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  1. Are there any Chaparral cruises planned for 2016 in the Puget Sound? I see Ranger Tugs, Beneteau and others have cruises planned........ just wondering.
  2. We boat year round in our Sig 290. Was just out crabbing in December.
  3. scenario Hi, Im new to the forums and to boating. We just bought a 1999 Sig 240 in Sept, and I think we have a problem. The problem was seen on a recent holiday light cruise. We were underway and my wife was down below attempting to make hot apple cider but the microwave and stove would not work, where as they both worked fine while on shore power. I have no idea if the boat has an inverter, but Id like to know if this senario is common, and what others have done to "fix" this. Thanks, Sean Seattle, Wa
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