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  1. dabirds0987

    Box Anchor

    I have a the 19 Ski and Fish. I fought two different types of anchors and lost. Baby box anchor works perfect in the mud, which is the most common bottom at our lake. Always holds, comes up clean, and breaks down flat for storage. Very happy!
  2. Congratulations terrapin. I purchased my H20 from them a few years ago. Great choice in boats and dealer!
  3. Thanks, makes sense now! One of the reasons I bought the H20 new was because of this forum. A great "family", always willing to help. And I learned something new (drive shower). Love my Chappy, now have to find a lake in eastern Nebraska to drop it on!
  4. dabirds0987

    Any ideas?

    2013 H20 Ski and Fish with 220hp Mercury Boat was winterized at marina last fall, picked it up and moved a couple of states away. Wanting to drop it into the water for the first time this year, but then saw this issue. Any thoughts as to what is going on?
  5. Agree with the Coleman. The pricepoint is not the biggest advantage of the product, it just works great!
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