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  1. you have to start by taking the mirror off.
  2. Local canvas shop
  3. Look at
  4. It's made of fiberglass w/wood core.. 3 bolts on each side hold it to the boat. I took mine off due to a low bridge so I know what it's made of. Can't help ya with the movement though as I never checked mine when it was on.. However, just went to the garage and it's laying upside down. There is about a 2 inch flex on either side so you should be good it the bolts are tight.
  5. I wouldn't drink that water no matter what you put in it.. Ours is used for showers and rinsing stuff. We bring bottled water for drinking
  6. They are 2 different deals.. Work them as such..
  7. I bought a CL 242CR with BIII new in 02 and had it for 11 years.. I changed it in year 10 just because. They last if they don't run dry or get crap in them..
  8. Ditto
  9. It's not caulking that seals it. You can order a seal online... Just search for hatch seal.. Pull the hatch and replace the seal. If that doesn't work replace the hatch and seal. I ended up replacing my hatch after a new seal didn't work on the old one. All dry now.
  10. I thought this post, based on the headline, was going in a completely different direction
  11. It should be held on by screws under the rubber.. Then it just comes apart by removing the other screws.. That's how my 280 is anyway.
  12. Didn't think of that.... Then it's OK I'll take it all
  13. what a waste of cockpit space... I would like to see the cabin though..
  14. Thanks Now I'm just staring at your pictures LOL
  15. I wouldn't be able to get anything done.. Just stare out the window all day