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  1. I have no answer but a quick update here. My belt makes a very pronounced chirping noise every time the boat is unused for a few hours. Then it goes away during the day. Old OEM belt never did that. This is a knock off from Amazon (still expensive at 90 CAD). So I'm getting used to it but it's weird as #$^%. It's like the belt gets deformed when it sits overnight and it remembers its position and then chirps when returning to the original shape at the first start in the day. I hope this doesn't spell any trouble down the road and a premature death. Old belt was fine when I retired it
  2. I sooo need to go back there. Ideally for a couple days.
  3. Wing told me applying Armor All or candle wax on it can cure it from making the noise but it is not necessary to do it. I wasn't cleaning the bilge to get it wet or anything but come to think about it i was removing some water that was down there and some may have gotten onto the belt!
  4. Hey guys, an update here. Took the boat out, turns out that it was just the BELT! It was brand new, well, about 1 hour old. Started chirping like that, gave me a heart attack as i thought my tensioner was just fine when i had it out a month ago and just at the start of the season i thought my power sterring bearing was gone. Either way, this was the sound after 10 minutes at 3-4k rpm. Can you hear anything? I can't!!!
  5. Hmm. I have no idea. But it would be a long boring trip i think. Message me directly at some point so we exchange number. I'll tell you where to go if you ever make it here. It's one of the best fresh water lakes ever.
  6. I'd tell you where to go and show you around. Like you introduced me to Powell and helped me a lot. You could literally boat here for a month or two. GB is massive.
  7. #%^$&%$. You'd love our climate then. And our amazing Georgian bay. Water temp just fine. Air rarely gets above 85 f. Too far to tow for you unless one year you wanted to come here for 2 months and boat until you throw up lol. Maybe consider if you have vacation time?
  8. Ok thanks brotha! That's all I needed to know. Wrong thread I know but have you been to Powell yet? Or you're waiting for the fall as usual? Where else do you boat? I've been out a few times on the smaller lakes here but soon taking my baby up to Georgian bay as usual.
  9. No no. It's a completely separate portable charger. Well. My portable charger is not suited to Charging two batteries at once. It shows voltage and percentage of one battery and you select what type. So? Which position of the selector in that case? And all other stuff that's connected is going to be safe?
  10. Not sure what a two bank charger is but ideally I don't want to buy anything atm. So turning the selector to off completely disconnects the batteries from each other for sure? And it won't damage anything else while I'm charging the second battery?
  11. I have #1 as starting and #2 deep cycle. I anchor with deep cycle one being used for various electronics so it gets drained more quickly. Can I somehow connect the charger to just #2 without having to disconnect the terminals that are currently connected to it? I only want to charge #2 deep cycle at the moment. I have a selector switch for positions 0, 1, 2 and 1+2. Is it possible?
  12. That lake is truly something different! Is there anything that compares at all in the entire North America?? I mean Georgian Bay is gorgeous as well, that is where I boat, but Powell is in a class of itself. BTW, for me, the criteria also must include fresh water. Ocean bays somewhat do not appeal to me that much. Salt water is ughhh....
  13. I just did my water pump so the tensioner pulley seemed fine. I haven't changed the power steering fluid ever (boat is 8 years old). Want aware I needed to and I've never done this on any car I've owned either. But there is ps fluid in there. My guess is it's power steering pulley / bearing but I'm dying to hear more opinions and if it is the ps pump then can I replace any parts or does the whole pump have to go? Can I go on it like that for the season? This hit me so unexpectedly just when the engine seemed and sounded like new and ready for the season.
  14. So I just dealt with a broken water pump bearing. Now this. What is making this noise? Seems to come from the right side where the tensioner and power steering are. What gives? Help... Just when the season is about to start and the boat will be 2 hrs away from me. If this is a pulley/bearing, will it survive 40 hours (that is how much i put in a season) or am I screwed?
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