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  1. Just replaced mine on my 1996 Signature 25 which is the 260. I had factory 7000 BTU and replaced it with Dometic 8000 BTU A/C and Heat unit. I have had it for 6 weeks and love it, much quieter than the original and does a perfect job, I strongly suggest this as they no longer make the 7000 models. Have had no problems with humidity. Yes, it is in the storage area of th act cabin.
  2. Meant to ask is it a Mercury,
  3. Kid it is a Mercury out drive the pilot hole is likely plugged up with debris, you will need to use a very small drill bit to clean it out by hand. You can YouTube the procedure.
  4. There is an ON/OFF switch inside the refrigerator, should be in the upper right hand corner. If you're running the boat engine you should be fine with it on. It should be on a deep cycle house battery and be fine for several hours is you leave it on.
  5. You can't fix stupid, and people wonder why we give them a bad rap!
  6. While doing all of that, replace the rubber fuel line from the tank to the engine. I had an issue a couple years ago and turned out to be that any load on the engine would cause the rubber fuel line to close off like a straw. End of my fuel problems and an inexpensive fix. My boat is a 1996 so the age of your fuel line is about the same as when I was having issues.
  7. Fire away and welcome!
  8. You should have 2 shorter legs, not sure if I would call it a bed but more of a lay flat sun lounger that gives you a flat area between the stern seat and the other seat.
  9. Ditto on Westland covers, I have their full mooring cover for my 260, although I don't use it much, it is great quality and fits great!
  10. If you PM me, I will send you a picture of where it is, on the starboard side, 1' back from the bow, should have a white plastic grill over it
  11. You can gain access to the horn through the anchor locker, I would unplug it and use a meter to see if you have power to the horn, most likely your horn is bad. Replacement horn is AFI Phase II drop-in hidden horn, they have them at West Marine
  12. I have bought numerous times from I Boats, find them to be very competitive on pricing and quick shipping
  13. Should be under your steps in the cabin
  14. No, you need it out of the water to check and drain.
  15. Have you checked the level in the drive itself? That is the first thing to check.