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  1. yogi799


    WOW. breathtaking and so unique.... I've seen lakes of Norway, Austria and Switzerland etc, but none of those places come even close. Plus, they're often ice cold all summer. there are some unique places in Asia, Thailand etc but still, NOTHING like that and often nasty salt water on top of it. I'm glad Powell is within driving distance from me, not on the opposite side of the globe! Just a little perfection, sorta like Georgian Bay but 10 times prettier.
  2. yogi799


    holy crap, indeed. omg.
  3. yogi799


    Oh God... that's terrible. It'd be so awesome to fart money and close down for the season over here and move down there for October or so to do some boating.... ...In a completely different, but stunning scenery.
  4. yogi799


    Why only one day on the water!!!! :-( Yeah, those 400' walls are just spectacular. Soooo want to return for some more boating over there..... It's so funny you are beginning your season when we end ours. Are you not in Australia by any chance Phil? LOL Last outing for me will most likely be, as always, around 3rd week of Sept. In September, days get really much shorter and water is cooling off quickly. Gotta hope for some super hot weekend in September, and we usually get one, but there are no guarantees. Then, in October, we hibernate and wake up in May :-(. Georgian Bay is swimmable only from July though, so May and June are smaller lakes. In the meantime, I did something nearly disastrous to myself - almost lost a thumb. Had a new hitch receiver which allows for towing the boat and installing the bike rack above the tongue. Nothing new but this one is rare as it allows 7500 lbs towing capacity and this year was the first time I was using it. So, after my trip 2 weeks ago, I park in the storage and proceed to unhook the boat... standard procedure except the bike rack is right above the ball and trailer tongue and clearance is minimal (horrible design of the split receiver), literally 1/4 if an inch! I jack up the boat to unhook it from the ball. It gets stuck on the ball (not that uncommon) and pulls the rear of the vehicle upwards with it. I stick my finger in there to see why it got stuck and literally at that moment the thing lets go, car/ball drops down violently to its normal height (remember the bike rack is there too) and my left thumb gets stuck between the top of the tongue and the bike rack and gets crushed without mercy, like a piece of paper. Thing is shattered to pieces, fingernail gone, skin hangs down 1 inch. My family almost passed out. We rush to emergency room and they put 6 stitches on me and tell me I could lose feeling in my thumb or even worse. Xray reveals the end of my thumb bone got crushed. It's been two weeks and it is slowly healing with good prospects. Had i had my finger in there a tad deeper, it would have crushed my knuckle and i would likely have my finger cut off by the trailer or by the doc... So in the retrospect I am lucky. Lesson: watch for the hitch getting stuck on the ball (again, not that uncommon) and if you ever have something right above it, kick the @#$%@# out of it with your foot and keep your hands far away.
  5. Oh you bet Phil. Only if I was farting money. I'd love to return. Most stunning lake on Earth, and I've seen a few on several continents in my life.... I'm back as soon as I win the lottery! For now I am enjoying the beauty of Georgian Bay. 5 weeks left. Have you gone to Powell yet?
  6. Thanks guys for all the info and suggestions. I haven't done much to mine yet. What I did for now was tighten the whole assembly to the fiberglass (bottom of the windshield, not shown in my videos) by removing the black rubber gasket/weather stripping and tightening those screws. I recall doing the same about 3 years ago when they were loose. That has made the whole thing hold much better, although the play shown in the vid is still the same. So that will get me till the end of the season (boat is stored 2hrs from my home so my possibilities are limited during the season - I usually just pray nothing goes terribly wrong LOL). But yeah, I will do either of these two at the end of the season: 1. check the two inside screws you guys have mentioned to see if the whole panel can be slid out (the other screws, on the front, are my canvas snap buttons) 2. contact the manufacturer are recommended for their suggestions. of course i will share if i hear from them. Gluing would be the last resort I gather, so i am keeping that in mind as well if both options fail.
  7. I don't know lol. When I read this : "We were just having some humor at the fact that it was reaching the helm.  Honestly, and this is nothing directed at you, but this is the result of a forum that truly lacks any level of humor and the minute is shows up like Yogie's post and then my reply to it, it's actually refreshing to see from all the other constantly bland @#$%@# TBH" I thought that maybe the suggestions of water travelling all the way to the instrument cluster was a joke (because it truly sounds like it!) and idiots like me got taken in lol. Curt, thanks for a great explanation. I need to look behind my cluster to see where attaches to the display.
  8. I meant was the answer : "water gets into the helm from stern drive" a joke? My gauges are all digital. How on earth would water ever travel from the outdrive to the speedo... Wouldn't there just be a wire NOT A TUBE that gets filled with water??.
  9. OP stands for original poster (thread starter) Omg this is getting so confusing lol.
  10. Omg. I'm lost now guys lol So this water getting into the helm was a joke? It sounded crazy to me but I really don't know what to make of it now lol. Water line leading to the boat's critical electronics? Wth? Can... Someone explain? Lol
  11. Dang, not a bad idea either!!! at the very least, it won't hurt. if the glue can't hold it then i still have the same job to do, right? thanks Drew... Yeah. I boat in some choppy waters here on Georgian Bay so the boat takes a beating. Of course I try to avoid getting out when the wind is more than 20 kmh but sometimes it is necessary to get to calm place. I pray each time something doesn't get loose in the engine when the boat takes a humongous beating. Thank God the motor is in the back ! LOL.
  12. ok, thanks guys, i will send them an email with the videos , hope they reply....
  13. I also can't wait to take another peek in there. I have a hard time understanding how the water from the stern can make its way into the helm and all the critical wiring under the instrument panel. %^&*
  14. Thanks Hatem. oh my what a crappy design. I guess they do so to make it more visually pleasing... hiding the screws. But why not use bolts and nuts and loctitie... (they use bolts and nuts on bimini and other parts...) So many things get lose on these boats. Dang it. I can't count how many bolts have gotten lose and many totally got lost, and the boat was brand new and is now only 6 years old. Could they really not use some good nylon lock nuts and loctite to make sure they stay in forever? Seems like a difficult project, i hope this lasts me till September as the boat is 2hrs away and i was hoping i could do it easily during one of the trips but by the sounds of it it may be a bit more complicated. Good tip on contacting the manufacturer if I can find the info... wouldn't that be Chaparral though? Or do they only make the hull?
  15. OMG, I also saw water once in there, my boat is covered with proper covers PLUS a tarp so water from rain would never get in and around the steering wheel. I saw water where the OP describes, around the wires down below the wheel. Jeez, is my speedo tube loose too? I mean, my speedo works fine, what does this mean? Is the water traveling back from the stern into the wheel area?? What? Pls talk to me like I'm 5 years old.