra, first year they came out. She went to the Bahamas for vacation. Tom had a fun week after HS graduation.....
  5. What about on the wakeboard racks of a tower. That would get some looks...
  6. That will work anytime!
  7. I can't believe they still don't put a stern light socket in the deck if you have a tower or arch with an upper light. Not like it's a high dollar item. I guess if someone removes the tower for some reason, it's up to them to put one in.
  8. Well, I'm never parking my boat near yours!!
  9. We had some tornadic weather in our area last night. I think Spring is finally here.
  10. I laughed, too. Then I thought about it for a minute..........then laughed again.
  11. No problem. Google search is weird. Sometimes you can put in too much info, sometimes a key word or phrase will do it. In this case it was "Carling contura switches with red bulbs." Left out the II and the V. I guess that was too specific, who knows.
  12. Gotcha. So you lenses are white like mine but the bulbs underneath are red. Mine are actually green bulbs under the white lens but the bottom bulb is red when the switch is activated. So you have two red bulbs? Like this one?
  13. Is this it?? If it is there are some on this ebay page, too.
  14. Dang, the skis are even waxed up.
  15. When I swapped out my horn switch for a cockpit light switch, I found a pretty good assortment on eBay.
  16. I grill burgers and dogs on my Coleman in the bow. But more often than that we just go out to eat.
  17. I don't think he puts it in the water. Just leaves it on the lift and waxes it every weekend. He does have a pic of him skiing. Funny, you don't see what he is skiing behind. Probably that POS Four Winns docked next to him.
  18. That's too bad. He doesn't have the right color life jackets, either.
  19. There's some sort of white haze above your exhaust pipe in that pic.
  20. +1 on the Onedrive. A little tricky to figure out how to embed pics at first, but once you do it a few times it's no big deal.
  21. Check your bellows for cracks since it was stored with the drive up. Also, make sure your exhaust bellow did not slip off of one end for the same reason.
  22. Not a cruiser owner but from the standpoint of the engines, WOT is 5000 RPMs assuming they are MPI engines. That means you are cruising (long distances?) at 80% of your max. That can't be good in the long run. I wouldn't want to cruise over 3500 RPMs at whatever speed that gives you.
  23. For sure. I even put LEDs on my POS trailer.
  24. +1. My Chap had issues. It was 9 years old when I bought it. The red gelcoat on the starboard side and transom was faded. The PO kept it under a carport and the sun was more prevalent in those areas. The second time I looked at it I brought some rubbing compound and with the owners permission I tried it out. It made an immediate difference although I knew it would need more time. Also, the drivers bucket seat had a small cut in the vinyl from the ski locker door closing on it because it wasn't straight. Learned then that if the buckets are angled on their base the ski locker door will catch them. One last thing was that the cavitation plate on the outdrive had a couple of chunks missing. I knew the PO used the boat on the river and my old CL actually had a larger chunk missing. It's a pretty normal occurrence on the river, the prop churns up longs and they will knock off chunks of the cavitation plate. The outdrive on my old boat was healthy and still is to this day as is the one on my Chap. They are both just a bit lighter.
  25. Doesn't sound bad. Looks like it had diamond graphics? I wouldn't dwell on those.