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  1. Creative

    Fresh water cap leaks

    Thank you for the help and great advise. I will buy a regulator and replace the pump as soon as this tough winter is over which can't happen soon enough. Sounds like it will take care of the problem. Again thank you.
  2. Creative

    Fresh water cap leaks

    The dockside tie was factory installed. The pump does recycle about ever 10 minutes or so away from the dock which is very annoying I assumed that that was caused by the leaky fill cap. You think the pump will need replacing? Thanks for the help.
  3. Creative

    Fresh water cap leaks

    Thanks, I will definitely take a look at the pump and replace it if need be. It has only started doing this over the past couple of years. Always turn the water off and disconnect the hose. With my luck what could go wrong will. Thanks again.
  4. Creative

    Fresh water cap leaks

    Not sure if this is normal. I have a a 2012 signature 310. When I'm connected to water the municipal water on the dock. The water leaks out of the fill cap no matter how tight. Not a large amount but it is annoying. Any ideas?
  5. Creative

    Veethree gauges

    Thanks I'll call chaparral and talk to them about the harness. That is what I'm hoping to do. Baught the boat new in 2013 It should have all the original equipment.
  6. Creative

    Veethree gauges

    It is Murc. I'll look into the vesselview. Be nice to have OEM working gauges.
  7. Creative

    Threevee guages

    Thanks i'll look in to it.
  8. Creative

    Veethree gauges

    I have a 2012 Signature310 the marina we stay at took a lighting strike close to my boat. The surge took out my gauges insurance is taking care of i. The problem is Chaparral has been out of the veethree gauges since August. They use Faria gauges now for Murcusier and are not interchangeable I'm being told. Any suggestions? I see there is a conversion harness not sure if that would solve the problem.
  9. Creative

    Threevee guages

    I have a 2012 signature 310. The marina we stay at took a lighting strike close to my boat which took out my gauges. Insurance is taking care of it the only problem is Chaparral does not use Veethree anymore they use Faria for the gauges. I'm being told they are not interchangeable. Chaparral has been out of the Veethree gauges since August. Any suggestions?
  10. Creative

    Add new cockpit refridgerator

    I have a 2012 Signature 310 that doesn't have a cockpit refrigerator. I want to add one and do it myself. The refrigerator that normally comes with the boat is an isotherm 42 AC/DC. I have talked to my dealer who called chaparral and they say that they are pre-wire for the refridge. All the answers I have gotten from the dealer regarding the connections required are very vague. I hate to spend all that money if this is a project that beyond my ability. Can anyone tell me what kind of connection Chaparral has for their refrigerator. In the compartment it looks to have a 4 or 6 prong plug but i'm not sure if that is for the refrigerator. Thanks
  11. Creative

    Winter canvas for Signature 310

    Thanks, I'll check them out.
  12. I have a Signature 310 and is looking for a winter canvas for it. Does anyone know who would have one or make one for a boat that size??
  13. Creative

    What Chaparral Model and year do you own

    I have a 2012 310 Signature. Great boat!