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  1. rbe1018

    Velcro on carpet

    I’m going back with snaps. I was just hoping there was something better.
  2. rbe1018

    Velcro on carpet

    Anybody ever use Velcro or anything besides snaps to hold cockpit carpet in?
  3. rbe1018


    The handle is a little different but it drops in close enough to work. Exact same footprint.
  4. rbe1018


    Bought it at Walmart last week.
  5. rbe1018

    Grilling at the dock?

    We have decks built into the first 10’. On ours we have refrigerator, gas grill ,sink with running water and table with chairs. Works great and lots of grills going on all the docks.
  6. rbe1018

    Water in cubby under seat, 310

    Not Boston darn spell check
  7. rbe1018

    Water in cubby under seat, 310

    Leaking thru-hull or leak in Boston seam under rubrail..
  8. rbe1018

    Carpet with jute backing

    Thank youts!
  9. rbe1018

    Carpet with jute backing

    Can regular jute backed carpet be used on a freshwater boat? Seems like water would drain thru versus having a rubber back that holds water.
  10. rbe1018

    Chap 330 owners which grill stows topside?

    I bought a Coleman that looked exactly like the factory grill and fits in the locker where the electric is on the 310. Had a hard time finding it. It has a real low top.
  11. rbe1018

    Replacing Carbon monoxide detector

    Wouldn’t they still only go off on the one that is detecting ? I would think it’s hooked up in series but each work independently.
  12. Does anyone know if three carbon monoxide detectors in a 2012 Signature 310 are wired together or separate? It matters if you replace with new fire boy-xintex detectors
  13. rbe1018

    Signature 310 bed

    We bought a queen foam mattress and cut to fit the entire ares including the seat back in the up position. Gave us so much more elbow room. I had to sculpt the underneath to match all the height variations. We cover it with a king flat sheet and tuck it under. We leave it set up like that all the time. Works for us very well.
  14. rbe1018

    Buying from boat show

    I’m moving up too and have a 2012 310 freshwater for sale. Let me know if you want info.
  15. rbe1018

    310 Signature Lake Erie

    I sit on the back and fish all the time on the Tenn. River. Pull right in with the bass boats!