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  1. It turned out there was a short between the ECM and the fuel pump relay. We disconnected the wire and ran another wire from the coil to the fuel pump relay and everything worked fine. This was a much cheaper fix than replacing the entire ECM. thanks
  2. Thanks Denny, I gave up and called a mechanic.
  3. My Starboard engine has a relay immediately above the fuel pump and I replaced it along with the pump. Where is the fuse? My port engine has a fuse box in the location you mentioned . I did check the fuses in case one was for the starboard engine. Also when I turn the key I do not hear the pump priming. Thanks
  4. I will check to see if the pump is priming tomorrow.
  5. The port engine runs fine and the tank is half full.
  6. I recently replaced the fuel pump and the relay on top of the pump after the starboard engine suddenly stopped after running fine. The engine ran fine for about five minutes ant stoped again. I then removed the Carburetor and had it rebuilt. The engine still will not start. I disconnected the fuel hose from the carburetor and crank the engine a few turns to see if fuel was being pumped — no go. Any ideas what could be causing the fuel pump not to operate. Note: I installed a new pump and still have the same problem.
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