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  1. NOTE TO YOURSELF: this post is spam as well. Enough, all who frequent this site know about the other sites already. Cut it - this became annoying just like the other spam, maybe even more b/c is being posted by (used to be) trusted source.
  2. Yes, there is a problem brewing in upstate NY. The coyotes are getting too large in numbers and too bold. They used to hunt and stay in the fields on the interior side of the road. This year they crossed the road and are scouting and hunting on the waterfront side, right between the waterfront houses and the shore. People are not behaving right as usual. Still trying to feed the cats and raccoons that only brings coyotes closer to homes. Then people are scared and behave just like prey, run away and hide instead of trying to scare the coyotes away. We never learn!
  3. Somebody has done good job cleaning all, the s*p*a*m, the s*p*a*m-mers, and the pretenders. Hope, this will be an ongoing standard procedure. Just hoping -
  4. If both are still original 2005, I would replace both at the same time. Time and worry saver.
  5. One year we kept a winterized boat outside, all was well but cracked ceramic valves in sink faucets. Ended up having unintended showers when water system was pressurized next spring.
  6. Where, NY NJ? There is an influx of eastern coyotes (coy-wolfs) across the north-east. They are decimating or displacing most of prey animals. In our area, the feral cats, skunks and foxes are almost gone, the raccoons are trying to get to the homes/RVs/boats (and doing a lot of damage), and the deer is smaller in numbers and hiding. Ref: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/coywolves-are-taking-over-eastern-north-america-180957141/
  7. Great add on if you have a one layer bolted on swim platform. Nearly impossible to mount and fasten the bolts if the swim platform is a molded in two part sandwich as is the case with bigger newer Chaps, circa 2006 and up. Note: I am not sure how a 2019 H2O Ski and Fish swim platform is made. Something the OP should evaluate.
  8. Rambo


    Provide more info about the engine and drive: brand, model numbers, etc.
  9. The OP stated that engines are VP 8.1 Gi. The Gi designation means all fresh water cooling.
  10. No point of setting up yet another forum. There is BoaterEd.com and other Chap forum: Chaparral Boat Owners Forums | Net Boat Talk
  11. On the high note, this topic is officially closed!
  12. Same here, the brand lost its stature sometime ago. This site became a spam swamp, and next to hopeless, nobody actively manages it anymore. There is a lot of good info here if one can find it, and still some good and knowledgeable people visiting but the site reflects the brand decline.
  13. DELETED ... no point of setting up yet another forum. There is BoaterEd.com site and other Chap forum: Chaparral Boat Owners Forums | Net Boat Talk
  14. How about shorter domain name, like chaparralowners.org or chaparralowners.club ???
  15. That sucks big time. Sorry to hear that. Sounds like double repower is in your future. Good luck!
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