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  1. From start to finish each model took me almost a year but only working when I had free time not taken up with sailing, gardening, grandchildren and of course my very understanding and helpful wife. Not only were there no kits for these models but I could not extract any real technical details from either Jeaneau or Chaparral about the construction of the 'real' boats and so I took many, many photographs and measurements of my neighbour's Jeanneau 42DS and our very own Sig 270. I made my own drawings and used my old RC airplane modelling skills to put everything together. I bought all the radio equipment, the motors (the sailing boat also has a small auxiliary motor as does the real sailing boat) and the mast, sails and rigging components for the yacht, mostly from the English company of Cornwall Model Boats. I had a real problem with the drive unit for the Sig 270 which has a Z-drive arrangement on the real boat in which the prop shaft rotates from side to side instead of a rudder. I just couldn't find (or afford) a model Z-drive that would do so instead I used a Schottel drive unit often employed as a bow thruster on large models. This behaves just like the real thing giving me thrust and rotation for rudder. I also added trim tabs as in the real boat but so far I have not seen them doing anything much to the ride but it may be that I have not yet had the courage to push the speed up. I am aiming for a top (model) speed of about 1.5-2.0 meters/sec which would be equivalent to about 50 km/hr or 27 knots if the scale speed is simple in a motor powered boat. In a wind powered sailing boat things are different. My model sails beautifully in winds up to about 7-8 km/hr which model yacht experts tell me is equivalent to about 15-16 knots on a full sized yacht and badly over 10-15 km/hr equivalent to a wind speed of 30-35 knots in the full sized yacht. My neighbor tells me he would not go out in winds like that. I would be happy to offer advice to any of you 'Chaps' trying your hand at making models of your boats. Simon
  2. Sorry the Sig goy posted twice - here is the Jenneau sailing boat[/IMG]
  3. I have seen video clips on this forum but there are no 'how to' instructions and I keep failing. The best I can do is post the URLs of the Photobucket video clips of my two models for anyone interested. Here they are.[/IMG][/IMG] Simon
  4. One last try at inserting MP4 clip from Photobucket Simon
  5. Here goes - more still pics.
  6. I love you all for your comments! I built the models from scratch making a zillion pictures and taking measurements of the real thing to build the one meter scale models. The basic skeleton of keel and bulkheads was from plywood which was then covered with balsa - I am also an ex RC airplane hobbyist - and when I got the shape right I covered it with fiberglass cloth and resin. I can't manage to insert video clips here - perhaps someone can tell me how - but if you are interested to see clips of both the Sig and the Jenneau yachts I have put them on my Facebook page (look up Simon Godfrey) although some of the comments are in Hebrew! I'll try to add a few still pics here later. Simon
  7. Amazed I managed to insert the pic!! This is entitled 'Mother abd Baby' Now going to try to insert a video clip. Wish me luck! Simon (Ignore the chit chat - Carole usually makes better videos)
  8. Having built from scratch an RC model of the 42 foot sailing boat berthed next to our Sig 270 our grandson insisted I made a model of our own boat and here she is! Simon
  9. The foam for our just arrive this morning! Simon
  10. Hi there, My wife and I prefer to use the bed made up from the seats and table in the saloon of our Sig 270 as this is less claustrophobic and easier to get in and out of than the bedroom in the stern. In addition, if the occupant further from the entrance of the stern cabin (usually me) wants to get up in the night as does happen, then this involves disturbing the outer occupant which dos not please her. So I decided to carry out a conversion on the saloon bed to extend the middle section formed from the table top and thus have a full length double bed in the saloon. The composite picture shows the regular bed situation (top left) the wood extension I made (bottom left) which abuts on to the end of the table top, the extension in place (top center) and the extension with the extra mattress my wife made in place. I can assure you it is very comfortable! Simon
  11. Next episode. Engineer changed the sensor monitoring the block water pressure using a special extension tube to move the sensor further away from its original site which was apparently also known to cause problems. Plucked up courage and took Loobylou out for a spin in 70 cm waves - a bit bumpy but she behaved very well, got up to speed and on to the plane with no delay, and best of all, fuel consumption over the hour long trip was back to my normal of 40 l/hr. So I was clearly suffering from the 'Guardian Syndrome' - sorry for jargon I'm an MD - which does greatly increase fuel consumption as well as limiting boat speed. Simon
  12. Continuing the story. The computer indicated low water pressure BUT engine temp has been OK so pressure sensor faulty - also not beeping. Engine probably going in to guardian mode. Does anyone know what running in guardian mode does to fuel consumption? Normally I get 40 l/hr but for past 3 engine hours it has been way up to 70 l/hr. Plugs also rusty and will be changed tomorrow. Simon
  13. Thanks everyone. The change from sluggish to normal is pretty sudden and I hope the computer analysis next week might find and fix a computer based problem. We take her out almost every week winter included so the fuel doesn't sit in the tank for any length of time. I will suggest changing the plugs to our mechanic but don't quite see how this could explain the sluggish to normal behavior change. Simon
  14. Hi Cyclops! Mercruiser 377 6.2 liter. Boat out of water and engine serviced annually - last time 8 months ago. 90 hours on clock. Mechanic changed the AIC valve about 5 weeks ago after engine died on me (fortunately right next to Israeli navy patrol boat in harbour that rescued me!). No water in bilges. Never had engine trouble before. Speed quoted is from GPS don't trust the speedo. Sorry, max speed over 32 knots (35 mph) and probably would have done more if pushed but it was a bit choppy and wife was complaining. Our local mechanic says he will attach his computer to engine next week. Simon
  15. Hi everyone - I've been quiet for too long! My 4 year old Sig 270 has started misbehaving. For the first 10-15 min of the trip the engine lacks power and gets up to a max speed of about 20 Knots and then she suddenly wakes up and goes like a rocket reaching her usual max of over 27 Knots. Also fuel consumption probably running high - gage useless won't know for sure until next fill up. Before setting out I got in the water and scraped a modest amount of barnacles from the props and flaps. The hull feels smoothe. We are in the middle of summer here so the engine is not cold! Any comments will be gratefully received. Simon