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  1. It really makes me wonder what else Chaparral has let languish. TBH this makes me not want to buy another boat from them as silly as that may sound to some of you. Some of the problems include lack of https, let recaptcha service expire, allowing posting without registering and on top of that, I was informed by my password manager just now that my password for this site (fortunately a unique password) appeared in a data breach and is on the dark web. Chaparral needs to fix this forum or pull it down. It’s extremely irresponsible and puts its customers at risk.
  2. Could have been shipped/sold wrong plugs or plugs severely out of gap. Were they all mixed together and you randomly chose for each engine or were they shipped/packaged/purchased separately?
  3. I've been through a number of pumps including a few airheads, clamps, cig lighter et cetera. I did a lot of research to find something really fast and very portable. Currently using this: https://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DCE100B-Compact-Jobsite-Blower/dp/B016NZGL9O/ref=sr_1_1?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1543856007&sr=1-1&keywords=dewalt+jobsite+blower Not pictured in that link but it comes with little adapters that fit rafts. Check out the DeWalt site for more info/ to see the adapters. It is nothing short of amazing. Note, this link is for the tool only. I have a both 4ah ba
  4. Not normally where I would start but seeing as this only began after you replaced the regulator and plugs (and you have eliminated plugs as the cause), check the fuel pressure at the rail. Sounds like you've already checked vacuum lines. Where are you located?
  5. Maybe a bad plug. Other things that come to mind are IAC or MAP. The MEFI ECU is an open loop system so nothing to “learn” from the potential increased fuel being delivered as a result of new reg. If you have access, hook it up to diacom or similar and do a power balance and take a look for anything out of the ordinary on MAP, IAC, injector pulse width, spark dwell to start. If not, try swapping/checking the plugs.
  6. Ours is from snapincarpet (no s). The process was easy and the product looks great BUT it does get hot as #$^%. Now that younger kids are on the boat I am thinking I will have to get something else in the near future. Pretty frustrating. It is only a year old. The product is Sea Grass #11 https://www.snapincarpet.com/marine-weave.cfm If anyone wants it for their 256ssi let me know, but be ware it gets hot in the sun.
  7. I would try the OEM. Pretty sure it is Jay & Kay Manufacturing If they don't get you an answer, I can measure for you in a few weeks. http://www.jaykaymfg.com/01.htm
  8. Fair enough. I was addressing the OP's post stating there is "no transom hook" and that the only place to tow from were the trailer tie downs. While it may not be perfect, using the tow eye that is circled in red is certainly preferable to using trailer tie downs on a 256ssi unless I am missing something.
  9. 99.9% sure you do. It just looks different than what you may be used to. See circled here in red.
  10. Agree 110% with this. Did mine after reports from WingNut and Toddler. I also have the 12x12 edge-mounts. Different boat. Stopped porpoising and pops up a bit quicker. Can stay on plane at lower speeds. Rarely have this many people, but will easily jump on plane with 10 people on board (Volvo 8.1 GXi).
  11. I agree with Wingnut and would personally never use anything other than Volvo as I can get it on Amazon Prime for pretty cheap. That being said, a little bird told me that Amsoil manufactures the VP 75w-90 and my guess it is exactly the same as the one you have linked to.
  12. What engines? This will dictate how you get engine data to a networked MFD. Good luck and make sure to get a hull and engine/drive survey.
  13. What boat, year and engine?
  14. Interesting that the one they were using seemed to have a correct part #. What is the part number of the "correct" rings that you are now using? Thanks!
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