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  1. I have almost a complete set of topside seats (cushions and back rests) for this boat. Just traded boat and dealer did not want them. If anyone is interested, please email me at This includes the sliding sun bed, passenger helm seat with bolster.
  2. we bought the 2012 327 ssx; had same issue; fuel fill very low on boat; complained a few times to my dealer and he called me one day and said that chap had developed a refit for the fuel fills; if you look on the website for the new 2013's you will see the change; get your dealer to get the kit for you, it includes plates to cover the existing fuel fills, hoses, etc;
  3. I have a 327 ssx and the port engine overheats when using the joystick exclusively during docking maneuvers; anyone else have this issue? It never does so while underway; always will cool down, but is getting old;
  4. I'm sure this will sound like a really dumb question, but would I be safe to take my 2012 327 ssx Chaparral (bow rider) on this trip?