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  1. Uh-Hum (me clearing my throat...) ...someone who is the self designated watchdog of the Chaparral forum has reported me to the forum police for use of ...well lets just say "the symbol that refers to a form of currency that we can not mention because of forum rules." We will hence refer to this as the symbol as a "buck". For such I have been reprimanded. My intent in writing this blog was to inform others of what I discovered on my boat to share my experience to help other Chaparral owners.. Instead I seem to have started a discussion of something entirely unrelated and been chastised for doing so? While I apologize deeply to the managers of this Chaparral forum website for not reviewing their full disclosure of the terms of posting on this forum, because frankly I have other things to do in my day... ...I would like to say to whomever reported me or felt it frankly necessary to carry on this conversation about the "buck" further...."go buck yourself?" signing off...forever
  2. will do, don't know what the "deer to dollar" conversion rate is. tnx
  3. Decided to install underwater LEDs on transom of 07" 220ssi under swim platform. Did a lot of research. Didn't find much on Chaparral forums so wanted to post my information if it helps anyone else. Local dealers wanted over $2500 installed. (I understand why after tackling the wiring) but that was just too much, decided to do myself. Came down to two West Marine Bay Blaze 3LED micros (made by Lumitec), two OceanLED Xtreme pro 4LEDs, or two Bluefin Piranhas with 6 LEDs. For the price and quality and effect Bay Blaze was clearly the best for my application. The OceanLED and Bluefins were $350-500 per light with over 1000 lumens, but also higher amperage draw with 4 and 6 lights each. I tested the Bay Blazes at close to 800 lumens each myself. That is plenty unless you are installing them 6' underwater. Mine are barely 6" underwater. The light is a white/blue and really cuts brackish water well. Because they are high-intensity 3 micro LEDs per light the amperage draw is almost nothing. Like 6 AA batteries? I am interested to see how long they last? Manufacturer says at least 30,000 hours. Cost: Lights ($122.00 ea), Marine grade silicon adhesive ($14.00), 25ft of black and red each marine grade 14ga wire ($7.95 ea), hand-full of crimp on butt connectors ($2.95), and electrical tape and heat shrink tubing ($4.50). The lights have metal case with either a very durable polycarbonate face, or tempered glass, hard to tell. It was surprisingly very well made. Leads were about 3' long. Two leads red/blk, no ground, so you need to ground through circuit breaker/ switch panel. I attached mine to one of the open accessory lighted rocker switches and to a grounded Bus bar behind the console. Had to first tap into an existing hot wire to light the rocker switch off the breaker panel, then connect light leads to the switch and a ground. Took 30 min to install the two lights under the swim platform at the rear, about an hour to splice the red/blk lead wires together and zip-tie and route around the engine compartment to run forward, then about 3 hours to run the wires through the hull and connect to the accessory rocker switch at the console. will attach some photos soon, happy to send schematics how I wired rocker switch. (absolutely nothing good on-line I could find) 07' Chap 220
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