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  1. First car owned: 1981 Dodge Colt RS with twin stick transmission 8 forward gears and 2 reverse First car used regularly 1969 VW Squareback automatic. Slow as #$^% First boat 1971 17' Cobia Bowrider with a 1988 125 Force outboard
  2. Did you ever find a solution to this? We had a strong fuel smell while running our Koehler generator too while running A/C . It was very noticeable outside of the boat approaching from the rear.
  3. Interesting, i've never noticed those signs before, and i have definitely parked for at least 3 hours there to go bicycle riding. It's been a long time since i've trailered a boat to the ramp, so i'm not sure. That is a very entertaining ramp as it is one of the only ones I know of in the area that are free to use. I'll try to check around about the trailer limit.
  4. That's Columbia Island Marina. There you to be an entrance to the Pentagon called the River Entrance. My Dad told me stories about taking a boat across the river from Bolling AFB (now the runways are inactive) to the River Entrance at the Pentagon.
  5. Gravelly Point is an awesome place to watch planes from! Sometimes it seems like you can almost reach up and touch the planes!
  6. I've anchored somewhere just off that area without any hassles before. As you can tell, the channel there is over against the opposite shore from the airport. You can get just a little ways out of the channel and still be a pretty good distance from the airport. No guarantee that a Coast Guard or DC boat won't come check you out though.
  7. Sounds like a great trip! You were in my neck of the woods on the Potomac. If you really wanted to be closer to everything in DC, you could have gone all of the way up to the new Wharf area in DC itself. A couple of hotels right on site, and others nearby. National Harbor is nice though. We had a plan b like you one time trying to go to St. Michaels. We made the turn at Point Lookout and felt like we were on Deadliest Catch. Our plan B was to turn around and head home and drive to St. Michaels. Right before you pulled out at Sweden Point on the Mattawoman, you should have gone straight across the river to the tiki bar at Tim's! Glad you had a good time and made it home safe. Mike
  8. Tidal gives good advise on this topic. I boat in the same area and as mentioned, there are many days that this commute would not be possible on the Potomac. Several times in the last few years the river has been frozen over for some time. A lot of the land on the Maryland side across from Mt. Vernon is owned by the group that owns Mt. Vernon and has the land in some type of protective easement that prevents building on it. https://www.mountvernon.org/preservation/viewshed/timeline/ My guess is the OP is looking up more towards Fort Washington for property. The amenities available in that portion of PG county are much more limited than in Virginia. I would also be concerned with the cost and availability of docking in Old Town. Rip, where were some of the other posts about this?
  9. Greg, Sounds like a great trip that we hope to do someday. We currently boat in VA, and vacation near you in Florida where we have done some boating, but need to do the whole trip in between. Glad you had good weather and did all of your planning for going outside when you could. Mike
  10. Awesome! I'm glad I could help! I definitely get that way too. My boat is under shrinkwrap at the marina, and I need to head down and start some chores, but haven't been down yet. Got in the mood today by going to a boat show. Mike
  11. Hi, we have the same dinette and it was the same color until we reupholstered last winter with a very slightly different color. If I remember correctly, we had to do the following to get it out (it's 3 pieces if I remember correctly. In the cabinet to the right there are some screws attached to it that were easy to get to and see. On the left side, we had to take out the drawer assembly under the vberth, and then there were some really long screws at an angle that attached to the backrest. I think the the center piece was not actually attached, but wedged between the other two.
  12. Drew, I think all of the boats you're looking at are good boats. The only one I've had personal experience with is the Sea Ray 250 Sundancer and I already gave you my opinion on that one on the other board. I was always interested in the Doral's, but there was never one for sale near me to look at while I was looking. That was pre bankruptcy though, so a different situation. A couple other boats you might want to consider are the Larson Cabrio 240 and 260 and the Wellcraft Martinique 2400 and 2600. They're similar to the other ones on your list. Mike
  13. Did you replace these with the ones from the hardware hut? I'm curious as to how they have worked out. Mike
  14. Stimpy, I wonder if it's possible to find a used door somewhere. http://www.usedboatequipment.com/boat-salvage-yards/
  15. Those look good. Let me know how they turn out!
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