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  1. I have twin engine set up, at idle everything the same, once under way one engine would rev up to 4700 other couldn't get over 3400, soo top speed 28 mph. Fuel pump and injector rail was my problem
  2. Had same problem, once fuel pump is replaced you might as well pull fuel rail and injectors as they will be fouled with paint chips
  3. Thank you again. Did you have to replace the entire pump or just the high pressure pump? Also, did your boat rev normal rpm while in neutral as mine does? Thanks! 

  4. Had same problem, once fuel pump is replaced you might as well pull fuel rail and injectors as they will be fouled with paint chips
  5. I have been the replace the tv in our 350 route. heres a few things i encountered along the way...the original tv was a sharp aquos tv which they no longer make that small, you can get it repaired for around 200 bucks or get a larger screen tv for 200. make sure the new unit has a perfectly flat back. I purchased a 32" tv be prepared to enlarge and drill the wall mount to match the bolt pattern on the back of the new tv.
  6. I used to own a 2001 280 had the same problem, starboard side bothered me the most, rainwater would fill up the top of the sink then run down all over the carpet. I laid a small drill bit on top of fiberglass and just under the gasket the windshield is seated on and drilled away, for the most part it worked cept in heavier rain then paper towels did the trick
  7. I'am in the process of replacing manifolds and risers on a 2006...manifolds were showing rust stains on the outside...had issues all summer with engines running hot at low speeds and heat sensors going off
  8. Use carpet cleaner at end of season works great
  9. Might want to replace imp & housing...is a simple job on volvo, just went through the imp is bad routine, only to watch the housing start leaking
  10. Had direct tv on my boat...Dish has to be in a fixed location, need 2 lines running from dish itself if you have any upgraded packages, to recieve signal on second tv, unless you want to watch the same thing on both tv's you need a second box, in my case I could not put the package in a sleep or lay-over mode offseason, because you would have to sign up for a 2 year package and they would not cut you a rate deal!!
  11. Take your time and use the poles to your advantage... Once people get to know you you'll have plenty of help
  12. Shameless self promotion, Joe & Maggie...Take a guess who I'am haha See you soon!
  13. assuming you dont have any other 110 appliances, I think I would save the coins and just remember to turn off the engine battery. Harbour Cove is a nice place...quiet since Bubba Mac's closed. It can be a little tricky on windy days, great location. and you won't have to deal with that current out front flying by!!!
  14. Might want to consider having shore power and battery charger installed. W/o charger only way to re-charge house battery is to run the boat. Assuming since you are in Somers Point do you store boat at Waterfront? What Marina do you plan on callin "Home"
  15. Mr. Video I to believe Naming and getting it on the stern is important, it just sets it all up. I did not trust my own judgement enough to have the lettering done on the internet,. so I started looking for print and sign shops that could show me what it looked like on the back of the boat before they made it. I ended up in North Vineland on rt. 47 at a place called design by James, he did an excellent job, and has whatever you decide to go with in his computer forever, so you can always go back and have others made, smaller larger whatever.btw live in franklinville boat in wildwood,just tryi
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