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  1. thanks guys, wow, great advice all around. so turned out access to the back is extremely simple, you just put your head in the helm storage compartment and back of the radio is there, easily accessible. i had only one big connector for 2 wired remotes and i disconnected it... reconnected... and radio stopped restarting! whoa! so it must have been some short in the connector which was not touched in 7 years. all good now, but great advice should the problem reoccur. thanks guys. this is my unit btw
  2. thanks guys!!! really helpful!
  3. so finally my clarion stereo has began to act up big time, i have the main unit and two "remotes", one in the helm and one in the transom. in the past i've had a problem where if i turned up the volume on the remote (by holding volume up button), it would sometimes not stop and go up to max causing us to go deaf for a moment before the unit could be turned off. but now the whole system started restarting every 5 seconds. someone on the searay forum said 1st step in troubleshooting is to remove the head unit and disconnect both remotes from it in the back, to see if they are causing the problem. does anyone have a better idea of some experience with that POS system? i say POS because it acted up from the very beginning, while it was probably still under warranty (that max volume thing). but now it's too much, needs to be fixed. i don't care for the remotes, i just want the sound to work, even with just the head unit, so i hope it ain't broken. ** ok, so i found some older threads and they too recommend unplugging the remotes first. is it hard to remove the head unit? do i pry it out or what? mine is above the helm storage compartment, located on the side of the helm, in the walkway basically.
  4. thanks a lot, some replies were very helpful. off topic, but since some folks brought it up, no my winter gas DOES NOT have ethanol in it (that was not the point of the thread to begin with...), Shell in Ontario has premium gas which is still ethanol free. Secondly, filling tanks full is recommended by the manual (again , off topic), to prevent condensation on the tank's walls. So i do and have been for 7 years now. Thirdly, dn0349, yeah, thanks, that is what i was looking for, so is my gasket messed up? It seems to be sticking out in a weird way, as if it was overtightened, never seen it like that before. Is it time to replace the vent? By the way, here is what mine looks like, except it is too dark now to take a pic of mine with , but identical to this, with the hex head. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/uV0AAOSwnDxUiH~D/s-l300.jpg
  5. Pulled the boat out of shed. Smelled gas like crazy. I had full tanks and i see some yellowish stain on the swim platform, one end of it. Under the gas cap there is some hole/circle, which i never know what it was for (with allen key to turn it) and looks like some old washer is sticking out. Is that some sort of a gas vent and it leaked thru there a bit? it is about 3 inches below gas cap on the right side. Should i worry or just replace that weird looking gasket and call it a day?
  6. yogi799

    Gas Prices

    wow, great info as always Wing. who knew. d a n g.
  7. Talk about reviving an old thread LOL. No, seriously, i have not been on the forum for more than 6 months, personal life.... Yeah, it makes sense about the costs being driven up. Thank God they don't usually rent boats LMAOL. And the lake better be open this year AND first and foremost the border better be open. But then... seeing the US having a much higher death rate per 1 mill pop, Canada is not sure if opening the border is such a great idea and I'd agree. But if I couldn't go there this year again... it'd suck Phil! Speaking of getting more families, that is not gonna happen (planning long distance trips with friends is futile, i couldn't even get 3 buddies with me into one car, let alone their families) but i was planning on renting a boat again and setting up a tent wherever we felt like stopping for the night, is that a good plan you think Phil? Basically spend 3 days on the lake, 2 nights. whaddya think? let's leave covid out of the equation for now.
  8. hey Phil, long time no talk. rough time for me, past 6 months, personal life- did not visit the forum even once! but was SO hoping to visit Lake Powell again this summer (with a new GF, yippeeeee!). Why are you saying the Lake is closed??? I've read that one marina is still open for public launches (way to the west/south though), here is what it said: "The public launch ramp at Lees Ferry remains open." https://www.nps.gov/glca/planyourvisit/conditions.htm But once you had your boat in a slip, was it prohibited to use the lake?? I did not see anything like that online 2 days ago, except the marinas themselves might be closed or limited as you said. so wth, why could you not still go boating and have a helluva time with noone around?
  9. OK, so not a terrible issue, thanks! I got new gaskets a week ago and of course lost them already. Dammit. So i've filled it back up (yes, from the bottom) with old gaskets but i will change them before the next season. sucks, some fluid will come out and make a mess but i could not find them and did not want to drive 40 minutes roundtrip just for a silly gasket or two. arrgh...
  10. Truth be told, they are about 3-4 years old, reused them that many times. I bought more but lost them (so small) and put one more season on them. Was that a mistake? This is what came out? Is that bad? The grey is coming out from the outdrive, the black oil around it is what i sucked out of the reservoir. I do not rememeber the lube being that colour in the previous years. Failed o-rings and water got in?
  11. OK, but is there any disadvantage to draining all of it and leaving the system empty? I'll be there tomorrow so i might as well suck the lube out of the reservoir and drain for 10 minutes or so.... So any issues with draining as much as i can and just leaving the system more or less dry?
  12. yogi799


    the two issues are: - have you drained the water from ALL engine components? can you be sure? - do you want to prevent (supposed) rusting by sucking in special antifreeze into the block? Instructions as to what to do next would depend on the answers above. I have been winterizing mine by myself for the last 5 brutal winters but my method (like most of them) is a PITA and likely an overkill. but it sure lets me sleep well at night at ANY temp during winter... maybe -100 would scare me a bit LOL.
  13. 12hr was someone else, I put on about 50-60 a season. ok, sounds like you guys are saying it's best to at least drain a little bit, even if not filling it right back up. it is getting cold here so i may be lucky to just drain some, probably have to forget filling with new fluid.
  14. I've ran out of time this year. Done everything except gear lube change. Is it fine to change it in the spring instead?
  15. yogi799


    wow, they were flying LOOOOW. didn't think that kind of stuff was allowed here. i mean, i've seen pilots having a lot of fun in foreign countries but here... all cool stuff banned. yet they did it. wow.
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