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  1. Anybody know the captains seat pedestal manufacturer? Or is there some replacement kit for the inside mechanism? Some kind of plastic rods seem to have exploded and seat is wobbly and raises up on it’s own.
  2. We have a 2012 310 and the bed is too small. I bought a 6” foam mattress King size with a zipper cover and took it out, cut to fit and put back in zippered bag. Cut some spare foam to even out underneath. It does cover the whole area including the extended part over couch. We use area under bed on top of couch to put our bags and store a few things.
  3. Cool idea. Never seen this but would love to hear also from someone with experience..
  4. I replaced carpet in cockpit last season, but still considering something different. Anybody have a better idea. The hardtop and the table cover most of the floor so I think the heat around here might not effect that as bad as other places.
  5. Has anyone done the Sea Deck or other brand in the Signature 310 2012 model? I was hoping to order from someone that has already got a good template.
  6. I’ve got a2012 310 and we love it. I’m sure the extra 2’ is nice to have. E
  7. ....and now, back to boating
  8. Snap in carpets will use your template also and the carpet appears to be the same as factory original.
  9. Check snapincarpet.com.
  10. Had 1 go bad. They were all new but now design has changed on fire boy- xintex.
  11. Does anyone know if the detectors are interwired or on separate circuits? It matters when replacing one evidently.
  12. Has anyone installed a windlass on a 2006 265 SSI? There appears to be unused connections in the wiring harness in the area one could be installed. Would they be for an optional windlass and what brand would chap use? Pictures would be appreciated if anyone has any. Thanks
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