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  1. Bearings are important! However ALWAYS check your lug nuts before and after long trips. I had a tire serviced for a nail approx 700 miles from home. I barely had a rim left when I returned home. If you have a tire serviced, check it 40 miles after servicing!
  2. They all try to find a way around the system. I am a die hard bronco fan and season ticket holder. I am not trying to hate on the Patriots but the broncos tried cheating the whole salary cap system in the Shanahan days. They paid a price on fines and draft pick(s). They just need to quit getting caught!
  3. Tim, I have my originally Bimini set and am looking for a Chap owner in need of it. It was only used for 1/2 season. If u can private message me we could arrange a small amount of change. It's a black Bimini and it has the chap logo on the boot. Looking for a good owner for it. Once we put our tower on we now have a custom bumini. Rich Littell
  4. We just got our 246 out for the first time this year...still very cold and rainy in Colorado! Our 246 is now on year 3 and its running very well! Lake Powell is only 3 weeks away!
  5. Jeffreydc, what year is your boat.? Chaparral has replaced my fuel sending unit 2 times already. For our 246 they had a hard time as they had to drill a significantly large hole beneath the battery storage area. Its been a while, but others have been having similar issues. If your boat is relatively new it may be worth talking with a local dealer. Good luck.
  6. Thanks everyone for your input. I am unfortunately living in an apartment for about 4 more months and won't have access to use my old driveway. Thanks for the advice. I will definitely make sure that all the items get crossed off the list before they provide the service. For now I will start replacing the impeller and checking the impeller. All valuable advice!
  7. Nice boat! Congrats and good luck on the launch.
  8. Here's our Samson. We love it so far. Samson mentioned to me that they can do custom towers based on your model. But it does come at a price. Our Samson I think was in the 3200 ish range. Good luck.
  9. Congrats on the new boat! Look forward to seeing some pictures.
  10. 246inColorado

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  11. Nice ride... if you are looking into a tower, we have a Samson tower just made for the 246. Good luck on the first dip!
  12. Hi owners, I am nearing 100 hours on our 2012 Chap 246 and I wanted to ask the experienced what I should ask for. Typically when someone asks for 500.00+ deer for this service, I want to know what I should be asking for, and what detail should I clear up before paying, and the list of items that should be checked off by the dealer. I do tow a lot, and my biggest interests are in whether the engine is fully seated and secured. Any other suggestions I what I should have the dealer clarify on this service? I intentionally did not have the drive service done before the last full dry winterize
  13. Hi J@J York, Being a native of Colorado and boating for a decade or so, my wife and I love the ability to have no ties to one lake. However there's a price: lots of towing! The great news is that you will be close to pueblo, which I think is one the nicer and larger lakes in Colorado. You may want to look into slip rentals at pueblo if you want to leave on water. Pueblo is the last lake in Colorado that circulates the water in the winter. If your trailer is in good condition for towing and your boat is easily trailerable I would say keep it. There's one primary dealer in Pueblo West that
  14. WERE BOOKED!!!! Thanks Futzin' and ScottC for all the suggestions. We have officially decided to stay just off Indian Point at a small campgound called Tall Pines! Our group will be out and about boating on the Branson side of the lake from July 6th through the 12th and we are slipping at Indian Point Marina If either or any others have any hookups/roundups on lake during this time ( and would like to entertain other Chap owners) let me know! We are very excited and I look forward to the journey. I have read up on all the Missouri boating laws and can comply 100%, however didn't see any in
  15. Very interested in outcome as well. Let me know if you have any other issues, in particular, fuel descender. My boat is going to the shop again this weekend to repair #2 fuel issue. My boat is in great running order, however the computer thinks its out of gas! Good luck.
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