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    2007 chaparral 310 Signature 5.7 Volvo DPS-A 1.95 Kohler 5ECD Gen

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  1. Captbc

    What Chaparral Model and year do you own

    Hi Bill I just bought a 07 310 sig w 5.7 volvos. Sold my 260 signature last week. so glad that it is a great boat looking forward to spring
  2. Hi


    I just bought a 2007  310 signature and it has no gps/fishfinder in it 

    What would be the largest  size garmin  I could flush mount in it.

    What size and model did chap use on that year  310 ?


    Thank you in advance

  3. Captbc

    Purchased 2001 260 signature

    Thanks Richard, I will do some searching. Funny ski season is coming but I cannot wait till it is over this year and get back in the water.
  4. Captbc

    What Chaparral Model and year do you own

    2001 260 signature 5.7 MPI Bravo 3
  5. Captbc

    Purchased 2001 260 signature

    Hello Owners Club Finally got back into boating a couple of months ago. Found a used 260 Chap signature that needed a new Bravo 3 upper and lower drive but only 170 hrs.. Did the new drives and all that goes with and finally got the ratio correct I think ? Mercruiser 5.7 MPI Bravo 3 running 24 P props and getting 4,800 rpm @ wot 45 mph Does that sound correct ? my friends say I should be running 22 P props ? The previous owher said it came with the 24P. It does take a little while to get over the hump but I am used to having faster lighter boats previously. Im in NJ and she is put away now but I did get to run a tank of fuel thru her. Looking for a windlass also does anyone know what one chap puts in it stock ? I am looking at a horizon 500 that appears will fit it ???? Thanks in advance for any help or info. Brian .