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  1. After washing the boat I found that there are trapped water under the foot rest. I would expect a draining hole, but there is none.
  2. Dully-II

    Led for anchor light

    Hi All, Did anybody replace the anchor light to LED? What LED should I use on my Sig 250 2007? Thanks
  3. Dully-II

    Replacing regular cabin lights to LEDS

    Thanks mpm330, The cabin lights I was able to open and the G4 will be just fine. The radar arch lights are glued, it it the same bulb? What about the courtesy lights, the bulb is different, the contacts are two wires coming out of the bottom and are coming bak above the glass.
  4. Hi All, I would like to replace the light bulbs with LEDS, would like replace all, the anchor light, cabin lights, radar arch lights and courtesy lights. I have a Sig 250 2007. I even couldn't find a way to open the cabin lights to pull the bulb out. Thanks
  5. Dully-II

    Rubber boots for fuses - Sig 250

    Thanks again, found them for less then 1 buck . I even bought the expensive ones that are chemicals resistant.
  6. Dully-II

    Rubber boots for fuses - Sig 250

    WhalerSailor, Thanks, I tried with 3/8" 16, now I know why it didn't fit.
  7. Dully-II

    Rubber boots for fuses - Sig 250

    I looked at the west marine web site, the one they have is 3/8" thread, the one I have is NOT 3/8", I checked with a 3/8" bolt and it doesn't fit. Help please.
  8. Dully-II

    Rubber boots for fuses - Sig 250

    Thanks, But if I know the thread I can get them from an electronics supplier for 0.99 each.
  9. Dully-II

    Rubber boots for fuses - Sig 250

    Hi All, I have about 30 fuses under the steering wheel, all of them have a protective rubber boot. I need to buy some new ones, and I need to know what thread is it. looks like 3/8 or maybe it is 10mm. Help please.
  10. Did anybody look at the weather forecast, doesn't look good. right now there is a strong wind warning, and Saturday the wind should be 15 Knots (according to the Gov of Canada), I might reconsider my arrival. Sorry
  11. Dully-II

    Wanted a Chap for sooooooooo long

    Hi There, We had a 215 SSI 5.0, great boat, actually with this boat you don't need any relations with the dealer, the boat is great for DIY maintenance, just push the dealer to cut the price,take the boat and have fun, MHO. BTW, I do not talk to the dealer I bought the boat from, I will not allow them to touch my boat even if they do the work for free.
  12. Dully-II

    Rlu Ray Combo

    Hi all, The TV DVD combo on the boat (Toshiba 15") can't play newer DVDs, Toshiba said it is a software issue that can not be fixed, so I am in the market for a new combo, however, all the new movies are on blu-ray, I couldn't find a blu-ray- TV combo, was someone more successful? Thanks
  13. Dully-II

    Search light bulb replacement

    How do you open the search light? What type of bulb is used in there? Thanks
  14. Dully-II

    flushable wipes

    Hi All, A question regarding personal hygiene, can we use flushable wipes in the vacuflush? I know we have to use a special paper and not the same one as used at home. Thanks