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    Please stop

    What is happening to our site, this is for Chaparral boats, take the computer and other related topics to another site. If you've got a Chaparral great, if you do and like computers great, but leave the software, printer, and all other stuff off. Show some respect
  2. Pgeiser

    How I envy you guys with large garages....

    Tom, I was at our harbor yesterday, Yacht Club of St. Louis. There are some fingers of one dock that are under water but no damage to any boats. If we continue use melting today and tomorrow they should be above water. I'm on a hoist in a 32' slip that ha slips facing each other so we have no problem at all. I'm still hoping for an early spring. You need to consider getting out of the storage lot and in a slip with a hoist, you will find that you will be able to boat more than double or triple what you are doing now.
  3. Pgeiser

    How I envy you guys with large garages....

    Tom,. I live in O'Fallon and highly recommend Mark's Upholstery in O'Fallon, he makes outstanding covers.
  4. Pgeiser

    New H2O sport

    I also want to thank you for your service, we live in the best nation in the world because of our service people. I never served and that is probably my only regret in my 68 years, thank you so much for serving this great nation.
  5. Pgeiser

    New H2O sport

    Watching a special on TV about President Bush 41 while scanning the website. Phillbo needs to take a lesson from Bush and many others, if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything. I'm not sure why you would write that but it's discouraging that you try to rain on Iraq69's happy day. He may have the greatest and best one they ever made, if not, he will make it that way. Iraq69, beautiful boat, hope you have many wonderful times on it, I have the greatest time on the water and at the dock with my family, the grandkids love being with grandpa on the boat and they look forward to it. I've always found that dealers and other businesses will do their very best to work with you if you treat them with respect. Wishing you happy times on your boat!!!!!!
  6. Pgeiser

    Galley Faucet Signature 260

    Has anyone replaced the galley faucet on Signature 260? If so, does the refrigerator have to come out or can access be attained thru the side of the galley where I have a recessed storage shelf which I use for koozies. Thanks, this is the only faucet without good water pressure and I am thinking the retractable hose has maybe collapsed.
  7. Pgeiser

    Galley Faucet Signature 260

    Thanks so much, did you use marine faucet or generic one from Home Depot or other place. If marine faucet, do you recall make or model thanks, I am sure I have the same type of access point.
  8. Pgeiser

    Galley Faucet Signature 260

    Thanks, screens are clean and I even soaked the entire sprayer assembly in CLR with no better performance. I am thinking it probably has a collapsed hose or obstruction.
  9. Pgeiser

    Drain fresh water tank?

    I use a product I get at Walmart in their RV supplies aisle, it is a liquid water treatment, 1oz. does 20 gallons and works great, think the brand starts with a C
  10. Pgeiser

    fuel issues 1994 sunesta 220 i.o.

    I would suggest you also replace the rubber fuel line from tank to filter, mine was the cause of my issues several years ago. Quick and easy to replace plus the rubber is definitely bad by now.
  11. I'd be more worried about the weight, you are probably looking at several hundred pounds on the bow, you may be plowing a lot of water.
  12. Pgeiser

    What is the best boat lift on the market today?

    Definitely stick with Hydro Hoist, I have an 8000 pound lift that is almost 20 years old, still works perfect
  13. Pgeiser

    1/2" x 10' Navy blue dock line with loop?

    I have purchased lines from the company listed below at the St. Louis boat shows for the past several years, have bought mooring lines of various lengths and matching lines for my 8" Taylor Made Big B fenders. They have the loop you want, are machine washable, do not get stiff or hard, and come in many colors and sizes. They will cut them to any size you want, have a nice big loop to work with. Horizons Ltd. 858-C Davis Dr. Conywrs, GA 800-969-4583 horizonsltd.com
  14. Pgeiser

    Shout out for your favorite lake or river

    Mississippi River in St. Louis between Alton Dam and Winfield Dam, also the Illinois River and Grafton, IL. Grafton Marina has beautiful facilities and the town is fantastic with beautiful wineries.
  15. Pgeiser

    Help me rig the new boat

    I know this will only stir things up but what is the big deal about using the bathroom, that's what it is meant for. I don't understand why people say only in an emergency, you gotta go, you gotta go, they are built to be used. Let people use them and you will have a much more pleasant outing. My family and grandkids use ours all the time, I pump it out, clean it and we have many more hours on the boat. Going to the bathroom is part of life, it all cleans up. My 1996 is spotless, many people ask how old it is, cleaning a boat is a way for me to relax, let them use the bathroom and enjoy the boat the way it is meant to be used. Please don't go nuts with replies, I just can't imagine telling my guests that they have to hold it as long as possible. I even allow dock neighbors to use mine if they don't have one on their boat so they don't have to walk to the restrooms. Enjoy the new boat, go with 1/2" dock lines
  16. Pgeiser

    shore power cord vs. 110 extension cord

    Any problems caused by using an incorrect cord become yours, would hate to see a fire started because of this. The problem is you could end up destroying others boats which none of us want to do. I would either use the proper cord or discontinue the use of an extension cord, they can fail for a number of reasons.
  17. Pgeiser

    97 Chaparral Signature-25

    I have a 1996 model with 7.4 Bravo III, love everything about the boat, really no problems at all except normal wear items. I did recently replace my reverse cycle a/c and heat. My biggest concern would be that it has sat so long, depends on a lot of variables. As far as price, sounds good but really needs a lot of preventive maintenance and how handy you are.
  18. Pgeiser

    Need Info on a 27' 1993 Signature

    I suggest replacing the fuel line from the tank to the engine, should be about 3-4' in length, you will spend a few deer and save many issues. The rubber hose dries out and let's black specks like pepper that will create many running issues. The rubber fuel line will also collapse and cause issues.
  19. Pgeiser

    Chaparral Signature 300 AC/Heater Controls

    If the panel is a Cruisair SMX II which it probably is, contact Flight Systems. Does it have a button labeled heat? If so and changing to heat does not turn it on, you may have a bad touchpad, they rebuild them or sell new ones. Also, the reversing valve may be stuck on the unit, they can walk you through what you need to do. Google Flight Systems
  20. Pgeiser

    Correct size AC unit for Signature 260

    Just replaced mine on my 1996 Signature 25 which is the 260. I had factory 7000 BTU and replaced it with Dometic 8000 BTU A/C and Heat unit. I have had it for 6 weeks and love it, much quieter than the original and does a perfect job, I strongly suggest this as they no longer make the 7000 models. Have had no problems with humidity. Yes, it is in the storage area of th act cabin.
  21. Pgeiser

    Speedometer on 2004 Signature 240 not working?

    Meant to ask is it a Mercury,
  22. Pgeiser

    Speedometer on 2004 Signature 240 not working?

    Kid it is a Mercury out drive the pilot hole is likely plugged up with debris, you will need to use a very small drill bit to clean it out by hand. You can YouTube the procedure.
  23. Pgeiser

    AC/DC Isotherm fridge shutoff while under DC power?

    There is an ON/OFF switch inside the refrigerator, should be in the upper right hand corner. If you're running the boat engine you should be fine with it on. It should be on a deep cycle house battery and be fine for several hours is you leave it on.
  24. Pgeiser

    Lacking brain cells

    You can't fix stupid, and people wonder why we give them a bad rap!
  25. Pgeiser

    5.7 Mercruiser stalling out and dying

    While doing all of that, replace the rubber fuel line from the tank to the engine. I had an issue a couple years ago and turned out to be that any load on the engine would cause the rubber fuel line to close off like a straw. End of my fuel problems and an inexpensive fix. My boat is a 1996 so the age of your fuel line is about the same as when I was having issues.