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  1. I have a 2006 Sunesta equipped with a JBL MR-17 system. One of my wired remotes has gone bad (part model is REM 35). From prior posts some time ago as well as searches on e-Bay and Amazon I understand that these parts are scarce. However I was wondering if anyone out there may have recently upgraded or replaced their system and may still have a REM 35 they would sell. Any other information on where I might obtain one of these is appreciated.
  2. Thanks to all. This is what I'm looking for I do have the part number but looks like I'll have to go through a dealer. Taylor Made won't sell to me direct. Anyone know anyplace that keeps these in stock?
  3. Does anyone know the part number for the Taylor Made windshield frame on the 2006 Sunesta 236? I need to locate the starboard side end cap but have no idea which windshield to reference. Please Help!
  4. Thanks to all for the quick attention and help. NJ Chapparal Dealer, your link pictures the exact item. Didn't know about Cecil Marine but I'll be placing an order. Best Regards, Curtc
  5. My 2006 Sunesta 236 has white PVC clips for storing the roughly 2 1/4" diameter round aluminum table pedestal on the sidewall of the floor ski locker. One of these clips has broken and I have searched all the usual boat supply websites and catalogs for a replacement without success. I cannot find these clips anywhere on the Chapparal parts identification guide for my model although the guide does show what appear to be fishing rod clips in the same position in the ski locker. I'm assuming that fishing rod clips are included if you do not purchase the optional table accessory. If you do have the table accesory then the pedestal clips would exist instead (as on my boat). Anyway, I'm looking for a source of the replacement white PVC pedestal clips. Does anyone out there know where I might find replacements? Thanks! Curtc.
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