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  1. Hi I have a 07 310 w 5.7 volvo dual props and the same exaxt problem and I am a mechanic, It was the fuel injector screens were clogged I pulled them gave to a friend he tested removed old screens cleaned new screens . I replaced and the boat ran better than ever almost 45 mph low on fuel. only different ailment I had was the engine was backfiring thru intake some
  2. Hi Sean


    I have a 310  and am going to make a fwd sunpad but hve a question

    How thick is it ? I have to get  closed cell foam but  do not know  how thick  to buy 

    They dont make it anymore for a 07 310 signature  now


    Thanks in advance

  3. Also have 65 psi fuel pressure pumps replaced in spring
  4. HAVING trouble getting on plane then found port eng would not go above 3.000 rpm engine running rich idling rough replaced fuel filters and iac valve engine has 3 beeps when put in on pos now usually has 2. but has no beeps when running 5.7 gi volvo dps any ideas would be appreciated
  5. Hi Bill I just bought a 07 310 sig w 5.7 volvos. Sold my 260 signature last week. so glad that it is a great boat looking forward to spring
  6. Hi


    I just bought a 2007  310 signature and it has no gps/fishfinder in it 

    What would be the largest  size garmin  I could flush mount in it.

    What size and model did chap use on that year  310 ?


    Thank you in advance

  7. Thanks Richard, I will do some searching. Funny ski season is coming but I cannot wait till it is over this year and get back in the water.
  8. Hello Owners Club Finally got back into boating a couple of months ago. Found a used 260 Chap signature that needed a new Bravo 3 upper and lower drive but only 170 hrs.. Did the new drives and all that goes with and finally got the ratio correct I think ? Mercruiser 5.7 MPI Bravo 3 running 24 P props and getting 4,800 rpm @ wot 45 mph Does that sound correct ? my friends say I should be running 22 P props ? The previous owher said it came with the 24P. It does take a little while to get over the hump but I am used to having faster lighter boats previously. Im in NJ and she is put away now b
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