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  1. well, i can't even go to Florida this Christmas Phil, because Canada is not allowing anyone to go to the USA... So probably not at least until 2022 or so... I wish i could come back much sooner for sure! It is definitely very high on the list...
  2. Hey Phil, it ain't bad, when i changed the original after 3-4 years, it looked brand new, very solid and flexible still. like the new one i got - i compared them side by side and little difference. I am a very careful boater, i never suck sand in etc. so i expect it to look great still, like the last one.
  3. Bahahahahahahaa!!!! OMG that is funny. Thanks Wing, ok, fantastic, so i am not damaging anything with the warm water in the system, the pump is 7 years old now so perhaps it's time to replace the internals, on top of the impeller i changed 4 years ago. 400 hrs on the motor and pump. Appreciate the info once again. It sucks I have to remove the pump again but at least it didn't happen mid-season. Oh that would suck big time. Season was fantastic all things considered. And... i had that weird water always collecting in the bilge no matter how dry i kept everything duri
  4. Thanks so much wing! i looked it up and there is a replacement kit now, new part number. ouch. $100 usd. crap... Gonna be 150 Canadian. i was hoping a lot less. arrrghh... Related question. I winterize in a peculiar way in which i capture and recirculate AF until the t-stat opens so the fluid gets fairly warm , the one that is sucked in from the bottom and gets dumped out and recaptured. do you think that method which has served me well for 6 years now may be damaging some seals in the pump? basically the intake water is very warm instead of cold like lake water. pump runs like that for a
  5. Hey guys, my signature says what motor but maybe on mobile phones it doesn't show. It is 6.2 Merc bravo 3.
  6. Hey guys, so i was winterizing my boat and noticed droplets of water being thrown upwards from the belt. never seen this before but i always had suspicious water collecting in the bilge suggesting there had always been a slow leak from somewhere. so i took a closer look and it is coming from the water pump pulley. arrgh i've removed the water pump once, it was 4 years ago to do a preventative maintenance on the impeller but are pulleys known to fail like that? what is happening? i guess i need to remove the pump in the spring but is that a major issue? do i need to get the whole
  7. OK now you got me confused guys. I want to secure two locations in particular: 1. my windshield, screws on the bottom (into fiberglass) come loose very quickly, ie. after 2 hrs in choppy water of Georgian bay. I am sooo tired of tightening them and i fear my windshield if gonna fly away. RED or BLUE? I don't ever plan on taking it apart other than for other repairs of parts that also come loose, but otherwise, not. I just want the thing tight for good. 2. my foldable seat in the back, it folds flat and the rear part is held by four long screws that go into something (nutsert??), pro
  8. OK very cool guys. Yeah, it goes into the fiberglass. OK 3M it is then. Many thanks.
  9. Hey bud, i will definitely catch up on it! Yeah, my life has been a nightmare since last summer (divorce) so i had ZERO time or will to read anything, never went on the site unless i had some burning questions, and there were none of course during winter. Good thing is i was able to keep the boat after the divorce!!! LOL Good luck with school and i will read the thread tonight!
  10. OK i will probably try blue then. thx guys.
  11. So I love my Sunesta to death but I am getting SOOO tired of bolts and screws just falling out ALL the time. My windshield has to be retightened several times a season, and recently my foldable rear seat lost 4 big $^& bolts and fell flat underway which freaked me out (it looked like it was going to slide out into the water). Thank God i found the two 3 inch bolts in the engine compartment and was able to fix the seat on the water (far away from land, and I usually carry tools with me for such situations). So, it is safe to start putting some loc-tite on the screws and b
  12. What repair? What happened? And are you no longer in FL???
  13. thanks Bud, i am hoping this was the case. makes sense to me but i'd like to see this in the manual as well. just haven't had the time. but i am positive about it thanks to you guys. And yes, the conditions were right as i have never gotten the boat over 85kmh before and it has been 7 years. this time it was 87.5 and my GPS has never made such a mistake before so probably...
  14. Good to know. i hope that's what it was. maybe i need to verify in my manual? if i could find info like that. should be a list of all possible warnings i'm guessing. engine temps stays perfect Phil. And my last impeller was 3-4 years old and when i removed it, it felt like new. i never suck up sand or other crap into my drive, maybe why... been on the water again but only did a WOT for 5-10 seconds and no alarm.
  15. So i had two good trips this season and all was good. 7 years, 380 hrs on the clock. 2 days ago i gun it and boat goes faster than usual, my top is usually 85 kmh, this time it sits at 87.5 GPS, which surprised me. there was a small wind and i was going with it so that might have done it, but then i briefly get an alarm for 2 seconds and it goes silent when i let off. further wot tries did not reproduce the alarm. motor was not hot, oil pressure is good, impeller is only 3 yrs old and boat is not overheating. IS IT possible that the WOT alarm was caused by the tail wind pushing my boat t
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