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  1. Ratze

    Time to Sell

    Wife and I had a long talk about that. We will need to take a hit. But a new used is will be much less and cross off needs like...Porto pot. and deep v to get out on less then perfect days.
  2. Ratze

    Time to Sell

    Loaded 19 Sport chap H20 (220 MPI, 12x12 Lenco Tabs, 741xs with downvue, sidevue, and chirp, Board Racks, and 6 Rock Launchers. Had fun cruzing and outfitting but time to move to a 22 center console. Hope I can seel mine before winter hits. Any tips??? Looking at a used Robalo R220 2007+ or Sailfish 218 or 23'
  3. Ratze

    Bloster broken

    I have a 2013 19 sport with dule flipup bolsters. Hit som chop with bottom bolster fliped up and SNAP. the internal plastic broke. No rips or tares to vynal and I have not takin the seat off or apart, Anyone have this happen or have advise. I have to fix. But not sure its good Idea to repace with oem part sice it might just break again. Seems like the smart idea would be to have this internal part made of alluminum. But how? Hmmmm.....
  4. Good work!!! I should have put my GPS on that side to ....Looks good.
  5. I can try to remember to take a screenshot of display this weekend. Im running the DownVue, SideView Trans. and a through hull brass chirp. Use the chirp the most.
  6. My fule gauge was stuck secound season also. ended up being a bad float design in the tank. Was covered and replaced.
  7. Not sure. Dont know how it works? Just does. At leaset I think it does. perhaps ther is a mor technical guy here that will wheigh in?
  8. Underway even the downview sidvue seems to work pretty good. But I tend to use the thru hull garmin chirp. Perhaps Ill clime under and take a pic of that one day.
  9. Side and down are perfectly clear. No issues. I like it where it is. I can sit on transome and reach down while in water to fold up and down by hand. If it were in the resessed cavitey you would not have that ability. also If stern touches botom Id rather the unit not hit first. If were tubing I keep it folded up. I have a through hull chirp that i installed in place of the stock depth unit. It by far trumps the downview as far as resolution and detail. So I depent on that underway for water temp and depth.
  10. Mine it right of prop. south of trim tabs.
  11. the problem with my boat is the engin is more capable then the hull in anything other then flat water.
  12. try the 21. Keep the 19. I run shallows so I eat one up a year. Not doing SS beacuase of my shallow creek I have to get in and out of. Unless they dredge it! Im sticking with aluminum
  13. Ive had the stock 20 and now a 19. Lost topend. Gained holeshot. I rarely have flat water to get top end. So Im setteling for holeshot this season. I have a 4.3 220 however.
  14. 21 or 23 pitch I would think would find top end.
  15. Ratze

    Future Purchase

    I have the 19 and already crave the extrea two feet from the H2O 21. I have the 4.3 and would go with no less. The 19 get crowded quick and with 4 heads on board you need light winds. Wakboarding you need the 4.3.
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