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  1. We bought a queen foam mattress and cut to fit the entire ares including the seat back in the up position. Gave us so much more elbow room. I had to sculpt the underneath to match all the height variations. We cover it with a king flat sheet and tuck it under. We leave it set up like that all the time. Works for us very well.
  2. I’m moving up too and have a 2012 310 freshwater for sale. Let me know if you want info.
  3. I sit on the back and fish all the time on the Tenn. River. Pull right in with the bass boats!
  4. This one takes a little bit of effort with full load water and gas and people. 4.3 I believe would be under powered. This boat really gets up and runs. That being said I haven't done a lot of high speed driving. We usually cruise to a cove and hang out.
  5. When we have more than 3 on board it's never been brought up. Everyone moves around with no problem unless we are really moving then I make everyone sit down or hold on and when we we get to a stop or putting around its always been a comfortable boat lounging with friends. We actually bought it because of all the usable outside areas to lay around.
  6. A/c ran all weekend. I guess I need to step up my DIY maintenance.
  7. I have mercs on my 310 (For Sale BTW) and have had no problems. My friend had exact year 310 with Volvos with no problem either. He did have some issues with the stick steering. I don't have stick and don't really want it. On the other hand if I grew up on video games I would probably get it!
  8. Dennis, you maybe right about flow restriction. Mechanic flushed chemicals thru and said appears to be pushing more volume. Also removed about 2' of excess duct and increased airflow to vents. Also found something on the system not correctly mounted it and fixed that. Also he cleaned coils better than I had. So this weekend will be the test.
  9. Dennis, The mechanic is going to check it out tomorrow. I told him to check the flow also.
  10. Thanks for that reply Steve.....I could be guilty of repeatedly pushing it but the water flow does not seem to be restricted. Sometimes it runs for 2 hrs then faults and sometimes it starts back up and other times it doesn't. Right now it is HPFing every time you turn it on. Tomorrow it may work. Anyways my mechanic is pretty good with AC so I'll let him check it .
  11. Tried the bleach idea...that didn't work. Now it is HPFing all nether time. Must be a sensor or pump overheating. Have a guy coming to check it out.
  12. Got to at least try that one with the bleach! Must be the right age on the boat to really need all lines cleaned. Seems some of my water drains suddenly need cleaning out too.
  13. checked strainer and the water flow out the side seems to be as strong as ever
  14. Any idea what sensor to check?
  15. Seacock is open strainer is clean... water flow is as strong looking as it has ever been (I know not very technical)but it runs perfect for a few hours then trips.