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    Boating Michigan's UP
  1. have a couple of questions for the group, picked up the 264.... love it can't wait till spring now. I have two questions though, wondering if anyone knows where I can buy the wakeboard brackets for my arch, and two are there any secrets to updating profile pics or posting pics? trying to upload on the new (to me) Sunesta......
  2. Yep Arch, I think 08 was the first year for the sunesta design change to include it... not positve... dumb question any secrets to downloading a pic to update my profile pic? Cant seem to get any to load from my laptop
  3. thanks for the advice everyone, now I'm hoping the weather will cooperate, going to be pulling back to Colorado, can't wait for boating season to begin again......... I will post some pictures of her when we pic her up. Craig
  4. Hi everyone, just purchased a 264 Sunesta, and was wondering about trailering, I pick it up next week and was wondering what is the best way to travel with the arch, up or colapsed? It's a 600mile trip? any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks
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