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  1. Any of these letters still available? I could use 2 R's
  2. The aft and fwd bilge pump breakers are located on the battery switches themselves, they are red buttons and are clearly marked. Found them today.
  3. There is a fuse panel below the wheel which I've accessed by lying on the deck and looking up, it's well marked but there isn't a sump fuse there, and all of the fuses are ATC type and test fine. On my boat all of the power in lines are marked as well, a few were doubled up and I haven't separated them to see if the line is hidden, but again, there aren't any blown fuses there (anyway).
  4. I'm embarrassed to say that on my boat it's the 3rd switch on the right side of the panel which is opposite where I'd have expected it to be, as the bilge switches are on the left, thanks all for the pointers. From the manual switch the pump is working, I still can't find any fuse to the sump float or forward bilge float as those should be powered independently. Nothing behind the battery switches in the ec, there must be a fuse somewhere and as everything is well id'd it's rather surprising.
  5. thanks - I'd like to see the picture, i'm going to check the panel, and you might be correct, I don't recall seeing a switch there, this boat replaced my Sea Ray which was a victim of Sandy. I can't imagine that the float is tied to this as it just tripped as did the one in the forward bilge which is automatic. I'm hoping that there is a fuse or breaker that drives both in the engine compartment below the battery selector switch though, which would make sense.
  6. I wish that I had that switch! I was going to look up at the bus on the back side of the battery switches next. BTW - the vents that are on the starboard aft side - what is inside your boat to block rain water from being driven thru the cut outs and into the engine compartment? In this boat there isn't anything other that an oval hole cut in the shelf that's there. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
  7. That's correct, the shower pump is located below the cushion port side aft cabin, there is no power coming thru the wires as I cut them and put a meter to them with no readings at all. The wiring is run thru those black corrugated harnesses and this branches off from the harness which runs across the fuel tanks and above the holding tank.
  8. I have an Aft Bilge switch and a Forward bilge switch on the panel, but no main sump switch that I'm aware of, thanks.
  9. Hi, I own a 2000 Signature 300 which is making me crazy trying to find the fuse location for the shower pump. I had a problem with the F bilge which I replaced and found that the shower box had some water in the box. When I gave it a nudge it turned the float switch on and the stopped almost immediately. It seems that now there isn't any power coming in and I can't find a fuse that would energize this line. I've found an f bilge and an a bilge fuse in the engine compartment, but nothing that would match the s.pump tag on the line in. Anybody have any ideas? Theres nothing on the fuse box un
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