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  1. Reel Laxin

    Where to buy a scanner / diagnostic fault code reader

    The cheapest scanner for this is over 700 deer. I have the same engines and I retrived the codes and cleared without a scanner by crossing two wires with a paper clip and pluging in a test light from the diagnostic connector. When I get home tonight I will take a look at which wires I crossed and advise. Why do you think you have codes are you having an issue? Is the alarm not beeping properly? Ari
  2. Reel Laxin

    House batterie

    Not to be a Debbie Downer but the 6 volt batteries will not work. The 12 volt charging system will over charge the battery and the accessories will only work on 12 volts radio etc. the lights will be super dim. If you want your batteries to last longer you can get new batteries with more CCA (cold cranking amps) or you can install additional batteries and wire them in a series circuit. (not parallel). If you have two batteries now with 500 CCA you will have a total of 1000 CCA you can add another and have 1500 CCA. Also if you reduce the voltage by half you need aproximatly twice the amperage to achive the same effect.
  3. Reel Laxin

    2003 Signature 240

    GFI stands for Ground Fault Interrupter. It is different than a regular overload breaker if it senses an imbalance between the energized conductor (your a/c) and the neutral circuit (your ground connection) it will open the circuit and no A/C. You can check for continuity in the ground circuit or just clean the ground connection and retest. Ari
  4. I would definitly like to join the trip to Bimini but the rest of the trip may be to aggrisive for my 28' bow rider. I do have twin 5.7 Volvos dp and 143 gal. tank. I will be making some shorter trips before then and I will make a decision after a few short trips. Ari
  5. I will be able to meet up on Friday the 5th but I may have to be back to work on Monday the 8th so I may leave the Keys and go back to Blackpoint Sunday night. I am looking forward to meeting some on Chap owners or just boaters in general. Ari
  6. Reel Laxin

    Chaparral sig 270 engine problem

    The Volvo's have an alarm that cuts power and rpm by retarding the ignition the timing if it senses a temp or oil problem. It usually makes a beeping noise but possibly the beeper is not working also. I would check to see if there is any engine fault codes stored in the computer. Does it rev high in neutral? It could also be a problem with the throttle is it cable or electronic?
  7. Reel Laxin

    New Member buying a boat seeking advice

    Sailorric welcome to the site, The Sonesta is a nice boat. The biggest issues I have seen is the manifolds/risors with the I/O in salt water. Of course you have the O/B im not sure if the O/B's have the same issue. It seems like all the chaps on salt water have corroded instrument bezels and are no longer available from Chaparral. I just met a guy at the Miami Boat Show says he can restore the wood grain I will give him a try.
  8. Reel Laxin

    Weekend Bimini trip

    I thought about camping on the boat (yes it's a bow rider) or piching a tent on one of the keys. The admirals cousin has a condo with a marina in Key Largo. But a hotel would be a nice back up plan in case I get excessive protesting from from wife or kid. Boca Chita Key is nice for camping. Blackpoint marina has a great restaurant with live music.
  9. Reel Laxin

    Weekend Bimini trip

    Ok, count me in for Friday the 5th, I usually leave from Blackpoint Marina we could meet there and you could fuel up or we could meet nearby at Boca Chita key. I am looking forward to the event.
  10. Reel Laxin

    Weekend Bimini trip

    Great, I'm looking forward to the trip and meeting up with everyone.
  11. Reel Laxin

    Weekend Bimini trip

    OK, depending on weather we might have to wait until June for the crossing to Bimini, I would love to meet up from Key Biscayne for the April trip, although I do have a prior engagement from the 14th to the 18th.
  12. Reel Laxin

    Weekend Bimini trip

    It would be nice to go when the weather is more dependable perhaps May? I would leave from Key Biscayne/Black Point Marina. I would also like to join the Key Largo/Islamorada trip I could meet up from Key Biscayne.
  13. Reel Laxin

    Weekend Bimini trip

    Hello all, Just bought a 280 SSI and new to the site. Is anyone interested in a weekend trip to Bimini?