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  1. I could really use one but I had the same problem. It asked for the card number. Tried to work around it but a link came asking me to complete my order
  2. Anyone know what it should be on a Volvo Penta 5.7 GXI? Dealer said high thirties but that seems like a lot to me
  3. I wonder about the flywheel. A new motor was put in in early 2011. I wonder if their is any other flywheel that would fit but have a differant off set for a VP or even mercruiser.
  4. No water in oil and cylinders looked great. I supplied heads and had them cc'd. Old starter was fine changed it for curiosity and nothing changed. Wonder if fly wheel could be wrong.?
  5. Going from 47-48 to 43-44 mph after all these " repairs" is equally hard to understand
  6. This has been going on a couple of years so when they said it was water in the cylinders it made sense
  7. Cables look great all connections cleaned. At my recommendation they are checking the draw at the starter
  8. Runs very smooth. With all these repairs, including two cylinders at 65 psi when they did they initial diagnoses of slow cranking due to water in the cylinders , and a clogged injector the boat lost 3 mph. And still cranks slow. They also changed the Distributor cap. Pretty baffling. Turns out they never checked for a voltage drop at the starter though which they said they will now after I brought it up again.
  9. Dealer installed new heads due to a crack leaking water into the cylinders t. Said that would fix the slow first crank. New starter 5 hours ago, New batteries. When you hit the key the first revolution is still very slow then it spins after that. Anyone? I asked to recheck the base timing but they have said they don't need to due to the distributor being installed correctly. Anyway, new heads, exhaust manifolds and risers.
  10. Local marine said the installed 2 whales and both either failed right away or didnt work at all. Thats why I am going Rule. It will be all the way back. A inch from the fly wheel.. I am going to ask them to attach something to it so it can be pulled out if it falls. You will never reach it with the heads and manifolds on
  11. It is not that bad. just usual yellow from the river. Boat is on a lift not setting in the water. I think the bowl cleaner will do it. Thanks. On the black streaks from water or dew running off the cover. Even in a week without rain I can leave it spotless on Sunday and Friday it has streaks all the way around. I remeber someone saying clean the cover and spray it with -------- . I cleaned it, didn't help. Again though, this just started this year and has gotten worse.
  12. Maybe I am over stating it. I don't want enough water that I see it at the front of the motor or it can splash. Way back when, the last boat didn't have nearly this much. Great advice on the switch. Thanks. I think I am going to have the dealer put it in before they reassemble the top of the motor.
  13. At that price I have to try The Works before the On and Off!
  14. I remember someone saying they did a spray on hose off. I will never get under there and wax it. It would be worn off in two days anyway. I could swear they said spray something on the canvas and it would stop the black streaks. The boat is waxed every couple weeks making it surprising that it doesnt wipe off. This is the first year I have had black streaks
  15. I am not a very good searcher. I tried to find the answers but I couldn't. #1 So, their was a thread about black streaks from covers. My boat is always clean and always has fresh wax on it. These are still very hard to get off. Even with black streak remover. I washed the cover, didn't help. I think I remember people saying to trea the cover with something after cleaning and that would end it. What is answer?? #2 Hull cleaner. My bottom got pretty yellow this year especially near the back. I am NOT crawling under the trailer and spraying chemicals and scrubbing while it drips in my face. I th
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